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When starting a FOmar, know that it isn't going to be a walk in the park. As with any FO class, you'll be having low HP and defense from the start. But what makes a FOmar special, you may ask? While the FOney is superior due to her high MST and TP, the FOnewm has his strong offensive tech and nuking abilities, and the FOmarl possesses long-ranged support and healing abilities, a FOmar has the greatest meleeing capabilities of the FOs, along with strong Gi Tech and increased Shifta/Deband range, making him a more versatile class compared to the other Forces. At the same time, he's capable of casting tech fast when unarmed and shares this trait with the FOnewm.
In short, FOmars are challenging to use, but they are a versatile class that can wield either teching and meleeing playstyles, or even both at the same time at higher levels, and thus can be considered Battle Forces.


-Versatile. Can have teching and melee styles; even a hybrid of both at higher levels.
-Fast tech casting speed when unarmed, or equipped with a Knuckle-type item.
-Highest ATP of all FOs, capped at 1002.
-1.3x Grants and Gi tech, and 2x Shifta/Deband boosts initially.
-Can use 250 Mats, giving you versatility, and not too hard to max out stats.


-Lowest Max ATA of any class, capped at 163.
-Hard to equip them; high-hit weapons are pretty much mandatory for meleeing FOmars.
-As with any FO class, they are kinda fragile with low Def and HP.
-Not the best FO for healing roles in parties due to no innate Resta/Anti range boosts

Base/Max Stats

HP: 1175 / 1175 (1425 with HP mats)
TP: 1783 / 1783 (2308 through leveling, 2558 with TP mats)
ATP: 753 / 1002
DFP: 321 / 470
MST: 990 / 1340
ATA: 138 / 163
EVP: 551 / 651

Can use 250 Mats (not counting HP and TP)

How to Max Out a FOmar

There are different ways to max a FOmar out, but you definitely will need Power and Mind Mats, as well as Luck Mats to make the most of him. Of course, don't forget your Mag as well. You can use a stat calculator to plan things out, but if anything, a V101 and Adept are mandatory for maxing out.

Example: The way I maxed out my FOmar is by using the following amount of Mats and Mag:

Pow: 85
Def: 60
Mind: 26
Luck: 33
Mag: 5/30/30/135

This build provides me with balanced stats, and I won't need a Red Ring to be maxed (except for the extra 20 ATA I'm given from it). In fact, you can make a few mistakes in the Mat plan and still be able to max out.
Use the "/matcount" command to see how many materials you've used.

Damage Capabilities

FOmar's damage capabilities are generally fair and balanced, where they don't have the high MST of the Newman Forces or the ATP of any Ranger or Hunter, but still possess higher ATP than the other Forces. As for attack tech boosts, they are given a x1.3 boost to all Gi-class techs, making Gifoie and Gizonde potentially their core attack techniques. As a bonus, they have a 1.3x boost to Grants.


Although FOmars are not the best Forces for recovery given their standard Resta/Anti range, they make up for it by having double the range on Shifta and Deband for parties. If planning a more supportive role, a Resta Merge would prove useful.

Style Potential

Besides playing the classic Teching style that includes quite a bit of Gifoie and Gizonde, compared to other FOs, a FOmar really shines as he can also play a meleeing role. As said before, fairly good hit items are needed to make up for their poor ATA. Once you level up, have the right weapons, make use of both materials and your mag, you can even pull off a combination of teching and meleeing attacks to make the most of the class.

For teching, you would ultimately want a Magical Piece to help amplify your Gifoie and Gizonde (and Gibarta if you use it) in addition to the initial boost that FOmars get. Equip a merge that boosts one of said techniques to improve it even further if you're not worried about defense as much. You can use a Sorcerer's Cane to a lesser extent for Gi-tech boosting.

For meleeing playstyles, you want a minimum of having a high-hit Handgun-type weapon, a high-hit Slicer-type weapon, a strong single-target weapon (a Double Saber for example), and a Partisan-type weapon (like Soul Eater) if you have access to one. When you reach Ultimate Mode, things will be a lot more difficult, so be sure to be well-equipped.

Elemental Staffs: Fire Scepter, Ice Staff, and Storm Wand make good early Force weapons to use, boosting Fire, Ice, and Thunder techs by 20% respectively. You may have to switch between them often, but you get better and faster as you keep doing so in different quests and runs. Believe it or not, these could last you for a while till you get way up there and are better equipped.

Summit Moon: Personally I use this when I want to deal heavy tech damage on a single target, or when I feel Barta's gonna be better than Rabarta in the situation, though you may not be able to use one till Very Hard Mode, depending on your mag and how many Mind Mats you used. It boosts Si Tech by 30%. You eventually won't need one anymore as you level up.
Oh, and equipping this boosts your MST by 55, which is pretty good. You can use it to help you learn some high level techs that may be just a bit out of your reach even if you're using mind units and a mind mag.

Striker of Chao: Not really necessary for FOmar as their Shifta/Deband already gets a 2x boost, but you can turn it to a 4x range boost when using this. It's probably just for extra support range in a party when in a large area like Crater or something.
It also raises your MST by 55 just like Summit Moon, so use it to help you learn some high level tech if you need to.

Soul Eater: If you choose the path to melee early on, use this. Just be careful, as you're not as bulky as Hunter/Ranger classes, and don't rely on Zerking, especially given FOmar's low HP and Defense.

Double Saber: If you have acquired one of the 50h ones from the Gov quests, feel free to use it as one of your early melee weapons. Its TP-stealing special also proves to be useful.

Gifoie/Gizonde/Red/Yellow Merges: Because Gifoie and Gizonde (and Gibarta, but not many really use it) are initially boosted for FOmars, these 2 tech merges will boost them further. You can use Red and Yellow Merges for more tech boost coverage at the cost of a stronger boost for a single tech.

Resta Merge: For parties only, when you're worried about chasing damaged players around with your poor-ranged Resta, this shield gives you double the range.

Secret Gear: If you're not worried about doing heavy damage with tech at the time and prefer high Def, then this is for you. You can use this at Lv41, and it'll last you quite a while. It's more suited for the early melee FOmar types.

Magical Piece: Probably one of the best FOmar weapons to have and the one you want to aim for. Since they have a 30% Gi-tech boost, it works really well for the initial Gi tech boost that this class has.
Its special casts a low-level Zonde. It's not the best, but it can help you lock onto an enemy.

Sorcerer's Cane: Though not as strong as Magical Piece, you can still use its 20% Gi-tech boost to help, as well as its 10% TP cost reduction.

Glide Divine: Every FO should have one of these to cast long-ranged debuffs. It also increases all resistances by 15 when you equip it.

Mercurius Rod: It boosts the power of Grants when you need it, often against certain Ep.4 enemies, such as Zus and Dorphons. You can also use its low-level Gifoie special in combination with a Red/Gifoie Merge + Ignition Cloak + FOmar's initial Gi tech boost for some moderate damage if you're tight on TP and fluids.

Solferino: A weird wand that not only doubles the range of Resta, but also has a special of Resta. It's not really required, but it's something to know about if you're thinking about playing a supporting role in a party.

Demonic Fork or Dark Bridge: Use ONLY if you want piercing Megid (while not relying on Cursed Cloak), which is decent against some Ep2 enemies and Lizards.

Raygun: A basic, easy-to-find weapon compared to many others. As for specials, choose what you want, but I recommend Charge. You can deliver pretty decent damage without having to resort to Berserk or Spirit specials. Just make sure it's a high hit one because well... you know.

Charge Mechgun: You might have use for it at low difficulties or in One Person Ult mode. As always, aim for high-hit ones. Equip a Smartlink for an easier time hitting enemies (does not affect special).

Holy Ray: Has more range and ATA than a Raygun as it is a Rifle, but harder to find. If you do find a good hit one, make use of it. Keep in mind that it requires MST to use rather than ATA, so that helps Forces use it quicker.
Its special is Arrest, and having a good hit one can work wonders, especially when up against something like a Dorphon. Don't use the special against Machines or Zus if you don't know that already because they are immune to Paralysis.

Bringer's Rifle: The late-game ranged weapon for a FOmar. Just make sure it has high hit (which you can add by using PCs in a specific quest), and don't be afraid to use its special against specific monsters if you're supporting in a party, especially during Tower runs.
Its special is Demon's. It's perfect for cutting down the HP on any large enemy, mainly something like a Baranz, Dark Bringer, Ep2 giant plants, Dorphon, Zu, or even a Girtablulu.

Excalibur: Though I dislike this weapon, it is a good one for a FOmar so as long as it has decent hit on it. With high ATP and being able to hit 3 targets at once, it proves its use.
The special is Berserk... Use it at your own risk.

Asteron Belt or Soul Banish: The late-game partisan weapons for FOmars. Both have their uses, though Asteron Belt is generally better because it has higher ATP and ATA, provides a DFP boost, is easier to find, and requires less ATP. Again, try to get one with hit.
For those curious, Asteron Belt's special is Reduced Hell. It probably won't help much, except maybe Lizards if you have a v502 on you. Even then, don't rely on it much.
For an early game partisan, use a Soul Eater.

Charge Diska: A somewhat common slicer-type weapon to use. You can use it to deliver some hard hits to multiple targets at once from a distance. As usual, find a good hit one. This can be a good weapon to use against Vol Opt's second form, especially if it has Machine on it.

Rainbow Baton: A useful slicer to have with nice ATP, but make sure it has good hit. Its special is unreduced Chaos. Have fun watching monster fights if you're lucky.

Slicer of Fanatic: Compared to Rainbow Baton, you can only hit 3 targets instead of 4, but you get extra range. Its special is Demon's.
Learn the power of the SNS (special > normal > special) sequence and timing, and you can even take down some high HP enemies quickly. Keep in mind that you should try to avoid being too close to enemies when doing it, and behind the frontlines in a party is where you should be when doing so.

The SNS sequence is a trick known to some players in which if you use Special Attack first, and time your Normal Attack next to where you're in swinging motion before your first projectile hits the target but before the 2nd projectile comes out, your Special Attack projectile prior to the Normal attack will have the accuracy of a Normal Attack, making this very effective against certain enemy waves, such as Dorphon and Astark groups, and most definitely Girtablulus.

Girasole or Zero Divide: Want a weapon to take on a single target? These are 2 potential choices. Girasole is stronger with initially higher hit, while Zero Divide provides a DFP boost.
Optionally, there's Twin Chakram. It's not as strong as the other two, but its special is Reduced Hell, and can be considered a "S-Beat's Blade" that Forces can use.

S-Rank Twin (Double Saber): Similar to Girasole, except 10 less ATA, but you can add a custom special for your needs. Note that you need 250 Grinders to maximize its power.

Aura Field: When you want good Def, this is the armor for you. However, you have to be at Lv152 to use one, and be aware of its TP draining.

Brightness Circle: Another good piece of armor. It boosts your Dark and Light resistances, and you can use it at Lv.111. I also love its visual look, for those who care about visuals.

Lieutenant Mantle: A really nice piece of armor to use. It combines having good defense with built-in Trap Vision. It actually can be considered a late-game armor of choice for your FOmar in a way. Its Dark resistance isn't too shabby either.
Keep in mind that it may cause you to accidentally destroy traps set by Casts in a party, so you may not want one when in a party with Casts, unless you can cooperate well. You can at least use it without worry in Solo runs, though.

Cursed Cloak: This is more of a situational piece of armor that provides some Dark resistance, and allows Megid to pierce. Good against Lizards and some Ep2 enemies. There are other armors also allow Megid to pierce, but Cursed Cloak is the easiest to obtain.
If you only want piercing Megid, you can instead equip a Demonic Fork.

Ignition Cloak: It provides a 10% boost to all Foie tech. Try equipping other Fire-boosting items to stack them together for some serious Gifoie damage, which is easily noticeable at lower difficulties.

Guard Wave: A temporary armor to give you a nice Def boost once you reach Lv101 and don't have anything else. Its Dark and Light resistances aren't that bad either, but it doesn't provide any resistance to the other 3 elements.

Luminous Field: The good news is that it's one of the Lv101 armors you can equip and it has pretty good Def. The bad news is that it drains HP and is a very rare item.

Sacred Cloth: Despite its average defense and low evasion, it has built-in Cure/Paralysis, which is perfect for Lily hunting. It provides decent Light and Dark resistances, but no fire, ice, or thunder resistances. You'll need to be at Lv144 to use it.

Dress Plate: It has poor Def and Evp, but its amazing feature is its extremely high Dark resistance, providing +70 of it, making it really useful against Megid enemies, such as Lilies, Gran Sorcerers, and Ultimate Zol Gibbons.
It has no level requirement, so you can use one even at Lv1 if you have one.

Resta Merge: If you're worried about poorly-ranged Resta when supporting a party, use this.

Red Ring: For meleeing FOmars really, RR proves its worth by adding a +20 bonus on every stat, including ATA (it adds the 20 even if your ATA is maxed, too!). If you prefer higher Def over sheer Tech damage from merges, you can use this instead. Good luck getting to Lv180 to use one though.

Red/Gifoie/Gizonde/Yellow Merge: Gifoie and Gizonde should be a FOmar's core techniques given the initial Gi boost that the class has, making the Gifoie or Gizonde merge an ideal choice for them. For less damage but more Tech boost coverage, a Red or Yellow merge will do well.

Tripolic Reflector: An underrated shield you could use. It has average Def and Evp, but its unique ability to occasionally negate a technique can potentially save you one day.

De Rol Le Shield: For pure Def to help you take more hits. It doesn't give any Dark resists, though. You'll be able to use it at Lv102.

From the Depths: If you ever get one of these and don't care for doing heavy tech damage, you're welcome to make use of this shield's good overall stats and nice resistance spread to your advantage. Just note that you may need to equip a Cure/Confuse to nullify it from randomly inflicting Confusion on you.
You need to be at Lv150 to use it.

Rupika: A nice-looking shield with decent stats, though it lacks any Light resistance. It doubles Shifta's range, and you can use this shield at Lv101.

Adept: I really don't need to explain it, but I will anyways. This unit is probably the most important one for a FOmar not just because of the 25% TP cost reduction (also decreases the amount of TP you use when using Spirit special) and minor stat and resistance boosts, but the +20 ATA as well to aid a meleeing FOmar's needs, and it is required to have one to max the class out.

Heavenly/Battle or V101: For melee FOmars, this is what you want for a boost of attack speed. Don't be shy to use a Heavenly/Battle (or even God/Battle) if you don't have a V101.

V801: Another outstanding unit for FOmars, as it gives faster Tech casting speed. You'll defintely notice it when casting techniques unarmed, especially Gizonde. You can stun-lock some enemies when casting Gizonde (or Rabarta in some cases) unarmed.

Smartlink: Increases the ATA of your ranged attacks even further, even if you have max ATA. It does not affect the effective rate of specials though.

God/Arm or Heavenly/Arms: Need a little extra ATA boost for meleeing, while not having an Adept? Don't be shy to use one of these 2 units, especially God/Arm, which is really easy to find, and cheap to buy.

Centurion or Heavenly/Ability: Really good units that boost all your stats (not counting HP) decently, the former being the superior one.

Heavenly or God/Mind: For tech-based FOmars, or for those who just want to learn a technique that's just out of their reach. You may eventually grow out of ever using one as you keep leveling.

Cure Units: Often not used, but depending on the kind of run you're doing, you may want one of these, such as Cure/Shock when dealing with Hidelts and Ultimate Ul Gibbons, Cure/Paralysis for Lily hunts, or Cure/Freeze for obvious reasons.

The ideal mag for FOmar would definitely be one that provides invincibility. Here's a few mags that you can look for and choose from:

Sato: The popular cat mag that looks nice in any color depending on your style and preference. It has a 50% chance to give you invincibility whenever your PB bar fills, when your HP is at 1/10, or when you enter a boss room.

Nidra: The rare scorpion-like mag that any FOmar of any section ID can make. It shares the same abilities and percentage rate as the Sato. If you're not too worried about the mag colors and just want one that can give you invincibility, then Nidra is for you. Be sure to follow some mag guides to figure out which stats have to equal each other, and what ID you need.
And here's a fun little fact, too! It's easier to feed and level a Nidra compared to a Sato.

Tellusis: The yellow mag that looks like a pair of claws. It has a 55% chance to give invincibility on all 3 conditions. When you have an Excalibur equipped along with the mag, your ELT and EDK increases by 10, and the animation speed for the weapon increases by 20%.
Note that you need use a Dragon Scale on a Kama mag to make a Tellusis.

Agastya: A cool-looking mag that looks like 6 high-tech mechanical wings that are detached, which open up when it activates an ability. It has a 50% chance to give invincibility when you enter a boss room or if you PB meter hits 100, but may cast Resta if your HP is down to 1/10.
Note that it requires Liberta Kit on a mag that's at Lv50 or higher to make an Agastya.

Soniti: An uncommon mag that can give invincibility when any of the 3 conditions are met. Its ability trigger rate is 50%.
You need Cell of Mag 502 on a Lv100 to make it, and any class can make it, but your ID has to be Vidria, Skyly, Purplenum, Redria, or Yellowboze, or you'll accidentally make Pitri instead.

1: You are capable of stun-locking some enemies using a combination of unarmed (or knuckle weapon) casting + v801. Gizonde is the preferred tech for this. You may have to slow down a bit depending on what you're up against, with Hildelt being an example. FOmar shares this trait with FOnewm.

2: Because of the above, try stun-locking Vol Opt's first form with Gizonde while having Brave Knuckle, Angry Fist, or an S-rank Knuckle equipped. You may just be able to get to its 2nd form fast. You may use Razonde if you're a bit slow on the reaction, or if facing non-Ult Vol Opt, in which case the screens will likely break.

3: You can spam Gizonde against Dragon/Sil Dragon to take it out quickly. It's often not recommended in parties due to DMC (Damage Cancel), unless there's no Bazooka-armed RA while Dragon is still in the air. Equip a Yellow/Gizonde Merge while having no weapon equipped for potentially faster performance.

4: When you're doing some "One Person" runs (such as Ultimate Ruins), take advantage of a FOmar's meleeing capabilities to help you get through some areas.

5: Keep in mind that some enemies may have different tech weaknesses and resistances in Solo mode compared to Multi Mode. So be sure to study and learn them if you want to utilize your techs better.
-Example: Ult Ep1 Ob Lily is weak to Zonde in solo, but is weak to Barta in Multi.

6: You can survive a Dark Bringer's shot at a bare minimum of Lv197 while having all HP mats used (or more specifically, 123 HP mats). Remember you need over 1400 HP to survive it.

7: Frozen enemies are easier to hit. This will definitely prove useful if you're planning to melee. Take advantage of it, especially when in a party with Casts that use Freeze Traps, or a RA with Frozen Shooter.

8: You should have access to some decent armors and shields once you're around the Lv100 line. Here's a list showing some of them and the level you can use them on. Choose what fits you best depending on what you have at the time:

-Lv99: Elemental Cloaks
-Lv101: Lieutenant Mantle, Guard Wave, Luminous Field, Regen Gear B.P, Red Coat, Crimson Coat, Gods Shield Kouryu
-Lv102: DRL Shield, Tripolic Shield
-Lv111: Brightness Circle
-Lv120: Tripolic Reflector
-Lv121: DF Field


I'd be lying if I didn't say that FOmar is a challenging class to use. Even the character selection description says so. You'll be struggling with low Def and HP, the lowest of all max ATA, and the requirement of having to equip them well, from standard FO gear to high-hit weapons. However, enduring these troubles as you level and such can prove to be very rewarding in the long run. You'll be backed up by having versatile playstyle options and good melee capabilites by FO standards. May this guide provide some use to those who ever wish to try a FOmar out or want tips on how to use one.
While others may have different perspectives, that is fine. These are just some of my thoughts. Nonetheless, hope the guide provides you with some useful information if you ever wish to try out the FOmar class, or improve yours if you already have one.

And keep in mind that some things may be added, changed or be reorganized at any time.

-Sophie: For looking over and proofreading the guide multiple times, as well as providing suggestions.
-NDW: For providing information regarding Mag ability trigger percentages and other things.
-1/15/16, 8:51pm
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Nice guide, are you planning on creating guides for other classes ? I'm still a beginner at PSOBB so this is much appreciated :]


Thanks to all for the kindness.

@Ps0master I'd like to see what you have in mind.

@MagicLuthee Unfortunately this is the only character guide I'd make, as FOmar is the only class I have fairly good knowledge on.

Regarding TP regen, the 50h Double Saber from the Gov Quest (Someone can tell you the name of which quest it is) mentioned earlier is a good idea. For a lesser, but ranged extent, a hit Mahu or Geist Raygun may work. Hopefully one of those weapons can help.