Server maintenance concluded for June 25th, 2022 (6/26 サーバメンテナンス終了)

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Well, I think this topic is kind of going in circles or really nowhere. There are two sides, so we're just going to have to agree to disagree.

I'd like to point out that most changes that have happened lately, including this Hardcore change, have not been solely my decision.

The staff and I actually discuss them before they're implemented, as I mentioned in the first post. Sometimes I do suggest things and they shoot me down or offer better ways about it. This decision, included, It was actually "we", the staff, and not "I" who decided to remove Hardcore from the game.

Believe it or not, I actually don't decide, on a whim, to flip a switch and take or add things to the game.

That said, Ephinea isn't nor has it ever been a community led server. Sometimes we do post polls on things (WHEN WE ARE LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK) we'd like to change or add, but that doesn't always happen. Probably, more often than not, it does NOT happen. (In regards to Hardcode mode, there was never going to be a community vote on this and we were not looking for feedback either. Side note, I didn't get ask for the community's vote when I implemented Hardcore either.)

In regards to Hardcore going away, there was no point of making an announcement about it before it was removed.

Say, for example, we gave you a week or two weeks notice before deactivating Hardcore. We would have removed the boosts immediately at announcement time so Hardcore players wouldn't have been able to take advantage of boosts before the Hardcore mode characters were converted to Normal.

At that point, without the boosts, Hardcore becomes Normal mode anyway, just with Scapes not available as often (still pretty available, looking at some peoples' accounts), while you're waiting for the conversion... And then what is the point of the wait then? There would be no point to wait until conversion with the boosts off. It just keeps the Hardcore clique together for a little while longer, knowing that their mode was going bye bye.

For those who are saying it was a tight knit group, the economy, and you liked how things were. I mean, as I said on Discord, PSO is an action role playing game. A role playing game. You can, if you want, ROLE PLAY hardcore characters and your own hardcore clique.

You can make a Hardcore team, only trade with each other, and, when you characters die, recreate a new character over the top of it. Nothing's stopping you from doing that yourself. The server just no longer holds your hand in doing that.

Perhaps, some day, we may revisit adding a Hardcore or another similar type of mode, but that day isn't today and I think it's about time for this topic to end.

We hope you were able to get all of your rants and/or praise for the change out.

Have a nice day!
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