Item Reward for the week beginning 1/23/2015


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Congratulations on not only hitting the 115% milestone, but also hitting the 120% milestone!

As a reward for hitting the 115% milestone, "Pioneer Parts" will be distributed to the common banks of all who participated in obtaining the milestone who:

1. Have a level 50 character on their account.
2. Killed at least one monster during the week of 1/24/2015. (UTC time.)
3. Have at least one free inventory space in their common bank.

Pioneer Parts can be used on any level 50+ mag to create the "Pioneer" Mag.

There is no other way to obtain this mag in-game, so even if you don't care for the mag, the mag cell can make some good trade fodder.

Pioneer Parts will be distributed to players during the next maintenance which will occur 2/4/2016.
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"3. Have at least one free inventory space in their common bank."

..... *logs back into pso*


Someone actually did guess it'd be that reward.
I thank thee for these lovely rewards, milestones, and all the little additions made. <3

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*Applauds Very nice incentive drive!!* Now....about hasing Tension Blaster avail for maybe an Easter event? *Does oversized wet pleading anime eyes* And yes! TY TY TY TY TY TY!