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me again, just wondering when someone is going to get to the bottom of this and get this ban removed, as i have stated before i did nothing wrong and need someone to figure out if it was a error or if i was hacked
what is pissing people off about wanting my account back when i did nothing wrong? im mad cuz i was banned for no reason and no1 seems to care at all that someone needs help


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Dude. You really are approaching this completely wrong. Ok, so say you 'were' incorrectly banned. Instead of being nice and asking about it or mentioning it in a polite manner you winge, cry, insult the moderator team and spam posts / topics / PM's. This attitude will not get you unbanned and it will only give rise to the moderator team being put off from doing anything at all. I mean who wants to deal with someone who's acting childish. Trust me, when things go wrong I turn into the biggest winging, child around. Everyone knows that but it's not the right approach and won't help you whatsoever. You're basically digging a grave. Because this would be my thought after seeing your posts, remarks etc: 'He was caught hacking and now he's complaining he can't play, I'd look into it if he wasn't acting like a baby'.

Regardless of that your account was caught hacking so don't expect much leniency. If it was not you then whoever you gave your details too did it or whoever knows your details. I very highly doubt you'll be unbanned. So either go cry somewhere else or send a nice, apologetic and respectable message instead crying because your just being an annoyance. Sorry if this post upsets you but truly I am trying to help you.


I shouldn't really be humouring these threads with another post but I will anyway incase you're actually serious.

Firstly, I do not say this to be rude at all, and I know this will seem hugboxy but please check your attitude at the door. The moderation here doesn't have to honor any request to help you if you're rude and insult them. On the contrary they can tell you to buzz off. This isn't a professionally hosted server, they do not accept donations and there's no sub fee so you're literally owed nothing. That said mistakes do happen, the admins and the server software are not perfect, but insulting them is the fasted way to getting ignored. So please PLEASE consider that before making posts and PM's like you've been doing, it just makes you look like an angry kid. :\

I say this as a rule of thumb for anyone reading this, it's just common sense. I don't like the idea of having to word this like a suckup like game forums usually have, but it's just good to get out of the way.

Secondly, the database containing our accounts is rather secure and would require a lot of effort to gain access to, moreso than is worth the time. So the likelyhood of you actually getting hacked is very very small, especially with a community that is less than a hundred on average active at any time. So unless you went out of your way to piss off one of the community's ACTUALLY SKILLED hackers (which there are very very few who arent just packet loggers/trainer and CE users), there's very little chance it's worth a lot of peoples time to get access to your account through those means. This most likely means you downloaded a trainer with the express intent of using it with PSO. So because those things contain all sorts of nasty stuff in them, IF BY CHANCE you're telling the truth that's how your info got stolen. Any other means people use for keylogging would not care about a old ancient game but anything they could sell or abuse for free stuff like credit cards, bank cards, login info to checking accounts etc etc.

By means of common sense though, the only way someone would get your info is if you allowed them with your intent to use a trainer, or you allowed a family member or friend on your PC, and I doubt any of them has interest in PSO so by process of elimination it's more likely you got caught red handed.

But if the moderation really wants to put this to bed they can simply post the connection logs and show which IP's got on around the time of ban.
i didnt even insult them, and i started off civil they refused to listen or help me, and what your saying makes sense as well there was no reason for me to be hacked, i wasnt using any trainers i was playing normally with some friends i made online i literally did nothing but play the game and got banned, thats why im so mad because they wont look into it or help me and just assume im in the wrong


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Hacking was detected from your account and before you say you were hacked when you were detected hacking the IP address your account was logged in with is the same IP address you created this topic with so...

There's Sandbox accounts for these things.

Oh and just in case you were wondering you pretty much got logged doing all the hacks:
God mode
Equip Anything
Unlimited TP
Infinite Mag feed
Attempting to alter character data

and of course failed the CRC checks.
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So the likelyhood of you actually getting hacked is very very small,

This doesn't apply to the OP (because the evidence as well as his attitude point toward him hacking - I have read tens if not hundreds of "I was banned unfairly" threads on the League of Legends forums"), but:

Social Engineering is a thing. "Hackers" don't need to be "skilled" to hack you. They just need a way to communicate with you and need to ask the right questions.

Friends and friends of friends can be used as well depending on what you're doing (not usually for password stuff tho).
for the last time i was not hacking, i simply play the game something went wrong server side that is saying this i wouldnt even know where to start to try to hack the game if i did i would have already gotten around a ban and wouldnt be asking someone to figure this out here


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The client checks for hacking and detects when certain hacks are enabled once detected it notifies the server. So nothing wrong server side. Your client was responsible for notifying the server of hacking. It's extremely unlikely you weren't hacking.
it would be ended if they actually looked into what caused this and stopped basing everything on the IP, i did not hack, i do not hack i have never hacked and i dont plan on hacking, if i was a hacker do you really think i would be on here fighting to be able to play again and that i wouldnt just go around the ban and get my accounts access again? everyone is accusing me of hacking, and the only reason that this is even on the forums is because im not getting responses back from the convos i sent to admins, which is how i thought we were suppose to report issues on the server but every1 is obsessed with saying there is a hacker on the server when there has been literally 0 benifit to any of my characters, i told them they could trash the account that the bug even happened on i only wanna get back to my hardcore characters and allow my roommate to get access again
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