Possible? more inventory, camera, visual timer?


Hello I have a few questions that'd I'd appreciate if someone could enlighten me about.

First I remember always having inventory problems. Is there a way to get a bigger inventory? If there is please explain how.

Second is there an already built-in function to have the camera be moved with, like, another control stick on a gamepad? Or a simple mod that would allow that? Personally I'm used tot he camera, but trying to get a friend to play and he'd like to be able to do that.

Lastly I like playing full screen, for mag feeding is there a command already in game that will show/start a timer? that way we could know when we can feed our mags again if we pay attention? I don't want anything to pop up from it, maybe just a timer at the top or above the action palette or something. Also while I'm asking, what's the time for when you can feed a mag again? 3 minutes?

Thanks in advance!


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1. Inventory is restricted to 30 slots.

2. Nope, the camera can only be centered.

3. No, but you could use a standalone timer outside of game to notify you. An example is Mag Timer, which beeps every X amount of minutes to remind you to feed your mag. The time it takes to feed a mag is 3 minutes 30 seconds.


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I bet if Sega had made a Backpack unit with the stats of -100 EVP, +5 items carried that people would be using them.
Maybe an idea for episode 5 >.>


I don't really see how it's an issue. I'm running a FOnewearl carrying 7 units, 4 weapons, 3 mags, and a full compliment of supplies and still have room for loot to sell or stash. I carry too much junk.

What are you doing that you need that much extra space? I mean, more space would be nice, yeah, but it isn't absolutely necessary.