PC> 0/30/0/25 30Hit Flowens 3084

I would put it in the 10 to 15 pd range.
Flowens 3084 with hit
0 to 15 1 pd
20 3 pds
25 5 pds
30 10 to 15 pds
35 35 to 40 pds
40 50 to 70 pds
45 a stack
50 2 stacks


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Gotta echo that "lol", unless I read it wrong...

lol, a 50% hit Flowen's 3084 is worth 2 stacks of 99 PDs?


its worth what you can get for it

i'd pay that much could i afford it for a 50 hit 84

thats like endgame equips for humar


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Depends though, if not many would pay 2 stacks for 50H, I don't think it's really "worth" that much, you're just overpaying. I could see a stack or a bit over for 50H though.

I think people need to remember that this isn't SCHTServ -- there aren't millions of hacked PDs floating around and the demand for them currently is much higher than the supply since hardly anyone has spec'd S-Ranks and I'm pretty sure nobody has sphered anything yet.
You have to remember that 3084 is a temple only drop so 50+ hit is extremely rare. Plus when you get past anything worth more than 30 pds you are talking barter value anyways. It would probably trade for a lower hit excal or some of the mid tier ubers if someone wanted it bad enough. Anyways, a 30 to hit is worth around 10 to 15 pds around the server. Srank sword, red sword, zanba, tjs all out damage it in terms of base atp and only a humar or hunewearl can use use it's spirit special. Not a bad find.


200 would be my absolute max imo
also you are capable of trading items with value for a thing as well its not always just pds

w/e pc's are completely opinion based and i agree with his 50 hit accessment