Photon Art 2: Electric Boogaloo


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Here's a comic about a bad Cloud cosplayer shouting at a bad Isaac Clarke cosplayer.


Photon Art
Most of you probably know how it goes. PSO has always had a shaky history, having an average following at best and barely maintaining popularity as a cult game at worst. We've had our ups and downs across multiple servers, and have many memories to share, both good and bad.

I think it goes without saying that one particular server brought many of us joy over the course of its lifespan, which may have made it more difficult to watch it descend into the shitshow it became. Some might say it came abruptly, others would argue it was slowly bleeding out over the course of a decade. Many of us never got to say goodbye to that server, or the community, or even the small things that we felt defined us.

I never really got the chance, and never really cared to. It was surprisingly easy to move on and forget everything about it. But as hackneyed as it might sound, joining Ephinea's community has shown me that I was probably wrong.

Those of you that do remember me from a few years ago have periodically asked the same question: when am I going to continue Photon Art? Truth be told, I did continue it for about a year after I left, pandering to a select group of friends. Then I kind of just stopped.

So fuck it. Here's to a return to form.

What is it?
To any new readers, you're probably asking yourself "Why would this stupid fat make these ugly comics and post them on the internet?" Well, like anything I've actually done with my life, I was procrastinating on getting actual work done, and decided that MS Paint drawings were a good alternative.

"So what is this trash?" This is Photon Art; a Microsoft Paint (specifically Vista) webcomic based almost entirely around Phantasy Star. Photon Art gets its name from photon arts; a feature introduced in Phantasy Star Universe that would become a series staple. You see, "art" is part of the joke, because there is no art here.

While the comic tends to stick to Phantasy Star, it periodically drifts from it. I've also covered Mass Effect, Worms, Monkey Island and various other games. Though I would like to do these more frequently, something something know your audience, something something I'm fat.

Old Comics

One of the big issues with doing these comics on the old server is that a lot of the jokes have become irrelevant. As of now, I don't see much point in bringing all of them back, but I plan to set aside another post for the sake of an archive. Rest assured, they'll get the attention they barely deserve.

I can't say anything fond about my own work--I hate it, and I hate it more as time passes--but these comics have never really been for me. So I'll leave it to the reader to decide what they like or hate or even just want to ridicule. Go wild.

Who are these people

Newer readers probably won't understand some of the jokes present in the comics. I try to make a habit of avoiding meta humor, but there is some continuity that you should be aware of. For the two people that are still reading this college essay, here's a run-down of the cast:

Evilmag is the main character, often appearing as the primary--if not only--character. His role sees him frequently dealt a shoddy hand, but there are times when everything comes up Mag. He is defined by his ridiculous Sonic the Hedgehog hair, being tremendously short, being a HUmar, and his never-ending hunt for Dark Flow.

Metal XII is the primary supporting character, providing dialogue for conversations and not a whole lot else. His defining traits include a closet obsession of Chain Sawd, the number twelve, profuse alcoholism and at this point, being the in-universe author of the comic everyone is a part of.

I'll actually update this when more people become relevant.

Update Schedule??

So, here's the unbiased truth to all of this. I don't know if this is a good idea. I don't know how many people still care, or are going to care. I don't know if the next comic will come out tomorrow, a week from now, months, years, or never. Everything I'm doing here is really just on a whim. But seriously, to the people who do seem to enjoy what I'm doing: you guys make all of this worth it, and you're the reason I'd even consider doing any of this. You are extremely handsome.

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This post is dedicated to all of the older comics, so I can keep the first post tidy. I'm going to dedicate a bit of time over the next week or so to getting this section up to speed, and from there, I'll be moving comics here every time I make a new one. The archives are split into three categories:

  1. Photon Art: Comics made for shitty millenials
  2. Photon Art Classic: Old jokes for old folks
  3. Holiday Specials: The stuff that goes straight to DVD

I'll try to keep this updated as well as I can.

#1: A Return to Form

#2: Fools and Months

#3: Shamburger

#4: A New Comic

#1: Mag's PGF

#2: Workout

#3: Bernie

#4: Meat Engine

#5: Mag Feed

#6: Dark Belra

#7: The Good Doctor

#8: Morality

#9: Transformers

#10: Meat Engine (Alt)

#11: Force'd Joke

#12: Take Two

#13: First Place

#14: Timely Service

#15: McPaganini's

#16: Price to Pay

#17: Perception

#18: TGS 2011

#19: Time Bomb

#20: Intolerance

#21: Battle for Freedom (Pt.1)

#22: Battle for Freedom (Pt.2)

#23: Battle for Freedom (Pt.3)

#24: Battle for Freedom (Pt.4)

#25: Battle for Freedom (Pt.5)

#26: Battle for Freedom (Pt.6)

#27: Battle for Freedom (Pt.7)

#28: Numbers

#29: Hallow Headed

#30: Collector's Value

#31: Grenade Effect

#32: The Long Wait

#33: Poison Lily

#34: Monkey Business

#35: Love Hurts

#36: Monster House

#37: Something For Everyone

#38: Deadly Danger

#39: Mag Finds Dark Flow (Pt.1)

#40: Mag Finds Dark Flow (Pt.2)

#41: Disqualified

#42: The Short Cut

#43: Arks Economics

#44: Tubular Turnpike

#45: The Promise

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Grrrr! I am still mad about that! It's nice you get to still play with your friends now though! I didn't see your comic before but I will read it. You should have fun making it!


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So I just got back from a trip that included hanging out at Ade's house. Good news is: he's not an axe murderer. Bad news is: I kind of told him I'd make a Photon Art comic on his computer, and I did honor that promise. So I updated the OP with that. I think it goes without saying that Ade wrote the comic this time.

I'm also going to get around to posting the archive soon. Probably.


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@XII, I would love to see all the old ones for nostalgia. I truly would.


Twins do any.

(I never found out the story behind this PSO meme.)

Ahh that. Well, the story isn't quite near as funny as the meme became. I was leveling a new huney and falz was the fight in progress. Two of us called out '100'. As we get to form 3, I am thus incapable of typing a whole sentence so this was my attempt at calling twins yet asking for the other person to combo. At this moment falz jumps over and slaps me, while I thought I had a doll and full HP, I clearly had neither and the group were possibly stuck in the other persons photon blast and a missing spuzzy.
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I wonder how many you still got backed up lol, i hope they werent lost in in scht's downfall. We also got our own memes neway, like Skylar. :)

I still have most of them saved on a folder on my computer (I think the Christmas comics are missing, but I'm also pretty sure most of them are still hosted on another site) and the only reason I haven't posted them here is I'm ultra lazy.

I got the Schtserv archive done.
over the next week or so

Mar 23, 2016

close enough
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Curse Breaker

But seriously, though, you should do one about the Ephinea Summer Event that somehow mirrors the 2010 "Schthack Summer Meat Engine" one xD

Instead of ending it with, "So uh...wanna go play PSP?" You could do a non-sequitur:

"So, wanna go play PSO2?"
"What? Fuck no."