1. R

    Picking up PSO Again - Quick Tips

    Turns out I have an account on Ephinea from back in the day but I've forgotten a lot about the game and the server. I want to start a new RaMarl as I've always liked the solo buffing/ranged playstyle and I have a some things to start with. My character data says I still have a 20/140/40/0 Rappy...
  2. X

    Drop Radar Addon

    Introducing another quality of life addon, which brings a couple enhancements over the mapitem.txt minimap configuration file. What this does is provide directional indication of where desirable drops are located with respect to the direction your character is facing. Very similar to the Item...
  3. brionac

    Quick Client Setup Guide

    This won't be a comprehensive tutorial for setting up a client, but I think it's worthwhile to have this as a starting point to add to the gaming experience. I took a weekend to put this all together in a more up-to-date fashion since not much has been posted lately on the following subjects in...
  4. Screenshot (97)

    Screenshot (97)

    Lua error when I try to launch the game in Launcher.exe
  5. Generalnugz

    Trying to Install Addons/Mod

    So in game people have told me there's addons and mods for the game like item drop info and a chat log. I think I've found them in the forums and downloaded the proper ones but I don't know how to actually install them. Do they need to go in a specific folder of ephinea? How does it work?
  6. HighTheMemory

    LUA addons code: DAR and Rare Rate

    Greetings all, quick question: Does anyone know how to grab the value of the current party DAR and Rare Rate? While I'm asking, I was also curious if anyone knew how to grab the name of the currently active quest...? (I'm assuming I need to know what the memory address for these might be?)...
  7. addons settings

    addons settings