pso episode 3 card revolution online server idea :O

is there a way to make a episode 3 card revolution server in conjunction with this server any ideas would help plz thanks


I think that "idea" has been talked about before.
And like the other PSO versions, atm there isn't any plan to integrate it (afaik).


JK hate paused, busy!
ToasterMage will make Ep3 happen. He didn't say he wouldn't!

also i think you had too much to drink


The problem is it never came out for the PC like PSOBB did. Means you're pretty much stuck in working with a gamecube emulator as the client. Also I'm not sure if many people logged packets whilst the official server was still up which makes it even more difficult to reverse engineer it. But everything can be done. It's a matter of time and dedication.


There's been some work done on this by Kohle years ago altho it's been discontinued along with khyller server which mainly supported gamecube. Fast forward almost a decade, you can't expect someone to work on this anymore because it's not really worth it. As someone already stated, remaking a game from scratch would give much more flexibility.
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