PSO Animation Project


Casual As Fuck
Hello. I've been a long time fan of PSO since 2000. Unfortunately I was just a boy when it was huge so I never had a chance to surf the forums and talk with the devs. I've played on many of private servers eventually ending up on Ephinea. PSO is my favorite game, there is something special about it that other RPGs don't have. So I decided to look for some PSO content but was disappointed when I found little to none.
I've been animating for about 2 years on and off playing around with 2D and 3D. Why not create some small practice projects for PSO? Retrieving models of newer games is a lot easier since there are plenty of people who have released the files from their machinima projects.
I've been lurking around site to site scrapping up together bits and pieces of how to extract models and meshes and load them up into C4D. So far I have 3 models.

I've been using a variety of tools such as Noesis, ExMLDNet, Schthack's modelViewer, etc.

I've extracted a data.gsl file I found in the BB folder which gave me tons of .bml to work with. Using ihTerra's bml extractor I get 2 files, a .nj and a .prs. For some reason I'm not able to load the .nj in Noesis, there seems to be no tree when I scan the file. As for the .prs I'm able to load those textures just fine.
Using DeathRabbit's bml extractor I receive a variety of .nj, .pvm and .njm files. The .pvm files I believe are texture files. As for the .njm I have yet to figure out what they do. A derivative of .nj?
I believe in time I might be able to load up all the models I extracted from the .gsl but if anyone has any ideas to speed up the process I'd be grateful.

The real problem I have is that I have no clue on how to load up and extract the maps from PSO. Using Schthack's mapViewer I can view the maps obviously but that's just it, I can only view them. I don't know how to export them into a useful file I can poke at.

I'd appreciate any help I can get. I would really love to get those models set up and begin animating. A PSO animation after 15 years would be something everyone would enjoy.