Pit's Angelic Shop (Bounty Lookout!)


Feel free to browse through and such. You may ask me questions about an item if you wish.

-I'm still learning, and since this place is relatively new, with a non-complete economy, I'm hoping to get used to things, including prices.
-Because of the above, I may need offering for prices I may not know about. Sometimes, you must make an offer, and we'll see what happens. Negotiating is possible.
-If I'm after S-ranks, I prefer to request a custom name over premade.
-The Dream Wants are the biggest stuff I want that may be close to if not my planned end-game stuff that I'm after (not counting units), and are important to me. Be sure to look out for these things.
-Bold Items are a hint of what I'm mainly after at the time. They can help persuade me to sell something sometimes. It may appear even in "lower class" wants and are likely to take priority. Keep an eye out for those.
-If you wish to verify the armor in case I made a mistake in calculating, feel free to have a look at em.
-The Angelic Mood is a mini event within the shop that can take many forms. Many can be good, some can be actually be bad. It all depends on the stock and actual mood. It can change at any time.
-Featured Item is what it is. An item or a few are featured, often popular ones.
-The new Bounty system is essentially when I'm desperately seeking an item that I may list, and am willing to give a large price for it. Take advantage of it.

Angelic Mood: Lazy u_u
Featured Item: None

BOUNTY: God/Technique
Reward: Three Seals

BOUNTY: Hit Cannon Rouge (at least 20h)
Reward: V502 + Heavenly/Battle

Gush Gladius +2 0/0/0/40/70
Charge Gungnir +7 0/0/0/0/40
Demon's Calibur +1 0/0/30/35/40
Soul Calibur +2 0/0/35/40/50
Dark Diska +5 0/45/0/0/45
Arrest Diska +1 0/0/30/0/45
Charge Diska +3 0/0/35/0/40
Charge Diska 0/30/0/0/50 x2
Charge Raygun +4 0/0/0/20/40 x7 1pd each
Charge Vulcan +2 0/0/0/10/50
Demon's Laser 0/0/0/0/40
Demon's Laser +6 45/0/0/45/40
Arrest Arms +7 0/55/0/35/40
Arrest Arms +9 0/0/40/0/50
Gush Arms +10 0/75/0/40
King's Striker x2 (1 PD each)

Rare Weapons
Durandal 0/0/0/25/15
Durandal 0/20/0/25/30
Durandal 0/0/0/25/35
Cross Scar 0/0/15/0/40
L&K14 Combat 0/0/0/0/30
Final Impact 0/0/0/35/35
Silence Claw 0/0/20/0/20
Silence Claw 0/0/0/15/30
Delsaber's Buster 0'd
Ancient Saber 0/20/15/0
Elysion 0/0/30/0/35
Vivienne 0'd x2
Gae Bolg 0/0/0/15/30
Tyrell's Parasol 0/10/20/0
Guilty Light 0/0/0/0/15
Rianov NR-1 0/65/0/0
Summit Moon 30/0/0/0/35 x3 2pd each

Black Odoshi Domaru 124/82
Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou 137/145 1-slot
Samurai Armor x2

Secret Gear
Secure Feet
Yata Mirror x3
Shield of Delsaber
Combat Gear
Flowen's Shield
Gratia x2

Heavenly/Legs x2
Heavenly/Luck x2
God/Body x2
God/Ability x2
v502 x2 (can trade one for a v801)
Cure/Paralysis x3
Cure/Slow x2
Cure/Shock x2
Yasakani Magatama x3
Divine Protection

-Tech Disks

-Lv15 Disks

-Lv20 Disks
Foie x2
Razonde x2

-Lv29 and Lv30 Disks
Lv29 Foie x2
Lv29 Barta x2
Lv29 Zonde x5
Lv29 Gibarta
Lv29 Jellen
Lv29 Zalure
Lv30 Zalure
Lv30 Resta x6

Mind Material ???
Evade Material x100+
Def Material x100+

Amplifier of Shifta
Amplifier of Gibarta
Amplifier of Gizonde
Amplifier of Blue
Heart of OpaOpa
Heart of Devil
Magic Rock Moola x3
Star Amplifier
Rappy's Beak x5

Xmas Items
Disk Vol.8 "Heart to Heart"
Disk Vol.9 "Strange Blue" x3
Disk Vol.10 "Reunion System" x6
Disk Vol.11 "Pinnacles"
Disk Vol.12 "Fight inside the Spaceship"
Charge Launcher 0/0/0/0/50
Resta Merge
Wedding Dress x3
Dress Plate

Basic Wants

Pow Mats

Adv. Wants
Blue Barrier or Blue Merge
Iritista Stone
Grants Lv29 or higher
Megid Lv29 or higher
God or Heavenly/Technique
DF Shield

Stink Shield
Chain Sawd or Red Sword w/hit
Wand with 50h+, hopefully with Dark
Diska with 50h or higher, hopefully with Dark
Tyrell's Parasol with hit, Dark attribute preferred
Vivienne with hit, Dark attribute preferred
D-Photon Core
Demonic Fork
Hit Inferno Bazooka (30+ preferred)
Non-Min Brightness Circle
Angel Ring

Sacred Guard
Rappy's Wing
Lv.200 Pow Nidra or Sato (Twins/Leilla/Pilla recommended, but Lei can be replaced)
Slicer of Fanatic (At least 20h)
Angry Fist with high Machine %

Dream Wants (The biggest stuff)
Zero Divide x/0/0/x/x (30+ hit preferred. Dark attribute is mandatory)
Holy Ray 15h+ (optional)

Previous Events/Moments
-Odoshi Madness
-Summit Uprising
-New Supplies
-Hit Asteron Belt Bounty: 15pd reward minimum (Failed)
-Hit Diska Bounty: 12pd reward minimum (Claimed by Fishhao)
-Dream Asteron Belt Bounty: Adept reward (Claimed by Anime)
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username said:
I'd like to buy the Cent/Ability if you still have.
You're welcome to pick it up when you find me in-game. I'll also need to know who your characters are too for easier delivery.


ok well i got a v801 and i am also interested in that cure/freeze and arrest diska
Cure/Freeze and Arrest Diska (if I still have it) are also possible. I'm eager to get the v801 somehow. I may be online after several hours or something, so keep a lookout if I am around.


Hi Pit, if you've still got your c.vulcs, I'll give you 2pd and some pow mats