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Hey Man, Nice Shot
Send me a message, post, or flag me in game if you want something!

Things without a price on the side are up for haggling, or I'm unsure of the market value (if any)

Baranz Launcher - 2PD
Frozen Shooter 15/0/0/0 - 3PD

Girasole 0/20/0/0 - 1PD
Girasole 25/0/0/0 - 1PD
Girasole 0/15/0/20 - 1PD
Girasole 15/0/0/20 - 1PD
Girasole 0/15/15/0 - 1PD
Flowen's Sword (3064) 15/0/0/0 - 1PD
Snake Spire - 0/0/0/35/25

Glide Divine - 2PD
Windmill - 0/0/0/0/20

Black Hound Cuirass (? slots, think 0) - 1PD
Star Cuirass (4 slots) - 2PD

Smartlink - 1PD
Heavenly/Mind (multiples) - 1PD

Star Amplifier - 1PD
Heaven Striker Coat - 3PD

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Freebies section will be updated with better things soon!

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I'm still pretty new so I'd love to take a double saber and your God/Luck if still available! I can offer a little bit of meseta if you'd like.


the based god
how much for the M&A60 Vise 0/0/0/0/40
...and may i get a gratia and guilty light :)
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