Rare Findings and/or Accomplishment Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by CeNedra, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. CB1981

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    It's the highest hit anything I've ever seen in all of my time with this monkey's paw of a game, so I feel like I'm probably gonna hang onto it to sigh at it wistfully, but I'll entertain an offer :D
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  2. KatawaFriendo

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    Midwest US
    lmao what a goofy thing to have max stats
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  3. Mr. Com

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    Big Del Rappy- Last time I saw one of these was on schthack D: pso132024707001822357.png
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  4. CB1981

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    It's funny, I've probably seen about 10 big Del Rappies since Official Blue Burst, but to this day I've never once seen a big Pal Rappy (I'm not even sure if they're possible?).
  5. CB1981

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    So been committing Bee Genocide almost exclusively this week in hopes of the RDR boost helping convince them to cough up an SJS. After getting a bit tired of that quest I decided to switch characters and do a couple of 2 room PW4 runs in hopes of a Parasol and/or Glide.

    Instead, NOW i get the super rare RNG roll. Not complaining, but like i said a couple posts back, this game is a monkey's paw curse. :wacko::D

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