No Man's Sky thread. (PS4 version.)


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I just picked up my copy over lunch break, and now I must wait for 2 hours and 57 minutes to get home from work and play it.

Any thoughts on the game so far?

The reviews I've read so far go something like this:

1. If you like to explore, you'll love it.
2. If you prefer hunting people down and killing / combat, you won't enjoy the game because it's very unlikely that you'll ever run into another player by chance. There's over 18 quintillion planets to explore.

Luckily, I'm in camp 1. PvP games piss me off so badly that it's like a different person enters into my body and takes over. I love exploring and discovering, though :D


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I Haven't played my AE ps4 in forever (since I'm just waiting on GT7) and I'll probably get this game on PC if i do decide on buying it. Art style is very nice, but I'm still not sold on the gameplay.

So far from watching a couple of streams it seems like if youre the type of person that likes minecraft, you'll really enjoy this game.

Edit: Lol this one dude that's streaming named his first system "Dix Out" and the planet "Harambe".
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I've been looking at this as well although I'm not entirely sure if I want to jump on it. I love exploration-based games, but I kind of need a reason to explore, so to speak (I couldn't get into MineCraft, but I got into Terraria since they have different aims and goals; MineCraft was a building and survival game, whereas Terraria was an adventure and combat game).

I'd probably really enjoy this if it has stuff like progression lines and "things to do", so to speak, that aren't just wandering around, if you know what I mean.


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i bought it, I think its kinda bad to be honest. Its got gorgeous visuals and music, and the concept itself is awesome, but its just boring to me, and I LOVE exploration games. Planets just seem pointless, trading is bland, environments are bland, alien races and combat are bland, and the game has some really gross pop-up issues. Its not a terrible game, but the survival elements suck, exploration is pointless because there is little reason to explore, and even when you are exploring you never really feel like you're finding anything worth finding for anything more than a paycheck to get you to the next part of the universe.

Hopefully with patches they make combat less clunky and awful, work on the economy and trading systems to make them more fun, and make wildlife and planet exploration more worthwhile


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Yeah. I really like the game, but it's a solid 7/10 at best. They need to improve the combat, INCREASE DEFAULT INVENTORY CAPACITY, and make it so the "survival" gauges don't drain so fast. There's too much time spent in menus "recharging" things.

But man, I LOVE exploring and the variety of planets. I'll probably sink 100 hours into this.