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    What is Seasons?

    Seasons is a temporary game mode where all players are forced to start from scratch and are unable to play with regular players. During the Season, certain restrictions and changes will be present to spice up the game, and all players have to work through getting levels and gear to work through the achievement list for points, which can be used to trade for rewards at the end.

    Joining the Season

    When you create a new character, you will be presented information about the Season and will be able to join the Season by typing /joinseason. This can only be done prior to joining or creating a game. Joining or creating a game will bar access to the Season on that character.

    Season 1 Details
    • No custom quests will be present, only SEGA-made ones.
    • Towards the Future, Respective Tomorrow, Point of Disaster and The Robots' Reckoning are inaccessible.
    • The unlocking/progression was scrapped due to workload, maybe in future Seasons.
    Character Details

    A character that has joined the Season will have certain properties:
    • The character will have a light green name.
    • The character will be exempt from all boosts.
      • This includes luck boosts, weekly boosts, the Hunter's Boost Road and Hardcore difficulty bonuses.
    • The character will not be able to play with any character from the Normal, Hardcore or Sandbox Modes.
    • The character will not be able to access the shared bank.
    • The character will only see Seasonal mode games (and vice versa, Normal, Hardcore and Sandbox players cannot see Seasonal games).
    • Hardcore characters are still able to die permanently despite the lack of Hardcore bonuses!
    After the Season is over, all Seasonal characters will be converted into Normal or Hardcore characters. When this happens, the character will also be granted a free section ID change, so feel free to build your Season character around the Season.


    During the Season, your goal will be to achieve the various different goals to collect achievement points. After the Season, these points will be usable in a reward shop and can be used to trade for various different rewards, some cosmetic and some practical.

    You can check your achievement progress here.

    When you receive an achievement ingame, you will see a pop-up and an accompanying music track, letting you know what you've done and how many points it was worth. Try to collect them all for maximum reward post-Season! The harder the task, the more points it will be worth.


    There will be two types of rewards:
    • Level Milestones (direct rewards)
    • Achievement Point Rewards (shop rewards)

    Level Milestones

    During the Season, get a character to the following levels for a reward after the Season ends!

    Reach Level 40: Stealth Kit
    Reach Level 80: Liberta Kit
    Reach Level 150: Photon Sphere

    This is once per account.

    Achievement Points

    To be decided. These will be decided during the Season, however cosmetic rewards will make an appearance, and also Photon Spheres for an expensive price, so farm up those achievement points!


    This is our first attempt at this. Many things may seem to be unbalanced or poorly thought out. Regardless of these faults, we hope you enjoy the Season, and we will try to improve upon bad decisions for future Seasons.

    At the end of the day, just have fun!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to use this thread. For comments, criticisms and discussion, please make new threads, thanks!
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