calibur hit

  1. D

    A> Devils Calibur +1 0/0/35/30/60H [closed 10PD]

    Reserve: 3PD Time: 24hrs, CHB reset
  2. D

    A> Calibur +4 [40-0-25-0-70H] - FINISHED 174 PDs

    Told to auction - if this is a goofy post let me know and ill remove Reserve 75 PD CHB starts 48 hour countdown resets each new highest bid will stop early with no activity Wants: mainly PDs but would accept; S-rank Hell needle - 75 S-rank Hell shot - 75 S-rank demon mechguns - 75 V501 - 5...
  3. RpiesSPIES

    A>0/0/35/0|65[hit] Charge Calibur <closed>

  4. RpiesSPIES

    A>0/45/45/0 |55(hit) Spirit Calibur +4 <ended 15pd>

    Reserve: 15PD Timer: 48h 24h Resets
  5. 100h calibur

    100h calibur

    0/50/0/0|100 cali
  6. RpiesSPIES

    A> 0/20/0/0|60[hit] Dark Calibur <Done 3pd>

    Reserve: 3pds Countdown runs for 24h after first bid to meet reserve. Any bids during that 24h time will restart the timer.
  7. Garrus

    A>Berserk Calibur 0/45/0/0/70 (sold)

    Have decided to sell my Berserk Calibur[0/45/0/0/70], still has space to add an extra attribute. Reserve: 70 PDs 72 hour countdown from reserve, 24 hour reset if bid in the last 24 hours. CHB: Sato 99PDs Other wants: Limiter/adept x1(15/25pd) V502 (23pd) Diska of braveman 45% hit with a.beast...
  8. CritDraw

    A> Calibur [0/0/35/0|75] (Done)

    Reserve: 150 PD Wants: Photon Drops Photon Spheres Charge/Berserk Raygun 70H+ Charge Vulcans 60H M&A60 Vise 60H Vjaya 50H+ (with N/AB or area for it.) Diska of Braveman 50H+ Frozen Shooter 40H+ L&K38 Combat 50H+ Thanks.