New Phantasy Star Strategy Guide - by Popixel Games


Just received my copy of this strategy guide and really think it deserves a lot more attention. The amount of passion, skill, and attention to detail on it is really something so I felt it was worth sharing.

I found it while looking through for strategy guides to print myself then came across it here.

To my surprise, it's a fan project that been worked on all through covid. Complete with world maps and all sorts amazing of artwork drawn by hand, as well as some ai art.
Looked up the creator on youtube and found a vod livestream going through the guide with a playthrough of Phantasy Star.

Contacted the creator over youtube to order a printed copy and am really impressed so far.




More pics here

Don't have a video to show but there's even flipbook animations of the character sprites in the page corner. A nice touch!

Still working through PS2, but really stoked to play though PS again with a proper guide instead of having to keep looking things up on my phone.
Anyway that's all! Thought some of you might appreciate this work. Cheers :)
Haha! Funny enough, I'm on Ephinea too. Appreciate the kind words! I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. Interestingly, I was also working on a tabletop version of PSOIII, but I've shifted focus to developing my own card game now. Hopefully, this one will bring in some money for me, unlike most of my projects which I usually give away.
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I played Phantasy Star I th last summer. I had done PS 2,3 & 4 the on the Genesis/Megadrive when I was a teenager, but I never had the Master System. The game impressed me. It's incredible when you know that it was made in 1987. Thank you for discovering this guide ^w^
This guide looks really nice! Thanks for posting some pics of various sections. Would love to purchase it. Glad to see the creator is on this forum as well.

I'll be in touch in the coming days to inquire!
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Quick update, I have made it easier to order. You can get it by ordering directly.
(Again, I make $0 off every book sold, so this is sold at cost by the printer).
Thank you for sharing this as well as a purchase link! I'm excited to order a copy to play alongside my playthrough plus have a copy for my collection!