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  1. Dr. C

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    Hey everyone, I've been watching the leaderboards and am curious about methods.

    I'm taking the it's a marathon not a sprint approach.

    My first priorities are to clear all solo quests, giving me a good amount of meseta (which is actually important as I look for HIT weapons in the shop), AND will give me access to Soul Eater and the Frying Pan.

    I'm also considering grinding Max Attack 4 to get one of the special weapons. I've never done this before though. Are the TYPE weapons good? Is this a weapon per difficulty or per character?

    Once I have these weapons, it will greatly help me when I switch to hard mode and very hard mode. The transitions between difficulties has always been difficult for me, and I imagine with the lack of powered up mags or higher level techs, that seeking better weapons is a good priority to level quickly later on.

    When I'm on higher modes, then I'll try more of the kill all monster quests, i didn't want to burn out too early on certain quests (like the warrior one in episode 4).

    Thoughts? I'm not sure if this is the most efficient or effective, but it's been fun!
  2. Harna

    Harna Pinkal Lame Magnet

    A lot of us rushed the PW3 box method to generate meseta to start off with.

    Whenever you're afking try and be in a game to feed your MAG.

    You get 75 achievement points from Cmode Ep1 and 2 combined.

    TYPE weapons are just novelty.

    It seems like one of the best methods if you're not going to be strictly solo is to group and rush ult. Then nuke normal mode sidestories for the items quickly, followed by rushing every single multiplayer quest. By the time you've done this and want to work towards the item hunts, you'll be knocking out a lot of the level achievements.
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  3. Dr. C

    Dr. C Member

    Thanks for the tips! I'll have to look up this PW3 box method!
  4. gojito

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  5. Dr. C

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    Update: I highly recommend for hunters playing solo to get Soul Eater ASAP. It's been GREAT in the transition to hard mode, allowing me to solo Lost Heat Sword with easy.

    I haven't played as much as I planned this weekend, but this has been a great help.

    I'd still love to know what exactly the top 3 are doing in terms of exp. and perhaps additional adjustments will be made for season 2? seems that solo play is too efficient, so I am going to do that until 80, then make parties for achievements.
  6. Matt

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    Wigan, England
    Solo play is only "too efficient" because it's better to just get things done rather than sit around waiting for other players. Every game is like this, it's not unique to PSO.

    Also FO is really overpowered.
  7. reason

    reason Bug Man...

    Sadly, FOs are the meta.
    Just doing ma4 first room until you can handle mu3.
    Really degenerate, but its legitimately the fastest, easiest way to level without all quests unlocked.
  8. Harna

    Harna Pinkal Lame Magnet

  9. Chronos Notashi

    Chronos Notashi Member

    United States
    Honestly, I considered making a FOnewm for my first seasonal character, partially to experiment with a new class without being tempted to twink it, and partially to play offensive support if my brother decided to join in. But I decided to make a HUcast instead since I hadn't quite messed around with Casts outside of my RAcaseal, and I REALLY wanted to learn how to make good use of traps (especially once I get to Seabed and its related quests in Ep2 and am forced to face my mortal enemy: Delbiter). Plus, I'm much more familiar with Hunter playstyle, so going with HUcast means I don't have to change much in how I approach quests and bosses (outside of, again, getting a good grasp of proper trap placement, and dealing with the lack of S/D/J/Z until I build a mag with M/Y).
  10. reason

    reason Bug Man...

    HUcast later on in seasons will be the strongest character, but first comes gear.
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  11. TaoChaos

    TaoChaos Destiny awaits...

    Nor Cal
    My FOmar is starting to come together nicely, and since I'm focusing on a POW/DEX mag I'm saving a ton on fluids I'd normally be burning through (and monomates/antidotes are so stinking cheap for the mag build)
  12. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    Very few people will be able to adequately gear a HUcast during the scope of a season. Your best bet is RAcast if you want a bruiser because you don't need hit on anything- save for the 50% hit charge weps like Arms and Vulcans, which can be obtained from 4 adequately leveled players piping the shop in probably under an hour. Sure, hit helps RAcast, but HUcast 100% needs it. You could hunt for a hit Lame for months and not get one after 20 Lame drops. And nobody is going to part with one mid-season.

    Not to mention RAcast can get away with Ranger Wall, which is a 100% guaranteed find in about 10 minutes, but HUcast either has to FIND a Red Ring (good luck), or an S-Parts 2.01 (doable, but crappy).
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  13. reason

    reason Bug Man...

    HUcast is superior once you get the gear, 3 months is a lot of time.
    You might be surprised by the end of the season.
  14. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    It took me a year to find a Lame with hit on this server. I think I found 13 or 14 without hit before I got my first hitter. I found 27 Frozen Shooters in a row without hit. You can rely on dumb luck, but it won't work out for most people. You'll probably end up with a character that performs just fine, but if you want to play at a strong level without too much concern for gear, RAcast is best.

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