Peppercat's Mag Timer addon not functioning

Dwight Farehart

Iseya, Commander of Xenobia
seems to not work anymore, the second i log on, the menu disappears. when i try reloading it, it appears for a split second then disappears, it seems there is some sort of error preventing it from working. any fix on this? it was working fine since yesterday night.

thank you ^ ^
There is a imgui.ini file in the addon folder, backup it, delete it and try again, that maybe will help.... (you will need to rearange your addon windows again as the position is saved on that file)

Also @Peppercat wrote the tutorial but the addons were made by other people, if you have trouble making one work you may want to post on the main addon thread.
Just to clarify, is not peppercat's.
It's likely mine (I don't know of any other).

Can you open the Log window and see if there is any error there?
Are you using windows XP?

I see @staphen already replied in the other topic.