1. Yellow Frozen Shooter

    Yellow Frozen Shooter

    Kudos to jericho2442 for his Toy Frozen Shooter skin, and @Nyte for recoloring it yellow for me.
  2. Nyte

    Yellow Froozer

    For @Peppercat . This goes in your data folder. It's a clean item file with just the yellow froozer already merged onto it. LMK if you need help installng. Well.. just drop it in the data folder of your EphineaPSO file and overwrite the old item file. Any other mods will be overwritten...
  3. Yellow Froozer

    Yellow Froozer

    @peppercat how's this?
  4. Dwight Farehart

    Peppercat's Mag Timer addon not functioning

    seems to not work anymore, the second i log on, the menu disappears. when i try reloading it, it appears for a split second then disappears, it seems there is some sort of error preventing it from working. any fix on this? it was working fine since yesterday night. thank you ^ ^