Jukebox song requests


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We've put some songs on the jukebox and already have a list of some we're going to add. We didn't add them all at once due to download size, so they'll be added over time.

If you have songs you'd like to request to be added to the lobby jukeboxes, please post the names of them here.

Not all songs requested will be added and we'll add the ones we think are good choices over time.



Birthday Cake (Jet Set Radio Future)
Ukishima (Phantasy Star Universe)
Space Ship Strut (Space Channel 5)
Netgame Addict's Sprechchor (Hatsune Miku, Project Diva, event song in PSO2)


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Chant This Charm (Billy Hatcher)
Take Turns (Phantasy Star II remix, used for ep.2 quests in Halloween event)
A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup (Sonic Adventure 2)


worse than a Humar
My favorite PSO track of all time. The momentum starts building at 1:37, and at 2:01 it's time to GET HYPED.
I put this into my PSO3 ogg package as the Ruins music, and I also use a portion of it for my Youtube video intro and outros.
Love it love it love it.

Second suggestion: some classic Star Control II!
Specifically, the Hyperspace theme at 20:30. Many of the tracks fit in with in with PSO quite well.
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Shadow the Hedgehog: I am all of me
PSO2 A: Zessei Stargate
PSO2: Rare Drop Koi Koi
PSP2: Living Universe
PSP2I: Ignite Infinity


The Wiz

Crow Anthem *You can’t win* (Any version) I need this every time I go to a mission for a V101 and don’t get one.
*No bad news* (Mable King edition) I need this every time I hold a guild meeting.

Michael Jackson

*Beat it* Hopefully, this will remind of what to do every time someone ask me to fight them in battle mode.

Sonic the hedgehog 3 and knuckles

*Ice cap zone* When was a kid, I used to tell people this song sound like a Michael Jackson song. Never knew I was on to something
*Lava reef zone* (Tired of having to turn the game on to hear it)
*Boss fight* This is a good song.

Bon Jovi

*Wanted Dead or Alive* I think this song inspired that weird outfit ramar wears.

Phantasy Star Universe

Mizuraki C.D- Reminds me of the good old days playing this game. Never again… P.S (I don’t know if this is the name of that one song or the whole cd collection.)


Basically anything from the Balance and Ruin remix of FFVI would make my day.

I'll likely post a link to specific songs that I suggest later but yeah...


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Continue Screen (Sonic & Knuckles)
Aquatic Park Act 1 (Sonic Colors)
Secret Base Act 2 (Sonic Advance Remastered)
Wave Ocean - The Water's Edge (Sonic '06)