[POLL] Bank Meseta Limit

Should Bank Meseta Limit Go Up To 10M?

  • Yes

  • No

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With Coren the Wanding Tekker and Time Attack Mode here, the demand for meseta has risen.

I think it would beneficial to allow the meseta limit in the bank to go from 999,999 to 9,999,999. This would allow players to sell more meseta at a time to those who use it for Charge weapons and to use meseta to gamble with at Corens.



if it doesn't cause the game to explode/bug out it'd be worth a shot
but if it causes a lot of problems it should be reverted that's my concern, such as hacking exploits, bugs, etc

having a leaderboard of who has the most meseta on a guildcard would be neat if possible

Aleron Ives

The only technical "problem" I can see is that people would have to trade ten separate Meseta stacks in order to fill someone's bank, since you can't allow people to carry that much Meseta in their packs without breaking Charge and Vjaya.