Monsters don't see me in specific positions in the big room in Cave 1


In this big room in Cave 1 (Has it a name? Lava room?) I noticed two issues (but I don't know if these were also existent on the official servers).

(1): Immediately after entering the room, I can target and attack monsters, but they don't notice that I entered the room (i.e., they seem to think that I'm still in the safe corridor), so they don't attack:

(2): When standing on this round platform in the middle, this monster didn't try to approach me. Instead, it was going around in a circuit all the time (hard to see on the screenshots, but I stand right there for 1 minute without getting attacked):



The way the original PSO has been done, there are map sections which determines aggro zones, etc. Not entirely accurate per say. There are a bunch of spots in the game that have the same issue.

Aleron Ives

If you stand inside the unused doorjams in many Cave rooms, you can also force the monsters to ignore you and to return to their spawn positions. As Mylandra said, it's normal.