PC> 30Hit Asteron Belt


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Yeah it is reduced.
VERYRARE item so probably doesn't have a set price, ballpark 15-25PDs?


i have a deep love for the Asteron Belt. The special is reduced and not a lot of great use from it, though when grouped and frozen it can function it is not viable due to missing at kissing range. However, the normal and hard attacks with this are golden goodness.

Value it roughly around 6-9 pd and possibly more to the right buyer.


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6-9 seems too low to me considering it drops on some non-standard IDs only (Bluefull and Pinkal?) and getting it with hit is a bitch.

I'd say like around 15 perhaps. It's also a pretty good weapon for RAcast solo due to having ATP unlike every ranged weapon.


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~20pds is a good amount to sell it for. It's the best partisan for a FOmar. You might not see it as often because there aren't that many FOmars plus almost all the other classes have easier-to-get/better partisans like charge gungnir, parasols or s-rank scythes etc.