PsoBB Quest Files


Bug Man...

Added a bunch of quests.

(Still have more quests just gotta find the hard drives with them on it)

Includes v1, v2, GC, BB, and PC quests.

PM me if you want a specific quest, just not Rika/DMD quests since i dislike them, and i never bothered to DL all of them.

(Soda remove this if you don't want them to be up)
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Bug Man...
Just added a bunch of quests for download on the link.
Have more on another drive, I'll check into it tomorrow.


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For stock quests, you can go to to download them (go to the Quests page). All available EN/JP quests should be there, some fan translations are provided, but not all of them.

If there's any fan translated quests on Ephinea that aren't provided on the Quests page (or well, anything at all), just let me know and I'll throw them up. Reminds me to also translate some stuff too (like LOGiN), I'll probably look at that soon but no promises since my job is hard labour and I can't concentrate on anything once I get home. `-`