New Hunters Boost Road for July

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    The Hunters Boost Road has been updated to the War of Limits series:
    • War of Limits 1
    • War of Limits 2
    • War of Limits 3
    • War of Limits 4
    • War of Limits 5
    You may find these quests in Episode 4, under Extermination.

    - What is the Hunters Boost Road? -

    If you're new to Ephinea, the Hunters Boost Road are a set of quests that are to be completed in tandem with each other in order to gain extra drop boosts in those quests. These drop boosts can be shared with other players, so playing together is truly the best way to make use of these boosts.

    You can check your Boost Road points at the lobby counter, along with your current drop rate boost.

    Thanks for playing on Ephinea!
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    I am having fun with this one. I can't stand WoL 1 but the others are decent.

    (I don't like all of the filler rooms in WoL 4 but the final room is very good.)
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