Phantasy Star Online: Episode V ideas

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hey so i have a idea for episode 5 share any other ideas for episode 5 if you want to.

The plot:
I am thinking of the Pioneer 2 after episode 3 so meaning they have landed on Ragol. They launch their satellite program. Using a satellite (Keyhole 11) they see perspective top-down or isometric similar to Diablo.

Reason behind the plot devices so far:
As was Pioneer 2 a real world spacecraft that probed the moon and area between the moon and earth
Apart of NASA’s Pioneer program

The Keyhole 11 was also a real world satellite, “The first American spy satellite to use electro-optical digital imaging, and create a real-time optical observation capability.”
Apart of NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) Key Hole program

Thats it for the most part i have a sense of a gameplay being mixture of GTA before 3 but including chinatown wars, Dark Cloud 2, and Hotline Miami. And i have a sense of a artstyle like Katsuhiro Otomo‘s Combustible.

If anyone else wants to post ideas for a episode 5 or add/critique that idea yeah.
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Here’s a discussion thread on pso world also

(Key points in the thread)
Has a layout for area progression but no story yet. (The whole rhyme and reason is in the thread) but
•5 levels: Coastal forest, Crystal Mountain, Ice cave, Underground city, Necropolis (city of undead)
Jafet or Q: the undead would be the pioneer 1 people.
I said they could be the ancient civilization that was there before pioneer.
•Buff megid at lower levels
•Nerf hunters
•spiders, crabs, turrets, undead, or crystaline monsters.
•Quests provide connections between episode 3 and other episodes.

Another idea in the thread

•Episode 5 taking place after episode 4 beut before episode 3
•Since that, it has the same locales of episode 3 but could actually explore
~Tower of Caelum
~ Unguis Lapis
~ Dolor Odor
~ Molae Venti
~ Mortis Fons (although, I think this is the Cave area)
~ High-Speed Transit Network (Via Tubus)
• Episode 5 would have to hinder guns drastically possibly by introducing several methods of resistance.
•Story involving the introduction of CARD research
• Black Paper should also have a much more involved part in the story, showing more disgust at how WORKS is taking over Pioneer 2
• Additional 50-100 lvls
• Many casts revolting against their human/newman counter part which would be a hint of the android massacre
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The main thing I'd want in a hypothetical Episode 5 is an all-new set of weapons, frames, and units that renders most of the gear in Episode 4 obsolete, just like what Episode 4's gear did to 1+2's.
I have another idea for it. A day and night cycle based on the internet time. So in the day time the sky would be filled with the trails satellites leave in the sky (but im thinking you could only see the sky, by third person at night). At night-time the satellites (or satellite) would flicker like a star alluding to the name phantasy star.
Jafet mentioned the idea that lizards would be operating the satellites and that the satellites are controlling the lizards who are the main antagonists of the pioneer 2 settlers. satellite lizards. Keyhole lizards in a way
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1 (one) lizard
I also like that lizard facts thing. It would be a isometric perspective so that would be a menu display. (You could switch it on and off?)And also jafet mentioned that you dont realize this symbiotic relationship between keyhole 11 and the lizards until later in the game.
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So the reason i want a day and night cycle is for the night to mean there isnt any fighting or hunting lizards and you can just share stories or communicate, explore.
It would be a clear divide between the day and night also since the viewpoint would change from isometric to third person. Im sure someone could mod a get-around for that but thats gonna mean a certain amount of detail in the area no matter what view point. Besides lizards share the same sleep cycle we do.

Main point
Trying to encapsulate how it is to share stories with people around a camp fire while traveling a great plain, under the blinking stars.
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So sodaboy mentioned a possibility of transferring the r-base of episode 3 in psobb (although it was mentioned and wasnt to add to this idea). And that made me think of just using the r-base as the “day-time” lobby. Because, to trail off the idea above me, the lizards would be asleep at night so the lobby and the rest of the levels would be availible to explore without threat.
Im gonna make this reply ideas for

Night-time mode features
(And edit it periodically)

So for a community gathering feature the rangers can shoot their guns in the sky (like new years) and if youre in the same room as someone else you could see their shots in the distance. I saw the satellite in pso2 and ill update in a little more thoughts about it.
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