New Quest: Dolmolm Research


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A quest created by Ulrich von Hall that was overlooked elsewhere, Dolmolm Research, has been added to Episode 2 under the Retrieval Category.

Elly needs to find a sample of Dolmolm Ink from a rare Dolmolm residing deep in the Seabed, but the enemy concentration makes it too dangerous for her to venture there herself, so she's asking you to find it. Can you make it to the special Dolmolm?

For those that have played the quest on their own servers (as the quest was posted publicly), there has been one change, which is that Seabed is now first instead of VR Temple, as otherwise the quest suffered from "MSB Syndrome", where the first area was 10x better than the later ones. You can still access the VR Temple after finishing the quest.