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Helllo guys! Just a small question - most people say this is around 15 - 20 PDs. However, that always seemed a little high to me, concerning the not too terrible droprate in comparison to other drops?

1/2 from Pazuzu is not too shabby, especially in a 4-Player PSO2-Party. 1/1280 from Zu, while a little harder, is still pretty doable. Also, three IDs are able to find it - V101 is only found by two (and only from normal Zu), making the drop a little harder.

Yes, I know the demand is there, but the price still seems to be a little high to me.

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10 to 15 is a fair price, 20 is a rip off. Hunting for it is also an option. Theres a 1p quest in ep4 that has ~25 or so zus and you dont even need good gear cos ASH and BERNIE carries.


I bought both of mine for 10 and 15. Just don't buy it when people overcharge really. With the Ep4 Drop Chart change, it is even easier as it comes off more IDs and now off a Zu too. Price really should have been stable or tad lower from supply but people like to overpay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You see the same issue most of the time when it comes to brand name items. Just have to be smart about it.
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I have had 2 people wanting to purchase and have an offer above 15pds, im just waiting for response