Schtserv Immigrant Here =)


Hi there, Volos here.

I used to play a lot on SCHTServ producing random texture packs / mods:


Also, other junk including renders and PSO-based web-comics (none of which got very far...):



I had a level 180-odd Fonewearl (called "FLARE") geared out with some pretty nice stuff, including a Psycho Wand (see render) all of which is now gone since SchtServ is bork'd :') but hey now I get to play the game all over again right?

I don't know if anyone still plays from the time I was playing, it would be nice to see a few familiar faces. Anyways see y'all in-game


Recall the name Volos as well although I wasn't that super active on BB at the time, was more on GC ^^ I know that cloude strife outfit for example.


Welcome to the server!

I think Schtserv refugee might be more appropriate for those of us who have come here hahaha.


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :)

elefsis said:
i remember that name (volos) from schthack back to 2007-8, are you the same person?

Yep, that's me!

I also played:

  • • Limited amount of PSO V2
    • PSOGC official and SCHT (as a HuCast named "DUSK") - for new players who don't know what FSOD is D: count your blessings
    • PSOBB official as FLARE, Pinkal FoNewearl. The character was migrated to SCHT before PSOBB official was closed (American server)
    • PSOBB SCHT, still as FLARE
    • On PSOBB SCHT I also used to run Ep1 C-Mode as Illythia (another FoNewearl)

...aaaaand now I'm here. I was recommended to this server by Shin Asura, who said it was a lot of fun. Me and Shin used to run a non-public server to test all our mods on before releasing them.

RedKing said:
Hey buddy! there's going to be some good times ahead.

Good to see you here, Red :)