Mag help


Hi guys, struggling with my mag here, I can't really remember how this works from when I used to play on DC; but here's whats happening.

I have a Mag, Lv. 80 at the moment, so far the starts are:

DEF: 8
POW: 38
DEX: 34

It has two Photon Blasts, but I can't seem to get a 3rd and don't know what i'm doing wrong, it has evolved twice now and no Photon Blast.

I'm wanting stats:

DEF: 10
POW: 150
DEX: 50

and preferably the next Photon Blast to be the one that gives u the Deband/Shifta buffs, does anyone know what I should be feeding to get this Photon Blast? Currently Lvling Power, but should I be doing DEF? or DEX to get this PB?

Any help much appreciated!

I've attached 2 pics so you can see what I mean in game if what i've typed is confusing. Cheers guys n gals!

Untitled.png Untitled2.png


So I need to make a new char with GREENIL, BLUEFULL, PINKAL, ORAN, WHITILL, and then keep feeding POW? to 85?