Alolan Fox
This won't be a comprehensive tutorial for setting up a client, but I think it's worthwhile to have this as a starting point to add to the gaming experience. I took a weekend to put this all together in a more up-to-date fashion since not much has been posted lately on the following subjects in a newbie friendly way. Don't forget to get the Official Blue Burst manual, including Gamecube and Dreamcast manuals courtesy of @redDEAD. If you don't want to download it from there, you can go here too.

Before beginning the process, I'll add some other operating system considerations for both macOS and Linux for the few who prefer to play this game using WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator). As of May 12, 2020; here's a new guide that just came out today, it's for people on weaker or older PC that @FriendPie wants to contribute to those that don't have access to newer machines at the moment. There's also @Spuz's post for preparing low-powered netbooks to run the game, including a link to the infamous Walmart patch.

0. Getting Started
If you're new to the Ephinea Launcher, toggle some options to see what works, and if you're not sure, here's a few useful links to get the game started with a couple of solutions to the usual problems. This is mostly from the #useful-info section of the Ephinea Discord Server that anime posted there:

.dll error or server is full error: whitelist your Ephinea installation folder in your antivirus settings. Here's a guide to whitelisting for Windows Defender [The next link is one step ahead of the curve if you like using scripts.]

[SCRIPT] Automatically whitelist PSO in Windows Defender

Ephinea FAQ

Fix for "Game crashing on ranged attack" bug

Do Photon Blasts Keep Disconnecting You?

Server Commands

!!!!!! New to game? Installing for first time? READ THIS !!!!

PSOBB Program Window Tips

Dotum* Font

* I attached two zip files containing the .ttf files for Dotum to add them into the Settings Editor addon by Ender, which has been updated by Soly recently as of February 2020. Please see section 3 for more information.

1. Colorful Dots on the Map
I found some use in creating my own mapitem.txt from this News post way over there. Please copy and paste your own copy of the code provided below in the same folder that has the ephina.dll file in your game's directory, or you can simply download the attached mapitem.txt into your Ephinea folder for the sake of time.

If someone can improve this by getting specific items like Shifta 15 without having Grants Lv15 show up in the same color on the map, I'm interested in updating the code soon. I had to rely on a spoiler full of hex values from this post to get my disks mapped out colorfully. I doubt that we can get super specific with untekked weapons like really high % caliburs for a nice new Dark Flow from using this text file, but it's good to know that it's possible if somebody's figured that out.

# General Format Of Each Dot:
# LEFTHEX,HEXCOLOR # Item Name (or Group of Items) = RIGHTHEX
# Left Hex Value = 563412 from Right Hex Value 123456
# Center Hex value = RRGGBB Hex Color
# Colors assigned from
# Righ Hex Values are from this post under Spoiler: Item Creation Notes

# There is no lazy way to mark "specific" orange boxes, blue boxes,
# and technique disks.

# Remove the # to reveal the dots for certain levels disks
# Level 1, 5, 7, 15, 20, 29 and 30 technique disks are revealed by default in magenta.

# Magenta - FF00FF
000203,FF00FF # Any Lv1 Technique Disk = 030200
040203,FF00FF # Any Lv5 Technique Disk = 030204
060203,FF00FF # Any Lv7 Technique Disk = 030206
0E0203,FF00FF # Any Lv15 Technique Disk = 03020E
130203,FF00FF # Any Lv20 Technique Disk = 030213
# 190203,FF00FF # Any Lv26 Technique Disk = 030219
# 1A0203,FF00FF # Any Lv27 Technique Disk = 03021A
# 1B0203,FF00FF # Any Lv28 Technique Disk = 03021B
1C0203,FF00FF # Any Lv29 Technique Disk = 03021C
1D0203,FF00FF # Any Lv30 Technique Disk = 03021D

# Meseta is disabled by default.

# Yellow - FFFF00
# 000004,FFFF00 # Meseta = 040000

# Cyan - 00FFFF
050002,00FFFF # Lv5 Default Mag = 020005

# Viridian - 40826D
000A03,40826D # Monogrinder = 030A00
010A03,40826D # Digrinder = 030A01
020A03,40826D # Trigrinder = 030A02

# Orange - FF7F00
000903,FF7F00 # Scape Doll = 030900

# Evade Materials are disabled by default.

# Hot Pink - FF69B4
000B03,FF69B4 # Power Material = 030B00
010B03,FF69B4 # Mind Material = 030B01
# 020B03,FF69B4 # Evade Material = 030B02
030B03,FF69B4 # HP Material = 030B03
040B03,FF69B4 # TP Material = 030B04
050B03,FF69B4 # Def Material = 030B05
060B03,FF69B4 # Luck Material = 030B06

# Pink - FFC0CB
001603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.1 "Wedding March" = 031600
011603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.2 "Day Light" = 031601
021603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.3 "Burning Rangers" = 031602
031603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.4 "Open Your Heart" = 031603
041603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.5 "Live & Learn" = 031604
051603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.6 "NiGHTS" = 031605
061603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.7 "Ending Theme (Piano ver.)" = 031606
071603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.8 "Heart to Heart" = 031607
081603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.9 "Strange Blue" = 031608
091603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.10 "Reunion System" = 031609
0A1603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.11 "Pinnacles" = 03160A
0B1603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.12 "Fight inside the Spaceship" = 03160B
0C1603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.13 "Get It Up" = 03160C
0D1603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.14 "Flight" = 03160D
0E1603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.15 "Space Harrier" = 03160E
0F1603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.16 "Deathwatch" = 03160F
101603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.17 "Fly Me To The Moon" = 031610
111603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.18 "Puyo Puyo" = 031611
121603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.19 "Rhythm And Balance" = 031612
131603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.20 "The Party Must Go On" = 031613
141603,FFC0CB # Disk Vol.21 "Armada Battle" = 031614

# Tools are disabled by default, but here are some options to toggle.

# Lawn Green - 7CFC00
# 000003,7CFC00 # Monomate = 030000
# 010003,7CFC00 # Dimate = 030001
# 020003,7CFC00 # Trimate = 030002
# 000103,7CFC00 # Monofluid = 030100
# 010103,7CFC00 # Difluid = 030101
# 020103,7CFC00 # Trifluid = 030102
# 000303,7CFC00 # Sol Atomizer = 030300
# 000403,7CFC00 # Moon Atomizer = 030400
# 000503,7CFC00 # Star Atomizer = 030500
# 000603,7CFC00 # Antidote = 030600
# 010603,7CFC00 # Antiparalysis = 030601
# 000703,7CFC00 # Telepipe = 030700
# 000803,7CFC00 # Trap Vision = 030800

# There is a default sky blue color for event-related items.
# This section can be ignored, which is the default setting.

# Light Sky Blue - 87CEFA
# 001303,87CEFA # Present = 031300
# 001503,87CEFA # Christmas Present = 031500
# 011503,87CEFA # Easter Egg = 031501
# 021503,87CEFA # Jack-O'-Lantern = 031502

2. Mods
To find mods in the forum, click here. Some notable sound related mods that I like to recommend are this Mod Bundle for the common.pac file by @Save Smokey, a link to the PSU and PSOep3 OGG pack by @phantasystarved, a comically themed sound pack by @conenubi701, and this really low sounding sound pack by @Major Tom.

If you hate certain aspects of the game that just drive you nuts, here's what I have to ease the situation. There's this transparent/translucent light-based attack that makes Grants and Dark Flow special attacks easier to look past, and there's this removal of fog that annoys players at the Central Control Area (CCA) in episode 2. Also, I wanted to apply a blue baranz launcher skin since baranz are blue, so I went on the jimdo website below to insert that skin with the AFS Manager tool that's on that site. You can also learn a bit from textures over here thanks to @anime.

But wait there's more! Don't like hearing RAcast stomping all over your parade? There's this funny mod by @Argajag, and then this other mod if you just think it's time to stop!

Besides, here are the main attractions that I visited to find those mods and other mods:

Univers-PS [EN]

Jimdo Website with more Mods by Kamui S.

Hidden SFX Link in that Jimdo Website

Lastly, I have found a pro tip from this post warning users to do this: Make sure to set the language to Custom"in your launcher (upper right corner) prior to installation or some files may be overwritten by the server when launching the game. If your client is automatically updating your language packs against your wishes - like it's causing your English client to use Japanese by accident, you can type some commands in the lobby like /lang 1 to enforce an English patch while /lang 2 to enforce a Japanese patch. Once you go back to the launcher, you should be able to set the langauge setting back to Custom without any issues.

3. Lua Addon Changes
If you need a starting point, click here to get started on using the bbmod zip file for the addons since this recent download has the ability to edit fonts in the Settings Editor addon included courtesy of Solybum, aka @Soly, and Elixer70, aka @Ender.

Please paste the contents of the bbmod folder directly into the Ephinea Game Folder. This is part of ★AGGREBEE★'s Guide. Also, here's a recent video of how Rain installed it.

This is the update that I used from the old addons that I used to link here. I highly recommend using Soly's addons as well, and don't forget to use this addon for hardcore mode since you never can be too careful with counting your scape dolls in your inventory these days.

I'll leave my custom addon modifications in a zip file attached down here to show you what I have done to add some colors to some of Soly's addons in a zip file called Colorful Addon Modifications.

I have this modification on the forum that describes why I changed the color of Zalure to 100% Green in the RGB color palette in the init.lua file in the Monster Reader folder; also, I changed the color of the text for the weapon's special attack for Zalure to that color in the items_configuration.lua file, which is in the items folder that's located in the solylib folder, too.

The orange boxed weapons are labelled in orange text - including scape dolls, the blue boxes are labelled in cyan text, the red boxes are still labelled in red, the meseta boxes are labelled in yellow text, the desirable technique disks are labelled in magenta, the music disks are labelled in pink, the grinders are labelled in dark green, the regular tool items are labelled in green, and the undesirable technique disks are labelled in white - including more white text for some items labelled ????. I think the color of the text for meseta was the only one that needed to be modified further in items_configuration.lua file, which is in the items folder that's located in the solylib folder; maybe the frames/armors and barrier/shields needed that too. I'm not sure about the units right now, but the rest of the typical colorful modifications can be found in the items_list.lua file, which is in the items folder that's located in the solylib folder. Anyways the color of the texts of the items should match the color of the dots that I have listed in mapitem.txt from section one in this guide after testing the colors of each item's text color in those lua files.

Also, I added UNTEKKED and WRAPPED instead of U and W so that the forum won't underline anything that is copied over as untekked and that isn't in a BBCode section of code. You've seen those threads, right? I decided to included DFP and EVP at the end of the second end of their values in the frame/armor and barrier/shield items, and I add a + symbol on the far left end of all four spots so that it looks like this for example: +0/0 DFP | +0/0 EVP. I removed the K for Kills in items that are unsealable because I think of K as that number in the 1,000's - Eg. 120K reads 120,000 kills from my perspective habitually speaking. I relabeled the name of the Challenge mode weapons from S-RANK to ES. Please see the init.lua file in the Item Reader folder for details.

For the monsters.lua file in the Monster Reader folder, all the rare monsters are labelled in red, the bosses and other monsters in the boss lairs are labelled in orange, Kondrieu is labelled in red-orange, and all other monsters are labelled in green with the exception of some monsters in Episode 2 (Gibbles, Gi Gue, Epsilon, Mericarol, Merikle, and Mericus) that are labelled in light coral by default. There are two other monsters labelled in white, but that's negligible. I also lengthened the names of the monsters list so that Crimson Assassin can be seen fully by going from 10 to 30 extra units to the nameColumnWidth variable; please see the init.lua file in the Monster Reader folder for details.

Oh, and I spelled Fuchsia instead of Fuschia for the mag color in the unitxt.lua file in the solylib folder. To preview some of these modifications, click here to see what they look like as the boxes break. I'll leave the color Grey with an E instead of an A as in Gray.

Before intially posting this, I had to go into sandbox mode to figure out some hex values for some items, and here's an updated list of items exclusive to Ephinea plus what's included in the accompanying spoiler below. Some of the items are repeated from the original list, such as Seasons Shop items, so be careful not to remove anything that was already edited earlier if you already made those changes to your version of the file. Not much will be changed if you completely overwrite anything from here anyways unless I didn't include something that you have that's also on the most recent list that I haven't discovered yet. The hearts and mag kits were removed from the Seasons Shop due to reported issues.

Fun fact: You have to grind your skinned weapons and then grind them again after each skin use, including Neutralizier.

If you need help editing any text files, I recommend Notepad++ as mentioned over here.

Pro Tip: If you accidentally close your Main Menu for the addons, press ` to toggle the Main Menu back on, which is the key right above the tab key on most keyboards.

4. Palettes
Tofuman has this great tool called the PSOBB Palette Manager v1.0.2 that allows one to add an extra 10 buttons while holding Ctrl in the customization process. Without this tool, it's a mess to customize buttons singularly since Tofuman's tool pushes the customized buttons automatically from his program to the client. Here's how to permanently save your character's changes.

Also, thanks to @Sassmeister for this useful palette swapping technique. If you don't want to use a Photon Blast, but the back palette has an action that you really want to use, try this out.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that pressing Ctrl + 1 won't activate the intended action from the keyboard directly; however, it will activate that action flawlessly by using a controller instead. For example, using this program to assign 1 for Shifta while assigning Ctrl + 1 as Foie will work as intended via a controller, but if one uses Foie with via the keyboard, it won't do anything.

5. Pad Controls and Keyboard Bindings
Before we begin, I like to share with you what the default controls are from the PSOBB manual for your reference. If for whatever reason, you want to remove the Ctrl key or some other key on the keyboard to not do what the game already has it set up to do, you can benefit from using Soly's PSOBB Input Map program.



I have a PS3 controller, and I use SCP's software at the following post to allow me to play with this controller, but these are not official drivers. I have not tried the official drivers provided by Playstation Now after reading this guide, but it's there if that's already available in your PC.

I am able to press the extra 10 buttons at the bottom of the screen without having to use my keyboard with Antimicro, which can configure my keyboard buttons 0-9 to unused buttons on my PS3 controller. As with any program that involves working with psobb.exe, please run as administrator before launching the game. If you want to try some advanced features like Toggle and Turbo, please click a button to select a key on the keyboard window, press a check, and even click on Advanced for more options.

If you're using something different and I find out about it, I'll be back to add to this post if something new shows up that is worth referencing on here. In the meantime, have fun with these suggestions by others that were willing to share their contributions publicly. Here are my suggestions for setting up an account with the controller configurations and the client options.

Starting off this short series of paragraphs of progams that I don't use, I like to leave a link to a guide for XInput Plus thanks to a recent outdated release of the bbmod addons.

For other folks that aren't using Antimicro, here's a download to get Xpadder, which works on almost every controller imaginable. Also, I'll leave this great resource, Pinnacle Game Profiler, with one warning linked here that should lead you to this link eventually.

If you use a PS4 controller, use DS4Windows.

If you're up for some Gamecube controller thrills, maybe this adapter is right for you. I haven't tried it myself, but it's out there. As for Gamecube controller drivers, maybe this driver works, but I haven't tried it yet. If you're out of luck on guides though, here's a guide from the Dolphin Emulator wiki that can give you some other ideas. If you made it this far, take a look at this to set up some buttons in the game's pad button configuration menu to make it feel more like the Gamecube experience.

Also, you can use this guide by @RedKing to set up a Steam gaming experience with a Steam Gamepad, and don't forget to check this thread out by @Xira if you want some icons for Ephinea PSOBB on Steam.

6. Sandbox Mode Tips and Tricks
How do I make sandbox mode useful? Easy, you create and login with a sandbox mode account here and then you load as an administrator Soly's Item Maker. I shouldn't have to remind y'all that using these tools is prohibited with normal mode and hardcore mode accounts, especially seasons mode accounts! If you don't think that the logs will catch you, then that's on you is all I'm saying.

Maybe you really want to know how useless a Blizzard ES Needle really is, or you just don't know how cool some other gear is. This is the perfect mode for you try just about everything that's possible in the game. If you think you can do it, it's probably a good time to run that idea through the sandbox mode occasionally.

Oh, and this is a general rule that I like to mention since this helped me launch the Item Maker properly. There is a way to always have the program run as administrator if the settings need to be adjusted to do that since, by default, it won't ask for administrator privileges as is the case for Soly's Item Maker when running that program in Sandbox mode.

Right click on the Item Maker, and click on Properties. I'll show what to select based on the image that I have attached here too, but here's the explanation anyways. Once a Properties window appears, there is a Compatibility tab that shows where to have the check mark necessary to have the Run As Administrator window pop up every time the program attempts to open. Fill the box with that check mark, and press Ok to save that setting. If the screen turns dim while playing PSOBB come over to this post to make sure that the game doesn't crash often.

Run As Administrator.JPG

7. Special Effects (To-Do Task for Me: 03/27/2020)
I thought about using some special effects besides the typical mods and skins, but I haven't made time for them yet, so here's what I do have as homework for the time being.

ZabaZu's ReShade for PSOBB
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and server (loving it so far). I made a ReShade preset for PSOBB, which has an extensive post on the Ultima forums, so if it's allowed (didn't see it in the rules), here's a link to that post.

If linking to another forum is frowned upon, I can redo the post here, however it is substantially easier to maintain accurately from one source. [Main website is in here.]

Matt's PSOBB Post-Processing
Taken from here: ... 35&t=85295 (which is now dead...)
Credit for this software goes to Black Emerald Team ( and MonsterHunterFan.

Download: (password: pioneer2)
MHF's HDR V2 file:

PSOBB ENB is a post-processing effect software that improves the game's graphical quality with special effects (Such as bloom, blur, reflection bump, and anything the user can write with the effect.txt file). It can be used in windowed or fullscreen and doesn't mess with skins.


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Alolan Fox
Feel free to submit a pull request in my addons' repo to add missing items
I don't have a Github account, and I don't expect to be on that platform in the near future. I'll leave it to someone else to handle that. This thread will do for now.

I'll leave my special mods and addon files here as attachments.

My Custom HUD and Custom Texts are mentioned in their respective Notes.txt files, so that's for homework if you like to try them out. It's not too much work though since I explain what makes them special in the attached files.

I like to demonstrate what the onlineending_dat.bml in the PSO2 Inspirat Mod for BB (v1.3)-skin_00870 foler looks like. There are some addons that are in the way, but that's easy to notice and ignore if you're familiar with the addons.

I don't use the mod in the Short-DF-Wave folder since I like the Transparent DF Wave that I have mentioned in section 2 of this guide above, but I like to still share it publicly since it's not really posted anywhere else. I collected it from @Thomas.

Also, I decided to copy some stuff over from this post as a backup or copy of what I have set up in a thread that I can have it here for my sake.

I have been working on a method to share my personal configurations for playing PSOBB on this server, and I have decided to post about it in part today after months of trial and error. I haven't tried using Joy To Key either, but maybe I'll consider it since I see some better ways of configuring a controller compared to what I have with Antimicro at this point.

I have created a guide on "how to set up a client", including controller configurations, so I want to go over how I used that guide for myself specifically for sections 4 and 5 in this post. One can look at my streams online to get more examples of what I have also done using that guide such as my configurations for dots on the map, addons, and mods, which are the first three sections of that guide, I have left attachments for those in this post.

All of the images that are presented below are included in the zip file that is attached to this post; also, there are configurations files for the programs mentioned that are included too.

Without further ado, check my spoilers and enjoy!

I actually keep it at CUSTOM on the top right corner, but I changed it to EN so that all of the options are legible since the CUSTOM option has some of the text in the options menu missing for some strange reason.
View attachment 13200
View attachment 13201
View attachment 13202

I used to play with the Num Pad as my main method of playing on the keyboard with my right hand while using the A-S-W-D buttons for the actions with my left hand, and I hated how I had to extend my right hand or left hand to touch either ctrl button. Fortunately, there is a program to change inputs, but this was a painful problem for me even before I played on Ephinea where Soly's Input Mapper didn't exist according to my lack of awareness at the time. Anyways, I eventually used a PS3 Controller so that this method of playing became obsolete to me. To see more pictures of what I have set in the Options menu, please download the zip file and open the Options folder that is inside of the Account folder since I believe that the keyboard and pad button configuration images are more relevant to show in this post.

One detail that I should mention is how I assigned Button 13 to that last one at the bottom of the Pad Configuration image. It was a long process of me switching between my current SCP Toolkit driver and Motioninjoy driver that was pain to go through, but it's worth doing because the Menu Open / Menu Decide button is useless anyways. Here's my post on the tools that I used to make this strategy possible. In other words, I don't have a 13th button on my controller right now, so that means that I have one more button at my disposal to let Antimicro use without interruption. In this case, it's the PS3 Controller's Select button that the game can't recognize because of my button removal strategy. The following paragraphs in this "Account Level Configuration" spoiler detail my experience in being interrupted with the current configurations that I am sharing here, so if you don't want to be bothered to copy my configurations because of these problem, consider this as a warning to those that dare to do so.

Speaking of interruptions, I can see how Joy To Key can spare me some grief by letting me customize a few more button combinations with fewer headaches as other posts in this thread imply. For example, when I press left, right, or down on my right stick I am using Antimicro's configuration file to press F2, F3, and F4 in the game, which means that I am opening and closing menus while I am actually trying not to do that by mistake. I find these interruptions to be less annoying now since I have adapted to them. Another quick example is opening the mag menu via F4, which again, is the right stick moving to the right through Antimicro, if I use that button for the second time shortly after using it to open the menu, it will close quickly. The same kind of problem occurs when scrolling through the F2 menu if I move my right stick to the left.

Another annoying interruption is when creating a character or going to the dressing room where rotating the character with L1 doesn't happen because I have assigned Shift to L1 through Antimicro, but it works fine when I zoom out when accessing the Area Map in the main menu. If I change the active window from psobb.exe to something else though, I can continue to press L1 and tilt the character fine since there's no double pressing of the Shift button from pressing both the controller's L1 button and the keybinding L1 to the Shift key while psobb.exe is the active window.

There is a minor interruption when I attempt to press Alt + Tab from my controller because of how I configured the buttons to work through Antimicro, so I have Alt assigned to the Triangle button while I have Tab assigned to the Start button. What happens is that I keep opening the chat menu every time I switch program windows, and I keep pressing tab over and over again. This includes changing what's displayed over each player's head in the lobby, which is slightly bothersome for me. Sometimes, I also keep the Alt button held down while pressing a button on the palette like a button from 0-9, and I would look silly by performing a lobby action by accident while in combat. That's as bad as I think it gets compared to accidentally opening menus with the F-keys that I have bounded to my right stick like I mentioned earlier.

Another interruption that I accidentally found helpful is when I attempt to break out of a frozen status ailment as a non-Cast character. I have Resta assigned to L3 through Antimicro; sometimes that means that I automatically cast Resta once I break the ice.

Lastly, I will repeat this old information, so the PS3 Controller works by mimicing an Xbox 360 controller via the XInput method, but when I used to play with Motioninjoy, I used to play with it via the DInput method, but it's not great to use because the right stick was triggered by a hair's touch of sensitivity just by tilting the controller, so that annoyed for long time to the point that deadzone management was not worth going through to have this driver work with an Xpadder configuration file and profile that I no longer maintain as it was not worth the trouble. I used to play with an Xpadder configuration file because the main PS button in the middle would not even be noticed by Xpadder while I used the XInput method. It only recognized that button when using the DInput method, so that was a deal breaker for me at the time that made me never look back once I settled with the SCP Toolkit and dumped the Motioninjoy driver.

Type the command /showwep to see the names of SPECIAL WEAPON drops every time a new character is created unless this character is meant to not play the regular game by playing Challenge mode or Battle mode.

View attachment 13068

The above spoilers seem to be self-explanatory and quick to set up after creating a character that will do more than solely participate in Battle mode or Challenge Mode, but I limit my chat shortcuts to F1-F4 because it's limited to the availability of buttons that I have available through Antimicro at the moment. I can see /hbr being a useful fifth chat shortcut along with /killcount being a useful sixth chat shortcut, but I digress to finally get to the greatest part of this post: Customizing Palettes!

After watching a video from this post, I thought about replacing the 1-4 keys to the F1-F4 keys by editing the Hotkey buttons in the pm.ini file that is in the Palette Manager program folder since I can manage to make it work with my current Antimicro configuration file and keep the 1-4 buttons in use on the palette. Please keep the interruptions from pressing F2 - F4 with the right stick that was mentioned earlier in mind.

As for all of those images of each part of each palette, default.prp is the file that the Palette Manager starts using once opened. Palette 1 is for Casts, Palette 2 is for non-Casts and non-Forces (HUmar, HUnewearl, RAmar, & RAmarl), Palette 3 is the back-up palette for non-Casts that are holding a Photon Blast, and Palette 4 is for Forces. As for the fifth palette called Challenge Mode Force.prp; that is a custom palette for a Force that I play during Challenge Mode. Any of the four palettes contains the same palette in the file.

In summary, it is much easier to play as Cast since I don't even need a quick menu to use a Dimate on Casts - especially in Challenge Mode, but let's say I want to use a Difluid on a non-Cast character, then I will have to use the quick menu if I'm in a hurry.


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