Issues with "Reach for your dreams" quest

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Flobbo Fett, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Flobbo Fett

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    Currently trying to complete the typing quiz quest, "Reach for your dreams" and obtain S-Rank to receive a heart of chu chu. I get to the question, "I am a ruler of all things. I exist in all places, but I cannot be touched, I cannot be seen or smelt and I never make a sound, what am I?" The answer is "Time." and I type time every which way I can think of multiple times and it still won't accept my answer including:
    It makes the sound as though it accepted my answer at the end, along with flat out telling me the answer, but the field doesn't go down and I fail to get S-Rank. What could I be doing wrong? Every other part of the quest is fine.
  2. Flobbo Fett

    Flobbo Fett Member

    Yup, this quest is completely broken. Yes, you can finish it, but there's no purpose if your only reward is a trimate. It also takes time to memorize all the answers.
  3. CTB

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    Chicago, Illinois
    I kinda held off on posting it thinking someone would look at it, but this quest breaks a lot. Started broken and remained broken on ST, actually. Though if you can't get Chu Chu now, it is probably more broken than it was before...

    Maybe Matt-senpai will notice
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  4. Flobbo Fett

    Flobbo Fett Member

    Yeah, would love to get this cell so I can finish my final mag for this character. I read that it was bugged before, but people were at least able to complete it at that time.
  5. Matt

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    Wigan, England
    Both Soda and I have looked at this quest multiple times and we can't really figure out exactly what is wrong with it in the script, since it looks fine (although it's obviously not). You just have to keep running until things don't bug.

    Also if I remember correctly, the Time question is not necessary to complete.
  6. Flobbo Fett

    Flobbo Fett Member

    I ran the quest at least 15 times now and it still won't work no matter how many times I type the correct answer. The time question is necessary to get S-Rank and get the full reward.

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