Server update scheduled for 7/9/2016


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There will be a server update at 7/9/2016 15:00 UTC time. (7/9/2016 08:00 Pacific, 7/9/2016 11:00 Eastern).

The update will be minor and the following changes will be made to the server:

- Item drop sound will occur for Red, Blue, Yellow, Recovery, and Assist barriers. (Amps and barriers may have their box color changed to red to show up on the map too, I haven't decided yet, but MOST LIKELY THIS WILL HAPPEN... Ohhh, controversial change!)

- PSO2 drop radius expanded from 800 to 1000.

- Cool down time removed for /lobby and now /lobby can be used on any map, not just Pioneer 2.

- All quests will show at both counters in a sandbox game without the need to unlock them.

- Removed roll to see whether or not a rare armor or rare shield will have minimum stats when dropped in the game. Common drops still have this roll though chances for a non-minimum stat item have been improved for common items as well.

- Improvements will be made to the integrated VOIP quality. Previously, we were recording and sending 16khz/20kbs now will be recording and sending 48khz/40kbs.
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