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Nothing suspicious about it. No need to be alarmed.

This thread will serve as both my store for unwanted items, as well as any additional services I might offer if the price is right. PDs are accepted for pretty much anything here, though you can also offer items from my Wishlist near the bottom of the thread.

If a service is listed as Active, I will accept requests related to it.
If a service is listed as Inactive, I will not be accepting requests, however any prior requests will still be processed.
If a service is listed as Unavailable, I will not be accepting requests, and all prior requests will be cancelled.

Trade List
Currently: Active

These are the items I have in my possession. This is going to be a partial list until I get things a bit more organized. Prices are negotiable.

Items in Yellow are noteworthy and/or have Hit highlighted.
Items in Green are equipment and might not be traded.
Items in Red are meaningful in some way and might not be traded.
Items in Blue are extremely rad and I wanted blue text in my legend.

Arrest Raygun +15 (0/0/35/0/40)
Arrest Raygun +6 (0/0/0/0/35)
Demon's Raygun +1 (0/0/0/0/45)
Arrest Laser +3 (0/30/0/20/35)
Holy Ray (0/30/15/15/0)
Chain Sawd (15/25/0/0)
Chain Sawd +15 (0/0/30/0)
Caduceus (0/0/0/-5)
Caduceus (0/30/10/0)
Red Sword (25/0/0/0)
Red Sword (0/0/20/0)
Samba Maracas [x3]
Chameleon Scythe
Flowen's Sword 3079 (25/0/0/0/30)
Slicer of Fanatic (0/0/35/0)
Great Bouquet [x3]
Light Relief
PB/Create [x5]
Cure/Slow [x8]
Geung-si (5/56/45/0, Mylla&Youlla, Farlla, Pilla)
Monogrinder [x57]
Digrinder [x20]
Trigrinder [x13]
Power Material [x3]
Mind Material [x30]
Evade Material [x99] [lol]
HP Material [x9]
Def Material [x49]
Photon Drop [x29]
Item Ticket
Amitie's Memo

Class Walls
Currently: Active

For people who really don't want to earn their own class walls. Price is currently 100% negotiable, because right now I'm just curious if there's even a market for this.

[Hunter]: 1
[Ranger]: 1
[Force]: 2

Mag Farm
Currently: Unavailable

Team Point Farm
Currently: Active

If you need to buy Team Points for whatever reason, we can negotiate a price. Will accept meseta, PDs and Power/Luck Materials.

Wish List
Below is a list of items I'm interested in obtaining. These can be offered in place of PDs, and are more likely to grab my attention.
Bold text are items I'm highly interested in.
Grey text are items that are treated more as sweeteners.

(Native, A.Beast, Hit)
Chainsawd (Machine, Dark, Hit)
Chainsawd (Native, Dark, Hit)
Chainsawd (A.Beast, Machine, Hit)
Sange (Hit)
Luck Materials
Limiter or Adept
Mother Garb
Red Barrier
Photon Crystals
Power Materials
HP Materials

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or PM me.

And remember: no Dragonites.
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  • Updated Trade List
  • Updated Wish List
  • I am now accepting Mag orders. Details are listed in the Mag Farm section.


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Time+Meseta isn't worth Meseta to me. Unless you have something else to offer, you'd be better off finding someone else.

For future reference, however, I'm very well versed with mags. If you do decide to come back, you don't need to worry about supplying me with ancient PSO-World guides.


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Difference was that I was sub-Vhard and needed meseta to get my own mags leveled, because I was doing a fair amount of idling and my meseta couldn't keep up the cost of feeding. That's no longer an issue.


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EDIT: On second thought, a few HP materials isn't going to be worth the effort, so I'm going to have to decline. Sorry.


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Can you link me to said Ephinea guide, so I don't have to dig for it?

As for final stats, DEF is a lot easier to work into pure Mags than DEX. 15/0/0/185 guarantees Mylla&Youlla and doesn't require a convoluted and extremely specific mag build to accomplish it. However, I'm fairly certain that locks you into two PBs. 15/0/1/184 would guarantee all three.


falkenjeff said:
I recall having found a bug (or a few) in the evolutions of that program... but I don't recall now which ones they were lol


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Ps0master said:
Could you make me a power dex kama lv 75 for 2 pds plus sum team points?

I'm interested. How many Team Points are we talking?


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Bumping this for the sake of revival. In the process of cleaning up storage, so I'll post more complete lists in a bit.

Anime I know you're reading this you filthy memelord, I owe you a Samba Maracas.