Is PSO old to you? (Sandbox mode added!)

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    Although PSO is new to some, PSO may be old to many others. Some people may not like the idea of starting on a new server at level 1 again. Some people may also like to experiment with different character builds and equipment, but don't like the idea of having to put in so much time to do so.

    With those people in mind, we'd like to introduce the new "Sandbox" mode.

    Sandbox mode is a mode attached to an account during account creation through the webpage, similar to how you create an account to play in Hardcore mode.

    Also similar to Hardcore mode, in Sandbox mode, you can only play with other players who are in Sandbox mode. However, unlike Hardcore mode, you can't play Challenge or Battle mode with Non-Sandbox players.

    Although most hacking still isn't allowed, we allow some cheats in Sandbox mode.

    Players on Sandbox accounts will have their names in a sand color and, I must stress again, cannot play with Non-Sandbox players, regardless of game mode.

    Please only use the following list of commands when manipulating your character or you will still be disconnected for desynchronization.

    The following is a list of commands you can use on the server in Sandbox mode:

    /redbox - Leader only. Makes all monsters drop their rare item when killed.
    /srank - Sets your character data so that the next challenge stage you complete will give you an S-Rank weapon of your choice.
    /wipecmode - Clears your Challenge mode data.
    /item - Allows you to create an item. See /item creation notes below.
    /addmeseta - Allows you to create meseta.
    /warpme - Allows you to warp to an area.
    /warpall - Leader only. Warps all players in your game to an area.
    /levelup - Levels your character.

    As also stated, most hacks are not allowed. However, the hacks we do allow in Sandbox mode are:

    - Setting Telepipes anywhere
    - Bypassing pre-requisities to use an item
    - Casting any technique
    - Fast-casting any technique
    - Infinite Mag Feed
    - One Hit Kills

    Packet editing or sending weird stuff to the ship can still cause your account to be banned, though, so I also stress that you must use the commands and only the hacks allowed.

    Also, with Sandbox accounts, you will not appear on the leaderboards and your Hunters Boost Road points do not accumulate.

    Sandbox players are segregated to their own games so this should not bother other players or ruin the normal game economy. Sandbox and Non-Sandbox characters can still converse with each other through the lobby and simple mail.

    Sandbox characters can create their own teams and invite other Sandbox characters to the team, but they cannot be invited or be a part of any Non-Sandbox team. Sandbox players also have their own Team ranking boards.

    Again, this mode only exists for people who don't want to grind. It's also a great mode for people who just want to mess around or experiment with different builds and items without wasting too much time.

    With that said, enjoy!

    To make an item, you need to use the /item command followed by 4 arguments, separated by commas.

    Ex. /item x,y,z,a

    To make weapons:


    V = Weapon ID in HEX
    G = Grind in HEX
    S = Special on Weapon
    P = Percentages on Weapon in HEX (Don't go over 100%.)

    For armors/shields:

    /item VVVVVV00,000SDDDD,00EEEE00,0

    V = Armor ID in HEX
    S = # of slots (00, 01, 02, 03, 04)
    D = Defense boost on armor in HEX. (Can't go over max.)
    E = Evasion boost on armor in HEX. (Can't go over max.)

    For items:

    /item VVVVVV00,00AA0000,0,0

    V = Item ID in HEX
    A = Amount of item desired in HEX.

    For units:

    /item VVVVVV00,000000SS,SS000000,0

    V = Unit ID in HEX
    S = Suffix in HEX. (0100 for +, 0300 for ++, FFFF for -, FEFF for --)

    For techniques:

    /item 0302LL00,VV000000,00000000

    V = Value of Technique
    L = Level of Technique in HEX

    For meseta:

    /addmeseta (amount in decimal)

    Weapon Special Values:

    00: Unchanged/Nothing
    01: Draw
    02: Drain
    03: Fill
    04: Gush
    05: Heart
    06: Mind
    07: Soul
    08: Geist
    09: Master's
    0A: Lord's
    0B: King's
    0C: Charge
    OD: Spirit
    OE: Berserk
    OF: Ice
    10: Frost
    11: Freeze
    12: Blizzard
    13: Bind
    14: Hold
    15: Seize
    16: Arrest
    17; Heat
    18: Fire
    19: Flame
    1A: Burning
    1B: Shock
    1C: Thunder
    1D: Storm
    1E: Tempest
    1F: Dim
    20: Shadow
    21: Dark
    22: Hell
    23: Panic
    24: Riot
    25: Havoc
    26: Chaos
    27: Devil's
    28: Demon's

    Weapon Area Values

    1st part of the four digit percentage code (PPPP):
    01: Native
    02: A. Beast
    03: Machine
    04: Dark
    05: Hit

    Weapon Percent Values

    2nd part of the four digit percentage code (PPPP):
    00: 0%
    0A: 10%
    14: 20%
    32: 50%
    3C: 60%
    64: 100%

    Ex. Making a Girasole with 30% Native 40% Dark and 50% Hit

    /item 00300100,0000011E,04280532,0

    S-Rank Specials:

    01: Jellen (Weakens Enemy Attack)
    02. Zalure (Weakens Enemy Defense
    05: Burning (Fire Attribute)
    06: Tempest (Thunder Attribute)
    07: Blizzard (Ice Attribute)
    08: Arrest (Paralysis)
    09: Chaos (Confusion)
    10: Kings (Drains Enemy XP)
    0A: Hell (1 Hit Kill)
    0B: Spirit (Drains 10% of Total TP for Double Damage)
    0C: Berserk (Drains 10% of Total HP for Double Damage)
    0D: Demon's (Reduces HP to 1/4)
    0E: Gush (Steals Enemy HP)
    0F: Geist (Steals Enemy TP)

    Technique values

    00: Foie
    01: Gifoie
    02: Rafoie
    03: Barta
    04: Gibarta
    05: Rabarta
    06: Zonde
    07: Gizonde
    08: Razonde
    09: Grants
    0A: Deband
    0B: Jellen
    0C: Zalure
    0D: Shifta
    0E: Ryuker
    0F: Resta
    10: Anti
    11: Reverser
    12: Megid

    Complete Item List

    010200 Barrier
    010201 Shield
    010202 Core Shield
    010203 Giga Shield
    010204 Soul Barrier
    010205 Hard Shield
    010206 Brave Barrier
    010207 Solid Shield
    010208 Flame Barrier
    010209 Plasma Barrier
    01020A Freeze Barrier
    01020B Psychic Barrier
    01020C General Shield
    01020D Protect Barrier
    01020E Glorious Shield
    01020F Imperial Barrier
    010210 Guardian Shield
    010211 Divinity Barrier
    010212 Ultimate Shield
    010213 Spiritual Shield
    010214 Celestial Shield
    010215 Invisible Guard
    010216 Sacred Guard
    010217 S-Parts ver1.16
    010218 S-Parts ver2.01
    010219 Light Relief
    01021A Shield of Delsaber
    01021B Force Wall
    01021C Ranger Wall
    01021D Hunter Wall
    01021E Attribute Wall
    01021F Secret Gear
    010220 Combat Gear
    010221 Proto Regene Gear
    010222 Regenerate Gear
    010223 Regene Gear Adv.
    010224 Flowen's Shield
    010225 Custom Barrier ver.OO
    010226 DB's Shield
    010227 Red Ring
    010228 Tripolic Shield
    010229 Standstill Shield
    01022A Safety Heart
    01022B Kasami Bracer
    01022C Gods Shield "Suzaku"
    01022D Gods Shield "Genbu"
    01022E Gods Shield "Byakko"
    01022F Gods Shield "Seiryu"
    010230 Hunter's Shell
    010231 Rico's Glasses
    010232 Rico's Earring
    010233 Blue Ring
    010234 Barrier
    010235 Secure Feet
    010236 Barrier
    010237 Barrier
    010238 Barrier
    010239 Barrier
    01023A Resta Merge
    01023B Anti Merge
    01023C Shifta Merge
    01023D Deband Merge
    01023E Foie Merge
    01023F Gifoie Merge
    010240 Rafoie Merge
    010241 Red Merge
    010242 Barta Merge
    010243 Gibarta Merge
    010244 Rabarta Merge
    010245 Blue Merge
    010246 Zonde Merge
    010247 Gizonde Merge
    010248 Razonde Merge
    010249 Yellow Merge
    01024A Recovery Barrier
    01024B Assist Barrier
    01024C Red Barrier
    01024D Blue Barrier
    01024E Yellow Barrier
    01024F Weapons Gold Shield
    010250 Black Gear
    010251 Works Guard
    010252 Ragol Ring
    010253 Blue Ring
    010254 Blue Ring
    010255 Blue Ring
    010256 Blue Ring
    010257 Blue Ring
    010258 Blue Ring
    010259 Blue Ring
    01025A Blue Ring
    01025B Green Ring
    01025C Green Ring
    01025D Green Ring
    01025E Green Ring
    01025F Green Ring
    010260 Green Ring
    010261 Green Ring
    010262 Green Ring
    010263 Yellow Ring
    010264 Yellow Ring
    010265 Yellow Ring
    010266 Yellow Ring
    010267 Yellow Ring
    010268 Yellow Ring
    010269 Yellow Ring
    01026A Yellow Ring
    01026B Purple Ring
    01026C Purple Ring
    01026D Purple Ring
    01026E Purple Ring
    01026F Purple Ring
    010270 Purple Ring
    010271 Purple Ring
    010272 Purple Ring
    010273 Anti-Dark Ring
    010274 White Ring
    010275 White Ring
    010276 White Ring
    010277 White Ring
    010278 White Ring
    010279 White Ring
    01027A White Ring
    01027B Anti-Light Ring
    01027C Black Ring
    01027D Black Ring
    01027E Black Ring
    01027F Black Ring
    010280 Black Ring
    010281 Black Ring
    010282 Black Ring
    010283 Weapons Silver Shield
    010284 Weapons Copper Shield
    010285 Gratia
    010286 Tripolic Reflector
    010287 Striker Plus
    010288 Regenerate Gear B.P.
    010289 Rupika
    01028A Yata Mirror
    01028B Bunny Ears
    01028C Cat Ears
    01028D Three Seals
    01028E Gods Shield "Kouryu"
    01028F DF Shield
    010290 From the Depths
    010291 De Rol Le Shield
    010292 Honeycomb Reflector
    010293 Epsiguard
    010294 Angel Ring
    010295 Union Guard
    010296 Union Guard
    010297 Union Guard
    010298 Union Guard
    010299 Stink Shield
    01029A UNKNOWN_B
    01029B Genpei
    01029C Genpei
    01029D Genpei
    01029E Genpei
    01029F Genpei
    0102A0 Genpei
    0102A1 Genpei
    0102A2 Genpei
    0102A3 Genpei
    0102A4 Genpei
    0102A5 ????
    000000 ????
    000100 Saber
    000101 Brand
    000102 Buster
    000103 Pallasch
    000104 Gladius
    000105 DB's Saber
    000106 Kaladbolg
    000107 Durandal
    000108 Galatine
    000200 Sword
    000201 Gigush
    000202 Breaker
    000203 Claymore
    000204 Calibur
    000205 Flowen's Sword
    000206 Last Survivor
    000207 Dragon Slayer
    000300 Dagger
    000301 Knife
    000302 Blade
    000303 Edge
    000304 Ripper
    000305 Blade Dance
    000306 Bloody Art
    000307 Cross Scar
    000308 Zero Divide
    000309 Two Kamui
    000400 Partisan
    000401 Halbert
    000402 Glaive
    000403 Berdys
    000404 Gungnir
    000405 Brionac
    000406 Vjaya
    000407 Gae Bolg
    000408 Asteron Belt
    000500 Slicer
    000501 Spinner
    000502 Cutter
    000503 Sawcer
    000504 Diska
    000505 Slicer of Assassin
    000506 Diska of Liberator
    000507 Diska of Braveman
    000508 Izmaela
    000600 Handgun
    000601 Autogun
    000602 Lockgun
    000603 Railgun
    000604 Raygun
    000605 Varista
    000606 Custom Ray ver.OO
    000607 Bravace
    000608 Tension Blaster
    000700 Rifle
    000701 Sniper
    000702 Blaster
    000703 Beam
    000704 Laser
    000705 Visk-235W
    000706 Wals-MK2
    000707 Justy-23ST
    000708 Rianov 303SNR
    000709 Rianov 303SNR-1
    00070A Rianov 303SNR-2
    00070B Rianov 303SNR-3
    00070C Rianov 303SNR-4
    00070D Rianov 303SNR-5
    000800 Mechgun
    000801 Assault
    000802 Repeater
    000803 Gatling
    000804 Vulcan
    000805 M&A60 Vise
    000806 H&S25 Justice
    000807 L&K14 Combat
    000900 Shot
    000901 Spread
    000902 Cannon
    000903 Launcher
    000904 Arms
    000905 Crush Bullet
    000906 Meteor Smash
    000907 Final Impact
    000A00 Cane
    000A01 Stick
    000A02 Mace
    000A03 Club
    000A04 Club of Laconium
    000A05 Mace of Adaman
    000A06 Club of Zumiuran
    000A07 Lollipop
    000B00 Rod
    000B01 Pole
    000B02 Pillar
    000B03 Striker
    000B04 Battle Verge
    000B05 Brave Hammer
    000B06 Alive Aqhu
    000B07 Valkyrie
    000C00 Wand
    000C01 Staff
    000C02 Baton
    000C03 Scepter
    000C04 Fire Scepter: Agni
    000C05 Ice Staff: Dagon
    000C06 Storm Wand: Indra
    000C07 Earth Wand: Brownie
    000D00 Photon Claw
    000D01 Silence Claw
    000D02 Nei's Claw
    000D03 Phoenix Claw
    000E00 Double Saber
    000E01 Stag Cutlery
    000E02 Twin Brand
    000F00 Brave Knuckle
    000F01 Angry Fist
    000F02 God Hand
    000F03 Sonic Knuckle
    000F04 Star Song
    001000 Orotiagito
    001001 Agito
    001002 Agito
    001003 Agito
    001004 Agito
    001005 Agito
    001006 Agito
    001007 Raikiri
    001100 Soul Eater
    001101 Soul Banish
    001200 Spread Needle
    001300 Holy Ray
    001400 Inferno Bazooka
    001401 Rambling May
    001402 L&K38 Combat
    001500 Flame Visit
    001501 Burning Visit
    001600 Akiko's Frying Pan
    001700 Sorcerer's Cane
    001800 S-Beat's Blade
    001900 P-Arms' Blade
    001A00 Delsaber's Buster
    001B00 Bringer's Rifle
    001C00 Egg Blaster
    001D00 Psycho Wand
    001E00 Heaven Punisher
    001F00 Lavis Cannon
    002000 Victor Axe
    002001 Laconium Axe
    002100 Chain Sawd
    002200 Caduceus
    002201 Mercurius Rod
    002300 Sting Tip
    002400 Magical Piece
    002500 Technical Crozier
    002600 Suppressed Gun
    002700 Ancient Saber
    002800 Harisen Battle Fan
    002900 Yamigarasu
    002A00 Akiko's Wok
    002B00 Toy Hammer
    002C00 Elysion
    002D00 Red Saber
    002E00 Meteor Cudgel
    002F00 Monkey King Bar
    002F01 Black King Bar
    003000 Double Cannon
    003001 Girasole
    003100 Huge Battle Fan
    003200 Tsumikiri J-Sword
    003300 Sealed J-Sword
    003400 Red Sword
    003500 Crazy Tune
    003600 Twin Chakram
    003700 Wok of Akiko's Shop
    003800 Lavis Blade
    003900 Red Dagger
    003A00 Madam's Parasol
    003B00 Madam's Umbrella
    003C00 Imperial Pick
    003D00 Berdysh
    003E00 Red Partisan
    003F00 Flight Cutter
    004000 Flight Fan
    004100 Red Slicer
    004200 Handgun: Guld
    004201 Master Raven
    004300 Handgun: Milla
    004301 Last Swan
    004400 Red Handgun
    004500 Frozen Shooter
    004501 Snow Queen
    004600 Anti Android Rifle
    004700 Rocket Punch
    004800 Samba Maracas
    004900 Twin Psychogun
    004A00 Drill Launcher
    004B00 Guld Milla
    004B01 Dual Bird
    004C00 Red Mechgun
    004D00 Belra Cannon
    004E00 Panzer Faust
    004E01 Iron Faust
    004F00 Summit Moon
    005000 Windmill
    005100 Evil Curst
    005200 Flower Cane
    005300 Hildebear's Cane
    005400 Hildeblue's Cane
    005500 Rabbit Wand
    005600 Plantain Leaf
    005601 Fatsia
    005700 Demonic Fork
    005800 Striker of Chao
    005900 Broom
    005A00 Prophets of Motav
    005B00 The Sigh of a God
    005C00 Twinkle Star
    005D00 Plantain Fan
    005E00 Twin Blaze
    005F00 Marina's Bag
    006000 Dragon's Claw
    006100 Panther's Claw
    006200 S-Red's Blade
    006300 Plantain Huge Fan
    006400 Chameleon Scythe
    006500 Yasminkov 3000R
    006600 Ano Rifle
    006700 Baranz Launcher
    006800 Branch of Pakupaku
    006900 Heart of Poumn
    006A00 Yasminkov 2000H
    006B00 Yasminkov 7000V
    006C00 Yasminkov 9000M
    006D00 Maser Beam
    006D01 Power Maser
    006E00 Game Magazine
    006E01 LOGiN
    006F00 Flower Bouquet
    007000 Saber
    007001 Saber
    007002 Saber
    007003 Saber
    007004 Saber
    007005 Saber
    007006 Saber
    007007 Saber
    007008 Saber
    007009 Saber
    00700A Saber
    00700B Saber
    00700C Saber
    00700D Saber
    00700E Saber
    00700F Saber
    007010 Saber
    007100 Sword
    007101 Sword
    007102 Sword
    007103 Sword
    007104 Sword
    007105 Sword
    007106 Sword
    007107 Sword
    007108 Sword
    007109 Sword
    00710A Sword
    00710B Sword
    00710C Sword
    00710D Sword
    00710E Sword
    00710F Sword
    007110 Sword
    007200 Blade
    007201 Blade
    007202 Blade
    007203 Blade
    007204 Blade
    007205 Blade
    007206 Blade
    007207 Blade
    007208 Blade
    007209 Blade
    00720A Blade
    00720B Blade
    00720C Blade
    00720D Blade
    00720E Blade
    00720F Blade
    007210 Blade
    007300 Partisan
    007301 Partisan
    007302 Partisan
    007303 Partisan
    007304 Partisan
    007305 Partisan
    007306 Partisan
    007307 Partisan
    007308 Partisan
    007309 Partisan
    00730A Partisan
    00730B Partisan
    00730C Partisan
    00730D Partisan
    00730E Partisan
    00730F Partisan
    007310 Partisan
    007400 Slicer
    007401 Slicer
    007402 Slicer
    007403 Slicer
    007404 Slicer
    007405 Slicer
    007406 Slicer
    007407 Slicer
    007408 Slicer
    007409 Slicer
    00740A Slicer
    00740B Slicer
    00740C Slicer
    00740D Slicer
    00740E Slicer
    00740F Slicer
    007410 Slicer
    007500 Gun
    007501 Gun
    007502 Gun
    007503 Gun
    007504 Gun
    007505 Gun
    007506 Gun
    007507 Gun
    007508 Gun
    007509 Gun
    00750A Gun
    00750B Gun
    00750C Gun
    00750D Gun
    00750E Gun
    00750F Gun
    007510 Gun
    007600 Rifle
    007601 Rifle
    007602 Rifle
    007603 Rifle
    007604 Rifle
    007605 Rifle
    007606 Rifle
    007607 Rifle
    007608 Rifle
    007609 Rifle
    00760A Rifle
    00760B Rifle
    00760C Rifle
    00760D Rifle
    00760E Rifle
    00760F Rifle
    007610 Rifle
    007700 Mechgun
    007701 Mechgun
    007702 Mechgun
    007703 Mechgun
    007704 Mechgun
    007705 Mechgun
    007706 Mechgun
    007707 Mechgun
    007708 Mechgun
    007709 Mechgun
    00770A Mechgun
    00770B Mechgun
    00770C Mechgun
    00770D Mechgun
    00770E Mechgun
    00770F Mechgun
    007710 Mechgun
    007800 Shot
    007801 Shot
    007802 Shot
    007803 Shot
    007804 Shot
    007805 Shot
    007806 Shot
    007807 Shot
    007808 Shot
    007809 Shot
    00780A Shot
    00780B Shot
    00780C Shot
    00780D Shot
    00780E Shot
    00780F Shot
    007810 Shot
    007900 Cane
    007901 Cane
    007902 Cane
    007903 Cane
    007904 Cane
    007905 Cane
    007906 Cane
    007907 Cane
    007908 Cane
    007909 Cane
    00790A Cane
    00790B Cane
    00790C Cane
    00790D Cane
    00790E Cane
    00790F Cane
    007910 Cane
    007A00 Rod
    007A01 Rod
    007A02 Rod
    007A03 Rod
    007A04 Rod
    007A05 Rod
    007A06 Rod
    007A07 Rod
    007A08 Rod
    007A09 Rod
    007A0A Rod
    007A0B Rod
    007A0C Rod
    007A0D Rod
    007A0E Rod
    007A0F Rod
    007A10 Rod
    007B00 Wand
    007B01 Wand
    007B02 Wand
    007B03 Wand
    007B04 Wand
    007B05 Wand
    007B06 Wand
    007B07 Wand
    007B08 Wand
    007B09 Wand
    007B0A Wand
    007B0B Wand
    007B0C Wand
    007B0D Wand
    007B0E Wand
    007B0F Wand
    007B10 Wand
    007C00 Twin
    007C01 Twin
    007C02 Twin
    007C03 Twin
    007C04 Twin
    007C05 Twin
    007C06 Twin
    007C07 Twin
    007C08 Twin
    007C09 Twin
    007C0A Twin
    007C0B Twin
    007C0C Twin
    007C0D Twin
    007C0E Twin
    007C0F Twin
    007C10 Twin
    007D00 Claw
    007D01 Claw
    007D02 Claw
    007D03 Claw
    007D04 Claw
    007D05 Claw
    007D06 Claw
    007D07 Claw
    007D08 Claw
    007D09 Claw
    007D0A Claw
    007D0B Claw
    007D0C Claw
    007D0D Claw
    007D0E Claw
    007D0F Claw
    007D10 Claw
    007E00 Bazooka
    007E01 Bazooka
    007E02 Bazooka
    007E03 Bazooka
    007E04 Bazooka
    007E05 Bazooka
    007E06 Bazooka
    007E07 Bazooka
    007E08 Bazooka
    007E09 Bazooka
    007E0A Bazooka
    007E0B Bazooka
    007E0C Bazooka
    007E0D Bazooka
    007E0E Bazooka
    007E0F Bazooka
    007E10 Bazooka
    007F00 Needle
    007F01 Needle
    007F02 Needle
    007F03 Needle
    007F04 Needle
    007F05 Needle
    007F06 Needle
    007F07 Needle
    007F08 Needle
    007F09 Needle
    007F0A Needle
    007F0B Needle
    007F0C Needle
    007F0D Needle
    007F0E Needle
    007F0F Needle
    007F10 Needle
    008000 Scythe
    008001 Scythe
    008002 Scythe
    008003 Scythe
    008004 Scythe
    008005 Scythe
    008006 Scythe
    008007 Scythe
    008008 Scythe
    008009 Scythe
    00800A Scythe
    00800B Scythe
    00800C Scythe
    00800D Scythe
    00800E Scythe
    00800F Scythe
    008010 Scythe
    008100 Hammer
    008101 Hammer
    008102 Hammer
    008103 Hammer
    008104 Hammer
    008105 Hammer
    008106 Hammer
    008107 Hammer
    008108 Hammer
    008109 Hammer
    00810A Hammer
    00810B Hammer
    00810C Hammer
    00810D Hammer
    00810E Hammer
    00810F Hammer
    008110 Hammer
    008200 Moon
    008201 Moon
    008202 Moon
    008203 Moon
    008204 Moon
    008205 Moon
    008206 Moon
    008207 Moon
    008208 Moon
    008209 Moon
    00820A Moon
    00820B Moon
    00820C Moon
    00820D Moon
    00820E Moon
    00820F Moon
    008210 Moon
    008300 Psychogun
    008301 Psychogun
    008302 Psychogun
    008303 Psychogun
    008304 Psychogun
    008305 Psychogun
    008306 Psychogun
    008307 Psychogun
    008308 Psychogun
    008309 Psychogun
    00830A Psychogun
    00830B Psychogun
    00830C Psychogun
    00830D Psychogun
    00830E Psychogun
    00830F Psychogun
    008310 Psychogun
    008400 Punch
    008401 Punch
    008402 Punch
    008403 Punch
    008404 Punch
    008405 Punch
    008406 Punch
    008407 Punch
    008408 Punch
    008409 Punch
    00840A Punch
    00840B Punch
    00840C Punch
    00840D Punch
    00840E Punch
    00840F Punch
    008410 Punch
    008500 Windmill
    008501 Windmill
    008502 Windmill
    008503 Windmill
    008504 Windmill
    008505 Windmill
    008506 Windmill
    008507 Windmill
    008508 Windmill
    008509 Windmill
    00850A Windmill
    00850B Windmill
    00850C Windmill
    00850D Windmill
    00850E Windmill
    00850F Windmill
    008510 Windmill
    008600 Harisen
    008601 Harisen
    008602 Harisen
    008603 Harisen
    008604 Harisen
    008605 Harisen
    008606 Harisen
    008607 Harisen
    008608 Harisen
    008609 Harisen
    00860A Harisen
    00860B Harisen
    00860C Harisen
    00860D Harisen
    00860E Harisen
    00860F Harisen
    008610 Harisen
    008700 Katana
    008701 Katana
    008702 Katana
    008703 Katana
    008704 Katana
    008705 Katana
    008706 Katana
    008707 Katana
    008708 Katana
    008709 Katana
    00870A Katana
    00870B Katana
    00870C Katana
    00870D Katana
    00870E Katana
    00870F Katana
    008710 Katana
    008800 J-Cutter
    008801 J-Cutter
    008802 J-Cutter
    008803 J-Cutter
    008804 J-Cutter
    008805 J-Cutter
    008806 J-Cutter
    008807 J-Cutter
    008808 J-Cutter
    008809 J-Cutter
    00880A J-Cutter
    00880B J-Cutter
    00880C J-Cutter
    00880D J-Cutter
    00880E J-Cutter
    00880F J-Cutter
    008810 J-Cutter
    008900 Musashi
    008901 Yamato
    008902 Asuka
    008903 Sange & Yasha
    008A00 Sange
    008A01 Yasha
    008A02 Kamui
    008B00 Photon Launcher
    008B01 Guilty Light
    008B02 Red Scorpio
    008B03 Phonon Maser
    008C00 Talis
    008C01 Mahu
    008C02 HItogata
    008C03 Dancing Hitogata
    008C04 Kunai
    008D00 Nug2000-Bazooka
    008E00 S-Berill's Hands #0
    008E01 S-Berill's Hands #1
    008F00 Flowen's Sword
    008F01 Flowen's Sword
    008F02 Flowen's Sword
    008F03 Flowen's Sword
    008F04 Flowen's Sword
    008F05 Flowen's Sword
    008F06 Flowen's Sword
    008F07 Flowen's Sword
    008F08 Flowen's Sword
    009000 DB's Saber
    009001 DB's Saber
    009002 DB's Saber
    009003 DB's Saber
    009004 DB's Saber
    009005 DB's Saber
    009006 DB's Saber
    009007 DB's Saber
    009008 DB's Saber
    009100 Gi Gue Bazooka
    009200 Guardianna
    009300 Viridia Card
    009301 Greenill Card
    009302 Skyly Card
    009303 Bluefull Card
    009304 Purplenum Card
    009305 Pinkal Card
    009306 Redria Card
    009307 Oran Card
    009308 Yellowboze Card
    009309 Whitill Card
    009400 Morning Glory
    009500 Partisan of Lightning
    009600 Gal Wind
    009700 Zanba
    009800 Rika's Claw
    009900 Angel Harp
    009A00 Demolition Comet
    009B00 Nei's Claw
    009C00 Rainbow Baton
    009D00 Dark Flow
    009E00 Dark Meteor
    009F00 Dark Bridge
    00A000 G-Assassin's Sabers
    00A100 Rappy's Fan
    00A200 Booma's Claw
    00A201 Gobooma's Claw
    00A202 Gigobooma's Claw
    00A300 Ruby Bullet
    00A400 Amore Rose
    00A500 Swords
    00A501 Swords
    00A502 Swords
    00A503 Swords
    00A504 Swords
    00A505 Swords
    00A506 Swords
    00A507 Swords
    00A508 Swords
    00A509 Swords
    00A50A Swords
    00A50B Swords
    00A50C Swords
    00A50D Swords
    00A50E Swords
    00A50F Swords
    00A510 Swords
    00A600 Launcher
    00A601 Launcher
    00A602 Launcher
    00A603 Launcher
    00A604 Launcher
    00A605 Launcher
    00A606 Launcher
    00A607 Launcher
    00A608 Launcher
    00A609 Launcher
    00A60A Launcher
    00A60B Launcher
    00A60C Launcher
    00A60D Launcher
    00A60E Launcher
    00A60F Launcher
    00A610 Launcher
    00A700 Cards
    00A701 Cards
    00A702 Cards
    00A703 Cards
    00A704 Cards
    00A705 Cards
    00A706 Cards
    00A707 Cards
    00A708 Cards
    00A709 Cards
    00A70A Cards
    00A70B Cards
    00A70C Cards
    00A70D Cards
    00A70E Cards
    00A70F Cards
    00A710 Cards
    00A800 Knuckle
    00A801 Knuckle
    00A802 Knuckle
    00A803 Knuckle
    00A804 Knuckle
    00A805 Knuckle
    00A806 Knuckle
    00A807 Knuckle
    00A808 Knuckle
    00A809 Knuckle
    00A80A Knuckle
    00A80B Knuckle
    00A80C Knuckle
    00A80D Knuckle
    00A80E Knuckle
    00A80F Knuckle
    00A810 Knuckle
    00A900 Axe
    00A901 Axe
    00A902 Axe
    00A903 Axe
    00A904 Axe
    00A905 Axe
    00A906 Axe
    00A907 Axe
    00A908 Axe
    00A909 Axe
    00A90A Axe
    00A90B Axe
    00A90C Axe
    00A90D Axe
    00A90E Axe
    00A90F Axe
    00A910 Axe
    00AA00 Slicer of Fanatic
    00AB00 Lame d'Argent
    00AC00 Excalibur
    00AD00 Rage de Feu
    00AD01 Rage de Feu
    00AD02 Rage de Feu
    00AD03 Rage de Feu
    00AE00 Daisy Chain
    00AF00 Ophelie Seize
    00B000 Mille Marteaux
    00B100 Le Cogneur
    00B200 Commander Blade
    00B300 Vivienne
    00B400 Kusanagi
    00B500 Sacred Duster
    00B600 Guren
    00B700 Shouren
    00B800 Jizai
    00B900 Flamberge
    00BA00 Yunchang
    00BB00 Snake Spire
    00BC00 Flapjack Flapper
    00BD00 Getsugasan
    00BE00 Maguwa
    00BF00 Heaven Striker
    00C000 Cannon Rouge
    00C100 Meteor Rouge
    00C200 Solferino
    00C300 Clio
    00C400 Siren Glass Hammer
    00C500 Glide Divine
    00C600 Shichishito
    00C700 Murasame
    00C800 Daylight Scar
    00C900 Decalog
    00CA00 5th Anniv. Blade
    00CB00 Tyrell's Parasol
    00CC00 Akiko's Cleaver
    00CD00 Tanegashima
    00CE00 Tree Clippers
    00CF00 Nice Shot
    00D000 Unused Weapon38
    00D100 Unused Weapon39
    00D200 Ano Bazooka
    00D300 Synthesizer
    00D400 Bamboo Spear
    00D500 Kan'ei Tsuho
    00D600 Jitte
    00D700 Butterfly Net
    00D800 Syringe
    00D900 Battledore
    00DA00 Racket
    00DB00 Hammer
    00DC00 Great Bouquet
    00DD00 TypeSA/Saber
    00DE00 TypeSL/Saber
    00DE01 TypeSL/Slicer
    00DE02 TypeSL/Claw
    00DE03 TypeSL/Katana
    00DF00 TypeJS/Saber
    00DF01 TypeJS/Slicer
    00DF02 TypeJS/J-Sword
    00E000 TypeSW/Sword
    00E001 TypeSW/Slicer
    00E002 TypeSW/J-Sword
    00E100 TypeRO/Sword
    00E101 TypeRO/Halbert
    00E102 TypeRO/Rod
    00E200 TypeBL/Blade
    00E300 TypeKN/Blade
    00E301 TypeKN/Claw
    00E400 TypeHA/Halbert
    00E401 TypeHA/Rod
    00E500 TypeDS/D.Saber
    00E501 TypeDS/Rod
    00E502 TypeDS
    00E600 TypeCL/Claw
    00E700 TypeSS/Sw
    00E800 TypeGU/Hand
    00E801 TypeGU/Mechgun
    00E900 TypeRI/Rifle
    00EA00 TypeME/Mechgun
    00EB00 TypeSH/Shot
    00EC00 TypeWA/Wand
    00ED00 ????
    010100 Frame
    010101 Armor
    010102 Psy Armor
    010103 Giga Frame
    010104 Soul Frame
    010105 Cross Armor
    010106 Solid Frame
    010107 Brave Armor
    010108 Hyper Frame
    010109 Grand Armor
    01010A Shock Frame
    01010B King's Frame
    01010C Dragon Frame
    01010D Absorb Armor
    01010E Protect Frame
    01010F General Armor
    010110 Perfect Frame
    010111 Valiant Frame
    010112 Imperial Armor
    010113 Holiness Armor
    010114 Guardian Armor
    010115 Divinity Armor
    010116 Ultimate Frame
    010117 Celestial Armor
    010118 Hunter Field
    010119 Ranger Field
    01011A Force Field
    01011B Revival Garment
    01011C Spirit Garment
    01011D Stink Frame
    01011E D-Parts ver1.01
    01011F D-Parts ver2.10
    010120 Parasite Wear: De Rol
    010121 Parasite Wear: Nelgal
    010122 Parasite Wear: Vajulla
    010123 Sense Plate
    010124 Graviton Plate
    010125 Attribute Plate
    010126 Flowen's Frame
    010127 Custom Frame ver.OO
    010128 DB's Armor
    010129 Guard Wave
    01012A DF Field
    01012B Luminous Field
    01012C Chu Chu Fever
    01012D Love Heart
    01012E Flame Garment
    01012F Virus Armor: Lafuteria
    010130 Brightness Circle
    010131 Aura Field
    010132 Electro Frame
    010133 Sacred Cloth
    010134 Smoking Plate
    010135 Star Cuirass
    010136 Black Hound Cuirass
    010137 Morning Prayer
    010138 Black Odoshi Domaru
    010139 Red Odoshi Domaru
    01013A Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou
    01013B Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou
    01013C Dirty Lifejacket
    01013D Kroe's Sweater
    01013E Wedding Dress
    01013F Sonic Team Armor
    010140 Red Coat
    010141 Thirteen
    010142 Mother Garb
    010143 Mother Garb+
    010144 Dress Plate
    010145 Sweetheart
    010146 Ignition Cloak
    010147 Congeal Cloak
    010148 Tempest Cloak
    010149 Cursed Cloak
    01014A Select Cloak
    01014B Spirit Cuirass
    01014C Revival Cuirass
    01014D Alliance Uniform
    01014E Officer Uniform
    01014F Commander Uniform
    010150 Crimson Coat
    010151 Infantry Gear
    010152 Lieutenant Gear
    010153 Infantry Mantle
    010154 Lieutenant Mantle
    010155 Union Field
    010156 Samurai Armor
    010157 Stealth Suit
    010158 ????
    010300 Knight/Power
    010301 General/Power
    010302 Ogre/Power
    010303 God/Power
    010304 Priest/Mind
    010305 General/Mind
    010306 Angel/Mind
    010307 God/Mind
    010308 Marksman/Arm
    010309 General/Arm
    01030A Elf/Arm
    01030B God/Arm
    01030C Thief/Legs
    01030D General/Legs
    01030E Elf/Legs
    01030F God/Legs
    010310 Digger/HP
    010311 General/HP
    010312 Dragon/HP
    010313 God/HP
    010314 Magician/TP
    010315 General/TP
    010316 Angel/TP
    010317 God/TP
    010318 Warrior/Body
    010319 General/Body
    01031A Metal/Body
    01031B God/Body
    01031C Angel/Luck
    01031D God/Luck
    01031E Master/Ability
    01031F Hero/Ability
    010320 God/Ability
    010321 Resist/Fire
    010322 Resist/Flame
    010323 Resist/Burning
    010324 Resist/Cold
    010325 Resist/Freeze
    010326 Resist/Blizzard
    010327 Resist/Shock
    010328 Resist/Thunder
    010329 Resist/Storm
    01032A Resist/Light
    01032B Resist/Saint
    01032C Resist/Holy
    01032D Resist/Dark
    01032E Resist/Evil
    01032F Resist/Devil
    010330 All/Resist
    010331 Super/Resist
    010332 Perfect/Resist
    010333 HP/Restorate
    010334 HP/Generate
    010335 HP/Revival
    010336 TP/Restorate
    010337 TP/Generate
    010338 TP/Revival
    010339 PB/Amplifier
    01033A PB/Generate
    01033B PB/Create
    01033C Wizard/Technique
    01033D Devil/Technique
    01033E God/Technique
    01033F General/Battle
    010340 Devil/Battle
    010341 God/Battle
    010342 Cure/Poison
    010343 Cure/Paralysis
    010344 Cure/Slow
    010345 Cure/Confuse
    010346 Cure/Freeze
    010347 Cure/Shock
    010348 Yasakani Magatama
    010349 V101
    01034A V501
    01034B V502
    01034C V801
    01034D Limiter
    01034E Adept
    01034F Swordsman Lore
    010350 Proof of Sword-Saint
    010351 Smartlink
    010352 Divine Protection
    010353 Heavenly/Battle
    010354 Heavenly/Power
    010355 Heavenly/Mind
    010356 Heavenly/Arms
    010357 Heavenly/Legs
    010358 Heavenly/Body
    010359 Heavenly/Luck
    01035A Heavenly/Ability
    01035B Centurion/Ability
    01035C Friend Ring
    01035D Heavenly/HP
    01035E Heavenly/TP
    01035F Heavenly/Resist
    010360 Heavenly/Technique
    010361 HP/Ressurection
    010362 TP/Ressurection
    010363 PB/Increase
    010364 ????
    030000 Monomate
    030001 Dimate
    030002 Trimate
    030100 Monofluid
    030101 Difluid
    030102 Trifluid
    030200 disk
    030201 disk
    030202 disk
    030203 disk
    030204 disk
    030205 disk
    030206 disk
    030207 disk
    030208 disk
    030209 disk
    03020A disk
    03020B disk
    03020C disk
    03020D disk
    03020E disk
    03020F disk
    030210 disk
    030211 disk
    030212 disk
    030300 Sol Atomizer
    030400 Moon Atomizer
    030500 Star Atomizer
    030600 Antidote
    030601 Antiparalysis
    030700 Telepipe
    030800 Trap Vision
    030900 Scape Doll
    030A00 Monogrinder
    030A01 Digrinder
    030A02 Trigrinder
    030B00 Power Material
    030B01 Mind Material
    030B02 Evade Material
    030B03 HP Material
    030B04 TP Material
    030B05 Def Material
    030B06 Luck Material
    030C00 Cell of Mag 502
    030C01 Cell of Mag 213
    030C02 Parts of RoboChao
    030C03 Heart of Opa Opa
    030C04 Heart of Pian
    030C05 Heart of Chao
    030D00 Sorcerer's Right Arm
    030D01 S-beat's Arms
    030D02 P-arm's Arms
    030D03 Delsaber's Right Arm
    030D04 Bringer's Right Arm
    030D05 Delsaber's Left Arm
    030D06 S-red's Arms
    030D07 Dragon's Claw
    030D08 Hildebear's Head
    030D09 Hildeblue's Head
    030D0A Parts of Baranz
    030D0B Belra's Right Arm
    030D0C Gi Gue's body
    030D0D Sinow Berill's Arms
    030D0E Grass Assassin's Arms
    030D0F Booma's Right Arm
    030D10 Gobooma's Right Arm
    030D11 Gigobooma's Right Arm
    030D12 Gal Gryphon's Wing
    030D13 Rappy's Wing
    030D14 Cladding of Epsilon
    030D15 De Rol Le Shell
    030E00 Berill Photon
    030E01 Parasitic gene "Flow"
    030E02 Magic Stone "Iritista"
    030E03 Blue-black stone
    030E04 Syncesta
    030E05 Magic Water
    030E06 Parasitic cell Type D
    030E07 magic rock "Heart Key"
    030E08 magic rock "Moola"
    030E09 Star Amplifier
    030E0A Book of Hitogata
    030E0B Heart of Chu Chu
    030E0C Parts of Egg Blaster
    030E0D Heart of Angel
    030E0E Heart of Devil
    030E0F Kit of Hamburger
    030E10 Panther's Spirit
    030E11 Kit of Mark III
    030E12 Kit of Master System
    030E13 Kit of Genesis
    030E14 Kit of Sega Saturn
    030E15 Kit of Dreamcast
    030E16 Amplifier of Resta
    030E17 Amplifier of Anti
    030E18 Amplifier of Shifta
    030E19 Amplifier of Deband
    030E1A Amplifier of Foie
    030E1B Amplifier of Gifoie
    030E1C Amplifier of Rafoie
    030E1D Amplifier of Barta
    030E1E Amplifier of Gibarta
    030E1F Amplifier of Rabarta
    030E20 Amplifier of Zonde
    030E21 Amplifier of Gizonde
    030E22 Amplifier of Razonde
    030E23 Amplifier of Red
    030E24 Amplifier of Blue
    030E25 Amplifier of Yellow
    030E26 Heart of Kapu Kapu
    030E27 Photon Booster
    030F00 AddSlot
    031000 Photon Drop
    031001 Photon Sphere
    031002 Photon Crystal
    031003 Secret Ticket
    031004 Photon Ticket
    031100 Book of Katana 1
    031101 Book of Katana 2
    031102 Book of Katana 3
    031200 Weapons Bronze Badge
    031201 Weapons Silver Badge
    031202 Weapons Gold Badge
    031203 Weapons Crystal Badge
    031204 Weapons Steel Badge
    031205 Weapons Aluminum Badge
    031206 Weapons Leather Badge
    031207 Weapons Bone Badge
    031208 Letter of appreciation
    031209 Item Ticket
    03120A Valentine's Chocolate
    03120B New Year's Card
    03120C Christmas Card
    03120D Birthday Card
    03120E Proof of Sonic Team
    03120F Special Event Ticket
    031210 Flower Bouquet
    031211 Cake
    031212 Accessories
    031213 Mr. Naka's Business Card
    031300 Present
    031400 Chocolate
    031401 Candy
    031402 Cake
    031403 Weapons Silver Badge
    031404 Weapons Gold Badge
    031405 Weapons Crystal Badge
    031406 Weapons Steel Badge
    031407 Weapons Aluminum Badge
    031408 Weapons Leather Badge
    031409 Weapons Bone Badge
    03140A Bouquet
    03140B Decoction
    031500 Christmas Present
    031501 Easter Egg
    031502 Jack-O'-Lantern
    031600 Disk Vol.1 "Wedding March"
    031601 Disk Vol.2 "Day Light"
    031602 Disk Vol.3 "Burning Rangers"
    031603 Disk Vol.4 "Open Your Heart"
    031604 Disk Vol.5 "Live & Learn"
    031605 Disk Vol.6 "NiGHTS"
    031606 Disk Vol.7 "Ending Theme (Piano ver.)"
    031607 Disk Vol.8 "Heart to Heart"
    031608 Disk Vol.9 "Strange Blue"
    031609 Disk Vol.10 "Reunion System"
    03160A Disk Vol.11 "Pinnacles"
    03160B Disk Vol.12 "Fight inside the Spaceship"
    031700 Hunters Report
    031701 Hunters Report
    031702 Hunters Report
    031703 Hunters Report
    031704 Hunters Report
    031800 Tablet
    031801 Unused Item01
    031802 Dragon Scale
    031803 Heaven Striker Coat
    031804 Pioneer Parts
    031805 Amitie's Memo
    031806 Heart of Morolian
    031807 Rappy's Beak
    031808 Yahoo!'s engine
    031809 D-Photon Core
    03180A Liberta Kit
    03180B Cell of Mag 0503
    03180C Cell of Mag 0504
    03180D Cell of Mag 0505
    03180E Cell of Mag 0506
    03180F Cell of Mag 0507
    031900 Team Points 500
    031901 Team Points 1000
    031902 Team Points 5000
    031903 Team Points 10000
    031A00 ????
    020000 Mag
    020100 Varuna
    020200 Mitra
    020300 Surya
    020400 Vayu
    020500 Varaha
    020600 Kama
    020700 Ushasu
    020800 Apsaras
    020900 Kumara
    020A00 Kaitabha
    020B00 Tapas
    020C00 Bhirava
    020D00 Kalki
    020E00 Rudra
    020F00 Marutah
    021000 Yaksa
    021100 Sita
    021200 Garuda
    021300 Nandin
    021400 Ashvinau
    021500 Ribhava
    021600 Soma
    021700 Ila
    021800 Durga
    021900 Vritra
    021A00 Namuci
    021B00 Sumba
    021C00 Naga
    021D00 Pitri
    021E00 Kabanda
    021F00 Ravana
    022000 Marica
    022100 Soniti
    022200 Preta
    022300 Andhaka
    022400 Bana
    022500 Naraka
    022600 Madhu
    022700 Churel
    022800 Robochao
    022900 Opa-Opa
    022A00 Pian
    022B00 Chao
    022C00 Chu Chu
    022D00 Kapu Kapu
    022E00 Angel's Wing
    022F00 Devil's Wing
    023000 Elenor
    023100 Mark III
    023200 Master System
    023300 Genesis
    023400 Sega Saturn
    023500 Dreamcast
    023600 Hamburger
    023700 Panzer's Tail
    023800 Devil's Tail
    023900 Deva
    023A00 Rati
    023B00 Savitri
    023C00 Rukmin
    023D00 Pushan
    023E00 Diwari
    023F00 Sato

    Episode 1
    0 - Pioneer 2
    1 - Forest 1
    2 - Forest 2
    3 - Caves 1
    4 - Caves 2
    5 - Caves 3
    6 - Mines 1
    7 - Mines 2
    8 - Ruins 1
    9 - Ruins 2
    10 - Ruins 3
    11 - Dragon
    12 - De Rol Le
    13 - Vol Opt
    14 - Falz
    15 - ID Lobby
    16 - Battle Spaceship
    17 - Battle Palace (aka Temple)
    18+ - Crash

    Episode 2
    0 - Lab
    1 - VR Temple α
    2 - VR Temple β
    3 - VR Spaceship α
    4 - VR Spaceship β
    5 - Central Control Area
    6 - Jungle North
    7 - Jungle East
    8 - Mountain
    9 - Seaside Day
    10 - Seabed Upper
    11 - Seabed Lower
    12 - Gal Gryphon
    13 - Olga Flow
    14 - Barba Ray
    15 - Gol Dragon
    16 - Seaside Night
    17 - Tower
    18+ - Crash

    Episode 4
    0 - Pioneer 2
    1 - Crater (Eastern Route)
    2 - Crater (Western Route)
    3 - Crater (Southern Route)
    4 - Crater (Northern Route)
    5 - Crater Interior
    6 - Desert 1
    7 - Desert 2
    8 - Desert 3
    9 - Saint Million / Shambertin
    10 - Test Map (Caves 2)
    11+ - Crash
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  2. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    P.S. All IP bans have been removed. Previously banned accounts are still banned, but feel free to sign up with a new Sandbox account if you want to experiment.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2016
  3. conenubi701

    conenubi701 קרטל אל

    Man, this reminds me of booting up my Xploder and imported JP version of PSO v2 on the Dreamcast and making my shit in Normal Mode since it was boring af lol.
    Vmufan likes this.
  4. sasx

    sasx kingziller

    can you make a tool for item creation
  5. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
  6. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    It's still there but it's attachment only.

    People have reported it typing too quickly though which causes some arguments to be incorrect.
  7. sasx

    sasx kingziller

    they need to just wait till it writes out
  8. Ducks

    Ducks Member

    pretty cool idea

    thanks for adding this, will def be trying some things out when i can
  9. Chono

    Chono Do you even .beats?

    Ohh, this should be fun.
  10. Soly

    Soly Member

    As Matt stated, I left the attachment since I haven't worked on it. But hopefully I'll have something soon and could even add a configuration for the delay if people have trouble with the typing speed.
    And as sasx said, if you make it write twice, you'll be in for a bad item xD
  11. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    It's more like a character in the middle will get skipped (might be something to do with PSO's locked 30FPS, I miss stuff if I type too fast ingame), therefore the argument is wrong so it gets replaced (probably by all 0s).

    I had no issues with it though, so I dunno.

    (if you look, the 3rd argument is 0640564, when it should have been 03640564)
  12. Ducks

    Ducks Member

    i member that being a problem when lee first let people use the item creator shit on the test server, shit would type too fast and miss characters

    i ended up typing everything out once i got sick of checking those item codes 3 times before hitting enter
  13. Soly

    Soly Member

    It never happens to me, but well.. I tested in my PC until I was comfortable with the speed and not missing characters... But I have heard of other people having the same issue. If you use the last tab to type random stuff (like for a banner) misses quotes and other characters if you use English IME.

    My idea yet to implement is, since you want it or not need admin rights to type on pso (item maker), I could make it just hook the process and modify the chat buffer avoiding these issues, heck you wouldn't even have to wait for it to type lol
  14. Nyte

    Nyte Booma-Rang!

    Flashback Arcade
    Guildcard 2:
    stupid question inc, is dark meteor unlocked in cheater mode?
  15. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Nope, requires the ItemPMT.bin/prs file to be changed for that.
  16. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    Well, technically Soda could make such a thing possible through the loader. For instance, if you specified that you were going to log in with a cheater account, the loader could patch the game to connect to the patch server on a different port than normal, which would cause you to receive the cheater version of the PMT, while everybody who connected with a regular account would use the regular port and receive the regular PMT. (You could use it to send cheaters a BP file with all enemies having 0 resistance to all Techniques, or something like that, too.)

    Naturally if you entered a username and password for a non-cheater account after saying that you were going to use a cheater account, the server would have to refuse to let you log in with a regular account so you couldn't use the cheater PMT on normal accounts.
  17. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Oh, I'm aware it's possible (the patch server already sends different files depending on your language setting, for instance), but at the same time I think it'd be better if the game wasn't changed in Cheater Mode, either. It's designed for people to cheat in PSO, not play a different (so to speak) game.

    A lot of people are using it to play without the grinding, but changing some fundamentals of item/class/enemy balance makes it a whole different mode entirely outside of "just cheating", and we kind of want to avoid that.
  18. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    I could implement it the same way I implement language files. Server will send different files based on your account setting so its possible to send different item data in cheat mode.
  19. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    I probably won't though, like Matt said. :p
  20. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    Allowing God of Equip is no different from modifying the PMT to allow every class to equip every weapon with no requirements, so I don't really see the difference, but it's your server. :p (Some editions of God of Equip automatically unlock weapon combos, too.)

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