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Discussion in 'News' started by Matt, Jul 11, 2017.

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    There is now a Jukebox queue in the lobby. If a song is playing and you choose another one, your song will be queued to play after the current one is finished. Users can only queue one song each, and GMs can remove songs from the queue if deemed necessary.

    Furthermore the following quests have been updated and improved:
    • Lost Shock Gungnir
    • Lost Riot Raygun
    • Lost Devil's Scepter
    • Lost Chaos Calibur
    • Lost Heart Breaker
    • Lost Master's Blaster
    And for a quick announcement:

    We've been working on a wiki for Ephinea to be able to consolidate information in one area and have an accurate information source. Currently it's not really presentable to the public since it's far too fresh and lacking too much information, however if you're versed with MediaWiki and wish to help contribute, feel free to post in here or drop me a PM and I'll get you set up.

    Currently we've just been creating resources, making templates and setting some page standards so that data entry is simple for everyone.

    Here are some examples of what we're doing (we've only made weapon pages so far, also note this is all very WIP):


    Once again, if you'd like to help get things set up, drop me a line.
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  2. Ade

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    I played all of the old versions of the "Lost" quests quite a bit, so I'm eager to see what's changed! Girth wouldn't spoil anything for me, but he said there's some pretty unique surprises, especially in LDS!

    @Matt : Any ETA on Lost Son Hopkins making its triumphant return? :eek:

    Thank you guys for everything that you do! Ephinea continues to be the premier server for a great PSO experience!

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