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This is more of things that have happened overtime because I forgot to announce things.

- Paganini in Gallon's Shop now has an item menu when exchanging your Photon Drops instead of his haggling/bartering antics.

The items displayed will vary on the amount of Photon Drops you have. If you have 1-19 Photon Drops, he'll show items for 1 Photon Drop only, if you have 20-49 Photon Drops, he'll show items for 20 Photon Drops only, etc. (so you will not be able to buy a Red Barrier for 50 Photon Drops)

Paganini will still take all your PDs on trade, the system has not changed other than being able to pick the item you want now.

- Camera switches have been added for the Endless Nightmare, Phantasmal World and War of Limits quests.

Before the warp to the final rooms, there will be a button you can stand on to stop the camera angle changing in the last room. When you step on the button, there will be a pop-up window to notify you that the camera angle change will be disabled. Step on it again to enable the camera angle change.

* Currently not in the JP language quests, I will patch this in later.

- Point of Disaster should no longer crash in sandpit room of Desert 3. If it still does, let me know.

- "The Twisted Towers" by Aleron Ives has been added to Episode 2 > Tower quests. The Super Hard NPC originally on GC has been removed (since it dun werk on BB).

- Wrath of Forest and Path to Salvation removed due to balance issues (but this is long gone...)

If there are any issues or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me (Matt) know.
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I've had to put up the original version of War of Limits 3 (without the camera switch button), because for some reason there's a weird glitch with one of the doors with my edit:

(if you look closely, the door opens for a millisecond then closes again after killing the Goran, making the quest unbeatable)

Not sure why that occurs, I'm assuming Qedit has a repacking issue with some of SEGA's original Episode 4 quests like it does with Episode 1 Challenge.


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Please stop stealing and hosting my quests without my consent.
Agreed. It is quite disrespectful to all of Aleron Ives' work to log onto Sylverant, log the quests and then use them without even asking for permission or crediting him in any way.

Please refrain from doing this! I don't like people creating PSO Drama, and this is doing just that. If you want to utilize his quests, then the proper thing to do would be to ask for permission. If he gives it, fine. If he doesn't, move on and don't steal his stuff!


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Although Matt put this up by himself, I don't see it as dramatic at all.

1. Sylvarant doesn't even support Blue Burst. Porting the quest to Blue Burst allows people to experience the quest who wouldn't otherwise be able to experience the quest.

2. I don't think Aleron Ives' permission is necessary at all to host the quest. PSO and all assets from it are owned by SEGA. Putting down a bunch of monsters on a map along with some custom quest or scripting doesn't automatically give you ownership of anything related.

You want us to take down the quest? Then take down your server, all the patches and all of ISO downloads for it. Because, I'm sure you asked SEGA for permission to host all of those things, right?

Give me a break.

Anyway, don't think this topic warrants any more replies.
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