May's Hunters Boost Road


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Hi guys,

This month I'd like to ask people what they'd like to see for May's HBR, considering the following:

1. Quests that are good in their own right will probably not be picked (i.e. MA4, most custom quests)
2. Pick 3-5 quests, and make sure they have some sort of theme, so if it's not obvious, explain it. :P

The aim of the Hunters Boost Road is to give an incentive to play "different" quests and give them a spotlight against the "better quests", so suggestions such as "MA4 E4" and "Lost E2" will not be taken seriously, as those quest series are already considered the best for the areas they cover due to enemy counts.

I also recommend not making your HBR suggestions too long. Something with one-hour quests will probably not be played due to the time it would require to farm points.

I already have an HBR lined up for next month if nobody has any ideas / none of the ideas here seem appropriate.

Please note also that this is not a voting thread, a popular suggestion isn't necessarily going to be used. I'd just like to see if the community can come up with any ideas.

Here is the list of all HBRs so far:

November - Phantasmal World
December - Lost Episode 1
January - War of Limits
February - Maximum Attack Cross-Episode (MA1/2/4)
March - Random Attack Xrd, Dolmolm Research, Lost Devil's Scepter and Rampage-D (Custom Quests)
April - Control Tower (ET/WT/PW4)
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What's the E1 extermination quest series that isn't Endless Nightmare? Can't log on and check. Do that maybe, unless EN is shorter. A good old-fashioned rampage!
If you're able to change how many points a quest completion gives then longer quests probably wouldnt be a bad idea.

Final areas? Something like Lost Hell Pallasch or Havoc Vulcan for Ruins. LCC for seabed and LSH for Desert.
Ep4 Mop ups
Max4A or B for all 3 episodes
Maybe another combination of custom quests (1 in each episode or something).

Kind of just spitballin here..
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worse than a Humar
"April showers bring May flowers"
Lost Ice Spinner or EN2
Today's Rate
Lost Shock Gungnir
2-2 Deep Within (if gov quests are possible)
Max Attack 1 or 2 or 4b

i.e. anything with lots of Lilys, I'm running out of ideas lol


worse than a Humar
I was being hyberbolic of course... it was a joke about Bossanova, lol.
Edit: To make it clearer I should have said "Fake in Blue, Ultimate TTF and Bossanova", I suppose :p

That being said, Bossanova on Eph confirmed! Muahahahaha
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Curse Breaker

endless nightmare 4
phantasmal world 3
new mopup 3

last zone exterminating quests
this is the best one so far"



What's wrong the boss-rush quests, I actually think they're fun if not overspammed. Something being popular doesn't make it bad. ;)

ttf and rt I can agree to ( except you know it would be spammed like mad ), but pod is a little unfair. Not everyone has access to it. Unless you'd put it as a non team point quest for hbr.