1. brionac

    Quick Client Setup Guide

    This won't be a comprehensive tutorial for setting up a client, but I think it's worthwhile to have this as a starting point to add to the gaming experience. I took a weekend to put this all together in a more up-to-date fashion since not much has been posted lately on the following subjects in...
  2. Screenshot (97)

    Screenshot (97)

    Lua error when I try to launch the game in Launcher.exe
  3. Generalnugz

    Trying to Install Addons/Mod

    So in game people have told me there's addons and mods for the game like item drop info and a chat log. I think I've found them in the forums and downloaded the proper ones but I don't know how to actually install them. Do they need to go in a specific folder of ephinea? How does it work?
  4. HighTheMemory

    LUA addons code: DAR and Rare Rate

    Greetings all, quick question: Does anyone know how to grab the value of the current party DAR and Rare Rate? While I'm asking, I was also curious if anyone knew how to grab the name of the currently active quest...? (I'm assuming I need to know what the memory address for these might be?)...
  5. addons settings

    addons settings