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I noticed the quest Dolmolm Research was edited quite a bit, changing the order in which you play the maps. It seems a few things were overlooked during that process.

Here's the main problem: When you die, you get sent straight to Pioneer 2. That's fine. When you want to return, there's actually no way to return back to Seabed. Instead, there is a warp that leads to VR Temple which I assume isn't suppose to be unlocked. At this point, it's very quest breaking.

On top of that, there is another bug where when you talk to Nol upon dying before completing Seabed, she gives you your meseta right away despite you actually clearing Seabed. Originally, you're not suppose to be able to talk to her until you clear the Seabed. Furthermore, when you talk to her a second time, one of the dialogue boxes gets stuck. This doesn't force you to alt+backspace, but you're unable to get to your start menu without either warping or talking to the guild lady. Judging from the context of the dialogue, you're not suppose to access VR Temple either until you clear Seabed and get the sample of Dolmolm ink from the enemy NPC at the end. What unlocks the door is talking to her. I believe that door is suppose to stay locked at all times until you give Elly her Dolmolm ink. At least, that would be the simplest solution compared to adding a bunch of new registers.

Hopefully everything is understood and that editing the quest will be no problems on your own.
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Thanks for the report, kind sir. Matt has made some corrections to it which will be live in a bit.


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It's my fault really, I put a warp back to Nol just incase you didn't talk to her the first time (for whatever reason), but didn't think about people dying and just walking to her manually.

I ended up locking the door where that warp is (unlocks after talking to her), added a mesend to her F601 and put a warp to Seabed in the other location. Would make more sense to swap the two warps but I'm lazy.

I'm a bit of a newbie at scripting but I r learning. (´・ω・`)