Make Foie Look Like Lab Man (Scientist)

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    Guildcard 2:

    For if you want your foie to be floating heads of that guy from the lab... (or something else maybe...)

    Download Texture Manager from

    Open it and click File -> Load... Navigate to your ephinea cyberdirectory and dive inside the data realm. Zero in on the target file effect_nt.xvm, much like an Ul Gibbon encircling its prey.
    (If you don't have this file, you may need to install a custom particle pack. I recommend Echelon's "HD Custom Effects", or you can try his PSO2 pack. There are more options which I can't vouch for here:

    You'll notice a list of textures in the File content box, we're concerned with the fire texture that frequently fills our ENTIRE SCREENS, Texture 42, this will be henceforth referred to as The Foie Master Blueprint.

    You're screen should look like this:

    Texture -> Export -> DDS...
    Open this texture in or a similar program, and find a suitable candidate.
    In my case I find the only man for the job, :qweqe:
    Miraculously :qweqe: just happens to be the exact same pixel dimensions as the Foie texture which is repeated throughout The Foie Master Blueprint, but if you are less fortunate, you will have to RESIZE your image to the individual foie dimensions of 128 x 128.

    You should probably also do a nice crop of your image to make sure it's crispy and refreshing, if you need help with this lmk.

    I used the color picker tool to grab the black gradient from The Foie Master Blueprint, idk if this is necessary but it seemed good to attempt to emulate The Foie Master Blueprint as much as possible in my operation (I actually have no idea what I am doing!! I hope this isn't dangerous my fonewearl is only level 134)


    It is now time to paste the 128x128 :qweqe: into the do this very carefully!
    Pixel Perfect!
    If even one pixel is off you could cause permanent damage ragol's native ecosystem, you've been warned.
    It takes 16 balls of fire to make the Foie Family Of Fire Techniques, so repeat this 16 times to make the Lab Lord of Lava Tech.
    Now, if you correctly queued the gradient in your color palette, use the fill tool to fill the transparent space.

    Our triumph:

    Save that motherfucker and Texture -> Import -> DDS...
    right on top of Texture 42, destroying it forever.

    It's all lab now
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    Guildcard 2:
    if you do this, make sure to follow the instructions VERY CAREFULLY!!

    my buddy tried to do this, bless his soul. that boy looked up to the lab man, ever since he was little. lab man always looked after him, you see, on those lonely nights when his mom got drunk and he hid in his room to play PSO. he never knew his father.

    when he told me that he was going to perform a ritual to summon the lab man, i thought he was joking. then he linked me this thread. a user named "anime" had called forth the lab man in flames, and it was apparently safe. what i didn't know at the time was that user "anime" was later found in the lobby with third-degree burns, unable to utter any word except gifoiegifoiegifoiegifoie.

    i tried to stop my friend from starting the ritual. it was too dangerous. i warned him of the dangers of skipping a step--terrible tales of mistextured foies and disfigured heads--but he didn't listen. when i heard him muttering EFFECT_NT.XVM in his sleep, i knew it was too late to change his mind. "lab man is like a father to me," he said, "and now i can bring a piece of him with me to ragol." then he went ahead and set his texture size to 127x128 and now his faCE IS THE LAB MAN
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