New /x command Idea


Hey guys, a long time ago I played a game called Might and Magic VI : The Mandate of Heaven, in it you could obtain a spell that could convert any item to gold directly wherever you were in the world but only at a low conversion rate.

Is this idea possible to implement in the following way ... ? (I guess it is, but is it a good idea though ?)

The /midas command. Upon activation, any loot that's supposed to be weapon / armor will be converted to meseta at a (low) rate (can only be activated in PSO2 mode maybe ?) .
Rares excluded of course.

Then if sodaboy implements OOG achievements, one could (maybe) get a few upgrades of the conversion rate. from 5% to 7 to 10. Idk just throwing ideas here. :)


Nothing's wrong with selling to the shop ;)
It's an idea though, it might only cater to people who don't care about drops and only want a steady income and can't be bothered to sell to shop.


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I can understand the want for convenience but I'd have to say no, as it'd devalue meseta by a pretty large margin. The guys who usually buy meseta are the people who don't pick up anything to sell to the shop, usually because they're maxed out on inventory slots.


+1 to Matt’s reason.

By the way, Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven is a fantastic game, but I think it hadn’t such a spell ;-) Maybe you were thinking about Might and Magic IV or V? From what I read, these had the spell "Item to Gold".