Server maintenance complete for November 18th, 2023 (サーバメンテナンス完了 11/19)


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Maintenance has finally completed after much testing of some changes.

A new, much better fix for damage cancel was implemented in the server and client. This fix makes significant changes to how PSOBB sends, receives, and processes damage and kill packets. This fix has been tested considerably and we believe it is ready and should be always on. The old damage cancel mitigations in the server have been disabled because they are now obsolete thanks to this new patch. If you find any issues, please let us know and provide as many details as possible.

The following changes have been made to Anguish.
  • Freeze traps and Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen work again.
  • Arrest, Confusion and Freeze lengths are 60 frames across all Anguish difficulties.
    • For comparison, these last 210, 300, and 150 frames respectively in Ultimate difficulty.
  • Demon's activation rate is 15% base. (Comparison to Ultimate mode where it is 50%.)

When a trade window is active, ES weapons with specials will show the special after the weapon type. For example, "ENDER Needle [Hell]". Note that there is a limitation here--some ES weapon specials are not in the unitxt. The "HP Regeneration" and "TP Regeneration" specials are currently coded into the client but will be added to the unitxt at a later date.

When inspecting a weapon's attributes in a trade window, attributes that occupy slot in the item data but are 0ed, such as 5% Native that was down tekked to 0% Native, will now show a red 0.

For characters with /showwep enabled, nonrare weapons will show the special that they dropped with instead of "???? Handgun" for example. The weapons can still be tekked up and down as normal.

Fixed a rare bug where PSOBB would fail to decrypt the encrypted password from the registry. This meant specific username and password combinations could not login using the saved information and users would need to re-enter their credentials at the main menu, or change their password for saving to the registry to work properly.

Line primitives, such as Forest 2/Gal Gryphon rain and the Epsilon/Canadine lasers, will now scale by default based on your resolution. These were previously drawn as a single line with a width of 1 pixel, which made them very difficult to see at higher resolution and near impossible if you used SSAA.

Zu, Pazuzu, Dorphon, and Dorphon Eclair monsters will always drop their items at their spawn point and not where they died. This is intended to solve issues where these enemies often go out of bounds or to parts of rooms that are blocked off in EP4. This is experimental--let us know what you think about it.

Fixed an issue where a boss wouldn't drop an item if the party leader was dead or did not tag the boss.

Fixed an issue in the client where boxes would not drop items if the boxes had not yet spawned for the party leader. This was often seen at the Episode 4 Boss when the leader was stuck in the "You are the hero" screen a bit longer due to desync.

Fixed a rare issue where experience may not be distributed to any player when experience share was enabled. This would occur if no players claimed full experience for a monster.

Fixed a rare issue where partial experience may be distributed to clients in experience share because only the first full experience request was honored. If multiple clients believed they got the last hit on a monster, only the first one received by the server would be honored.

Fixed the rare enemy rate for Battle and Challenge Mode--this was incorrectly set to 0% so these modes have not spawned any rare enemies in a few years. They will now spawn following the base rare enemy rate of 1/500.

The launcher was also updated. There are scaling options for the rain and laser line primitives mentioned above. Also, the "Custom" resolution option was removed since the launcher has already queried DirectX for supported resolutions for a while. Custom resolutions only work when you create them in your GPU's control panel anyway. When you do it this way, they show up in the launcher as well since they will be presented to DirectX.

NOTE: The launcher's internal web browser will use the WebView2 class (which operates on Chromium), if on Windows 10 or higher. Otherwise, the launcher will use the old WebBrowser class which operates on Internet Explorer and all risks associated with it.

The launcher's internal web browser has moved from the old WebBrowser class, which operated using Internet Explorer, to WebView2, which operates using Chromium. This makes the launcher no longer compatible with Windows 7 or 8/8.1. You need to be running Windows 10 or higher to use the launcher.

This was done for security reasons. Internet Explorer has been retired and no longer receives security updates. Windows 7 and 8/8.1 are also not compatible with the latest version of WebView2 and we refuse to use an older version of WebView2 which would be compatible, but not updated with security patches and fixes. The previous launcher can still be launched, if needed, through online_win7.exe, but will not be receiving any updates going forward.

The Red Ring Plating items are now available in a new shop quest called "The Forge." In this quest, you can acquire a free Neutralizer or Red Paint, and you can trade certain items for the Red Ring Plating items. The trade lists are intended to provide some value to certain items that hold little to no value, such as monster parts, as well as a few rare items for some of the more desired plating items. You can find this quest under Episode 1 → Shop.

I think that's everything. Let me know if there are any issues and thank you for playing on Ephinea!

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  • フリーズトラップとフローズンシューター・スノークイーンが元通り機能するようになりました。
  • 麻痺・混乱・凍結はすべてのAnguish難易度で60フレームになりました。
    • 比較までに、アルティメットではそれぞれ210・310・150フレームとなっています。
  • デーモンの発動率は15%になりました。(アルティメットでは50%)
トレードウインドウがアクティブな場合、スペシャルアタックを持つES武器は武器タイプの後ろにスペシャルが表示されるようになりました。例えば、"ENDER Needle [ヘル]"のような表示です。なお注意点として、いくつかのES武器のスペシャルは現在unitxtに未実装で、HPリジェネレーションとTPリジェネレーションは現在クライアントにコードされていますが、後日unitxtにも実装される予定です。







クライアントサイドで、パーティリーダーがのボックスがまだ出現していない状態で箱を破壊した場合にアイテムがドロップしない問題を修正しました。これはEP4のボスでリーダーが同期の問題で"You are the hero"画面で少し長く待機しているときによく見られた問題です。



ランチャーの内部ブラウザがInternet Explorerを使用する古いWebBrowserクラスからChromiumを使用するWebView2に移行しました。これにより、ランチャーはWindows7または8/8.1と互換性がなくなりました。ランチャーを使用するにはWindows10以上で実行される必要があります。

これはセキュリティ上の理由からです。Internet Explorerは更新が停止され、セキュリティアップデートがされていません。また、Windows 7と8/8.1はWebView2の最新バージョンと互換性がなく、互換性はあってもセキュリティパッチや修正プログラムが更新されていない古いバージョンのWebView2を使用することを拒否しています。旧バージョンのランチャーは、必要に応じてonline_win7.exeから起動することができますが、今後アップデートを受けることはありません。

新しいショップクエスト "鍛冶屋"でレッドリングのメッキアイテムが入手可能になりました。このクエストでは、「中和剤」や「赤いペンキ」を無料で入手できるほか、特定のアイテムとレッドリングのメッキアイテムを交換することができます。トレードリストは、モンスターのパーツなど、ほとんど価値のないアイテムに価値を与えるためのもので、レアアイテムとメッキアイテムを交換することができます。このクエストは、エピソード1→ショップから受注できます。

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Thank you very much to the team for this update to the game. Your efforts and commitment have brought significant improvements and new features. The enhancements to the damage cancel mechanism and visual effects, in particular, I believe will greatly enhance our gameplay experience. I'm delighted to see your continued focus on the game's ongoing improvement and responsiveness to community feedback. Keep up the excellent work, and I look forward to more updates and improvements in the future. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication!
Zu, Pazuzu, Dorphon, and Dorphon Eclair monsters will always drop their items at their spawn point and not where they died. This is intended to solve issues where these enemies often go out of bounds or to parts of rooms that are blocked off in EP4. This is experimental--let us know what you think about it.
Could this also be applied to Sorcerers? Or is it already the case and I missed it? They like to teleport into the void and then drop nothing sometimes.
Do the changes to the launcher affect linux installations?

This is an amazing update. Thank you so much!
Yes, because the general Linux set up for this game is a Windows 7 prefix without WebView2 (which requires dotnet472) installed.

It doesn't matter though, the only thing that changes is you can't see the news in the launcher, and I can't really be bothered changing the installer to accommodate for this when everything else about the launcher works perfectly.
Updated the launcher to support both the old WebBrowser class (for OSes older than Windows 10) and the WebView2 class (for OSes Windows 10 and higher).

Please note that WebBrowser, which runs on IE, doesn't receive any security updates. Still recommend those playing on Windows 7 and older, ON THE LINE, to upgrade your OS as soon as you're able to. :p
Could this also be applied to Sorcerers? Or is it already the case and I missed it? They like to teleport into the void and then drop nothing sometimes.
Could be done. Waiting for more feedback on what everyone thinks before any changes to it. Oh and it applies to Normal Mode only (won't affect any enemies that are in cmode or bmode).

It's easy to implement this for every monster. I initially enabled it for all when testing on my client, but I realized this would be quite frustrating when playing (a lot of 'backtracking' or going out of your way for simple grunts, and quests often reuse spawn points so items are difficult to pickup).

Anyway, new version of ephinea.dll was just put on the launcher. I missed a couple of places in my patching for hell and megid that caused a couple players to disconnect due to the server's anticheat.
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I would like thank you and all the people involved for providing a wonderful update. I can really see this allowing the community to grow in more positive matter, rather than how it was before.

But I also want to thank you guys for the huge amount of updates from the past as well.

(I understand I don't play much on this server and hardly interact in Discord but I feel it's important that I need to showcase my gratitude.)
Sorry but yet another DLL update going up soon. This one should fix the issue some players have experienced where using a Photon Blast at Vol Opt can break the boss. The fix for this is pretty generic and should cover the same problem for a couple other enemies. It should be okay! Tested all bosses and most enemies with similar design inside the client.

Let me know if you encounter any issues with the DMC patch after updating.

12AM EDIT: Sorry, but yet another DLL update. Apparently I broke Pan Arms, Hidoom/Migium, Bulclaw & Bulk under certain circumstances.
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There seems to be a rare issue with the Dragon bosses resetting HP. I can't reproduce it yet and only have a couple of guesses as to what's happening. First two reports of this were during a window where players may have been using a bad DLL, but then this issue was reported today so I think it's something else in the patch.

I'll look into when I get back tonight, but if anyone else has seen this or has more info on it, let me know. Info such as...
  • It happened after the roar, correct?
  • Did all players see the same issue with the HP bar going up wildly?
  • Did the boss finally die when a specific player tagged it?
    • Was this player the host or someone else?
    • Was this their first time hitting the boss after the roar?
  • What was the boss's HP during the roar? Was it lower than it should be?
  • Any video recording of it?

3:20AM EDIT: I think I found the problem and will try to get a fix out this weekend. Sorry if you run into this bug
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