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Hello Hunters!

We have recently added 7 new quests to the game, all created by Ender.

Episode 2, Retrieval:
  • Lost SHOCK RIFLE (VR Temple)
  • Lost BIND ASSAULT (VR Spaceship)
Episode 4, Extermination
  • Sweep-Up Operation #10 (Crater Exterior)
  • Sweep-Up Operation #11 (Crater Interior)
  • Sweep-Up Operation #12 (Sub. Desert 1)
  • Sweep-Up Operation #13 (Sub. Desert 2)
  • Sweep-Up Operation #14 (Sub. Desert 3)
Please note that these quests are subject to change in their current state, pending balance passes or bug/exploit fixes.

We hope you enjoy these new quests!


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As Matt said, these quests are subject to change. So no guarantees these monster counts or the quests will stay as they are (already fixed a couple of small issues in Lost SHOCK RIFLE that will go up eventually, thanks @Arsuru). The lost quests are meant to be comparable to the old EP2 lost quests in monster counts and length (for now at least). No guarantees that's the case for Lost CCA, Seabed, Crater, or Desert, whenever those are created.

Hildebear (Ep. II): 41
Rag Rappy (Ep. II): 55
Monest (Ep. II): 10
Poison Lily (Ep. II): 63
Grass Assassin (Ep. II): 36
Dimenian (Ep. II): 73
La Dimenian (Ep. II): 62
So Dimenian (Ep. II): 75
Dark Belra (Ep. II): 28
Barba Ray: 1

Savage Wolf (Ep. II): 61
Barbarous Wolf (Ep. II): 39
Pan Arms (Ep. II): 14
Dubchic (Ep. II): 56
Gilchic (Ep. II): 107
Garanz (Ep. II): 25
Dubswitch (Ep. II): 14
Delsaber (Ep. II): 69
Chaos Sorcerer (Ep. II): 31
Gol Dragon: 1

Sand Rappy: 23
Astark: 20
Satellite Lizard: 32
Yowie: 21
Zu: 13
Boota: 32
Ze Boota: 24
Ba Boota: 16
Dorphon: 5

Sand Rappy: 23
Astark: 15
Satellite Lizard: 32
Yowie: 29
Zu: 12
Boota: 25
Ze Boota: 21
Ba Boota: 17
Dorphon: 10

Sand Rappy: 31
Satellite Lizard: 50
Yowie: 29
Merissa A: 32
Girtablulu: 3
Zu: 11
Goran: 90
Pyro Goran: 41
Goran Detonator: 16

Sand Rappy: 30
Satellite Lizard: 41
Yowie: 20
Merissa A: 43
Girtablulu: 6
Zu: 12
Goran: 50
Pyro Goran: 26
Goran Detonator: 18

Sand Rappy: 30
Satellite Lizard: 40
Yowie: 30
Merissa A: 31
Girtablulu: 7
Zu: 15
Goran: 66
Pyro Goran: 30
Goran Detonator: 17

I will probably adjust the timers depending on feedback.

  • A door near the ring in Temple Beta is misplaced a few units.
  • A small room in Temple Alpha has targetable walls when they shouldn't be.
Sweep-up 10
  • Accidental ring left at the end of the quest near the boxes.
Sweep-up 11
  • First spawn doesn't trigger if you move immediately on spawn due to misplaced event collision. Backing up towards the teleporter should cause the lizards to spawn. Should be fixed today.
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Can I just say that the VR portion of Ep2 is actually my favourite part of the game. I will have so much fun doing these on solo mode.
Hi, I don't know if I'm missing something here, but whenever I start up the new sweep-up missions there's no time remaining.
Edit: It only happens on 12, 13, and 14.


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Hi, I don't know if I'm missing something here, but whenever I start up the new sweep-up missions there's no time remaining.
Edit: It only happens on 12, 13, and 14.
Sorry about that. It's an issue for only VH and I sent the fixes to @Matt , hopefully they'll be up today!

EDIT: Matt says the fixes are up.
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Love this. Played LSR so far. Very nice!

When you make the Lost Crater quest, please consider making Shamb the boss so there's more than one way to fight him (other than POD). I realize POD is a Team Point unlockable, but Shamb doesn't have any particularly thrilling drops...

It would just be cool to have another way to fight Shamb.

Thanks, Ender! You're very good at what you do.


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Forgot to mention that the quests were updated a week ago with some tiny bug fixes, a couple of monsters added to EP4 SU desert quests, timer increases across the board, many of the SU13 traps removed, some monsters moved between waves in SU13's last room, and changes in position for the second time increase orb in SU14 to make it more worthwhile.

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions. I'd like to make the next version of these "final" where I will be adding an optional count-up timer to the EP2 Lost quests that can be toggled through the quest board (timer will be off initially, must be activated in order for you to see it).