Rest In Peace Ealonzo (Lil B)

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    I think @DiZzy said it quite well. I'm really lost here, heart broken and trying to find what to say. I also remember when lil b started here and saw him go from scrub level to God tier, really quickly. At first, we didn't play together much and tbh I thought he was kind of abraisive and a bit of a dick. If that is still what you think of him, you unfortunately didn't get to meet the real Ernie.

    Lil B was a better friend to me than many of my real friends. We had a lot of real, honest conversations and got really close. I imagine he was really close with a lot of people. He had a gigantic heart and an even bigger personality. He was absolutely hilarious. I miss his voice. He could make any situation better just by being with him. I miss alt-tabbing into discord while playing a game to rip on how bad the people we were playing with are. Man could he make me laugh. The next great find I get in PSO is going to suck hard because I would always immediately message him about it.

    PSO won't be the same without him. I'm absolutely devastated. Rest in peace friend. Can't wait to hear your voice again.
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    I'm torn by this, RIP.
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    Birmingham, England
    His DF was the butt of my 12 inch BBC jokes.
    His accent was somewhat amusing to me.
    Despite his die-hard PSO nature, he seemed one of the realest people here, sharing stories from his life and reaching out to people, whether seriously or in his own little way.

    Rest in Peace, lil b, I cannot give you a 10 gun salute, but I can give you a 10 uwu salute

    uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu uwu
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    Man. What a thing to wake up to. I too remember when he first joined. "Yoooooooooooo" he'd always say. I remember playing with him during the EN4/FoaM/LHP HBR, mostly, while hunting Guld. After that he went on to quickly git gud and my PC died not long after, so I really played or talked very little with him. So while in my absence he became one of the Greats here, I will most remember him as that noob that sent his Guild Card to the entirety of Lobby 1. Honestly, that whole period is a blur; I barely remember the circumstances of Guld dropping, but I remember lil b's antics well.

    I think I was only able to play with him once more, during the 2017 Anniversary Event. He gave me a better Charge Arms for free before the inventory reader controversy.

    Regardless of who or what or why and the little interaction I did have, I'm still feeling this. He will always be a part of my memories here on Ephinea. He was certainly a character.

    This has been sitting here all day but I guess it is time to post it.

    Goodbye. > lil b
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    Guildcard 2:
    I'm not going to pretend we were close or best friends or anything, we had our times where we raged at each other and we had our times where we were buds. I was actually reluctant to say anything about this at all to anyone because I didn't want it to come off wrong and have people think I'm being insensitive or uncaring. He was a decent guy after all and I could understand his issues with drugs. I'm not going to go on about myself but I think about that shit every day and being clean is not easy; especially when life is so hard sometimes. I truly hope him the best wherever his soul may rest.

    If some of you are unsure what to do or feel about this feel free to put those feelings towards this:

    I plan to make a bunch of S-ranks in n-mode (about 2 or 3 myself and hopefully a few others join in and make some also) all with LILBEAUT, LILBASED, LILB, BASED in the name etc. And then make a thread (in a week or so) auctioning all of them in which people can buy them as remembrance/respect for his life and his soul. And then the funds which are used to buy the S-ranks would go towards all the community, the people who need the funds to get better gear and grow; just as he would do.Will also accept donations of gear and almost anything to give out, I would make a list and organize it. Since I don't play in normal mode I would be happy to do all the collecting and work.

    Let me know if you wanna CM and do this @Aizen @VENOM @astallasalion & anyone.
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    Wow. I'm legitimately sad. WTF. I don't even believe this. :( Rest in Peace HUcast God.
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    ★AGGREBEE★ lmao gae bolg

    Pioneer 2
    Guildcard 2:
    Ealonzo was always nice to me. We joined around the same time (him in June, me in July). While I never knew much about him personally, we did play from time to time. I always enjoyed his sense of humor, and he was a great player. I don't have many screenshots from when we played; only 3. But... they are very, very fucking good screenshots. Some of you might have seen these before.


    My sincerest condolences go out to his friends and family.
    Rest in peace, Lil B.
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    Flashback Arcade
    Guildcard 2:
    I hope someday if I pass, I will be this loved. I did not know you but i'm very moved by everything shared here. What a wonderful community.
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    Ernesto was easily the person I was closest to on this server. He took me in when I first came to Ephinea and stacked me with gear. (He gave me stuff that I thought was way too good to give to someone who just started the server, but to him those items were child’s play.) Despite his abrasive exterior, I got to know him and found that he was amazingly fun to be around. During the summer, we’d play PSO and vchat daily. We’d talk about PSO and drugs and school and women and he would teach me how to play FO and how to get better at the game. And I did get better, because he taught me right. We made so many stupid jokes on vchat. Playing PSO wasn’t really what I was looking forward to when I logged on after work, it was all the goofy shit that was going to happen in voice chat, in a group or just me and him. And maybe most relevantly, we talked about how we would see each other at the meetup.


    But we won’t. And it’s because he lived such a big life; everything he did was grand. His personality, hobbies, and future goals were all of such great magnitude that it was sometimes laughable. That’s just how he was; everything he did was to be the best and the biggest, inside the game and out. I think he knew that drugs would do him in if he continued the way he did, given his go-big-or-go-home lifestyle. He used to tell me (and many others) the stories of the times he almost died because of drugs, the times he got into terrible accidents, the times he was totally fucked up. He really got a thrill from living life that way, but he talked about how he wouldn’t end up like his other friends who had died because of drugs. He was going to do something grander, because he was the based god.


    But now that he’s gone and I’m sitting here writing this forum post that won’t do him justice no matter what I type, all I can think is that I’m never going to get to play another game with him. He was supposed to be bigger than drugs, better than his past, and bound for fucking amazing things. But drug addiction has you in its clutches forever the moment it sets in. It’s so difficult to break free from that not even the famous, all-powerful, invincible lil b could escape it.

    All he wanted to be was a legend. I think he succeeded; at the very least, he’s a legend on Ephinea. He lived a hell of a life, and I can’t believe he’s gone.
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    I'm so sorry. I didn't know him that well but he helped answer questions when I was around and I saw his presence everywhere. A bit eccentric to me at times but no doubt well loved and now missed. My sincerest condolences, may he find rest.
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    one of the best ephinea chatsters, gone way too soon

    rip buddy
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  13. Liberalce

    Liberalce too much of a good waifu is wonderful

    gotta live a lot to shine a lot
    rip, you weren't casual
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    All I remember is seeing him a bunch of times in the Lobby and saying "Soniti is cool" when I asked something regarding getting the Mag Cell on Discord but reading what happened was enough to keep me awake all night.
    Rest in Peace.
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    Shane zero in game usualy on fomarl :3

    ragol for the memes
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    Not much I could say about remembering him. Now that I think about it, I did see him a few times in lobby and I think we had a run or two.

    It's really sad to hear that he passed away so young, especially as a cancer survivor.
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    He was the one of the few people I have met on Ephinea who genuinely wanted to improve his skills, and he succeeded.
    Latest TA run he was in.

    He was a really funny guy, the Ephinea Time Attack Discord server will never be the same without him.
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    Tropical! <3
    Mew Honestly couldn't continue reading and 'Liking' all these posts without getting her screen all warped with IRL tears. But in true mewish fashion...something Cassies mentioned invoked something light hearted to break free from her sorrow...Sorry for the long video link but the famous line is towards the end...
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    So sorry to hear this. I never had the chance to catch a game with him or chat with him so I don't have a good story to share as such.

    It's always heartbreaking when someone passes away but it seems especially unfair that after successfully enduring chemo something like this happened. I don't think many people come out the same, facing their mortality so young, and grappling with a treatment that feels like its slowly killing you when it's supposed to be saving you.

    My grandfather told me before he passed that "Life's a bitch and then you die" and it definitely marked me being so young at the time. Sometimes it feels true all these years later, but I think it's important to find those people and things that bring moments of levity, happiness and joy to endure tougher times. It's pretty clear that he was exactly this for a lot of people and that is not a legacy that everyone leaves behind.

    My deepest condolences for his family and friends.
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    Mississippi, USA
    Man. When I began to play hucast I would run in parties with him and at the time I wouldn't trap a lot and he'd call me out on it and it happened so much it stuck with me. Then we got to where we played a little bit more and did way too much ep4 runs than I wanted but in that time I learned where and how to df in ep4. He was truly fun to play with. The best memory I have was a pw4 with @Aizen and @Taylor(Elrycia) . I will remember the things he taught me forever.
    No Resta
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