Hunters Boost Road, what is its use and how good is it?


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What is Hunters Boost Road.

Some of you already know, some of you don’t. I will try to explain how it works. If you don’t need to know the details I will say it is extremely good for hunting rares, materials, photon drops and other goods. If that is enough for you, please don’t read any further and start doing Hunter Boost Road quests. If you want to know since you are not fully convinced or want to know how it exactly works, please read on.

The Hunter Boost Road quests are a series of monthly quests where you can increase your Drop Anything Rate (DAR) and eventually your Rare Drop Rate (RDR) as well. Before I can explain how the Hunter Boost Road works you need some basic understanding of both these figures.

When you start a party you will always see this: The DAR is 100% here which mean the drop anything rate has not change. The RDR is 101% which means the rare drop of an enemy is increased by 1% but only if it drops anything at all. This means DAR has the most effect on increased rare drop rates as well, instead of the RDR!


Between a rating of +0 and + 150 you can increase your DAR rating with 35%. This means for instance, that a Handgun: Milla from Tollaw, which would normally have a chance of 1/28807, has increased with 35%.

Let’s suppose the Mod-Up series of EP1 is the next HBR and you want to hunt that Handgun: Milla.

In the picture below you see that the base DAR of a Tollaw is 35% which means with a party DAR of 100, Tollaw drops something 35% of the time. It can be anything really that drops (apart from the specific rare).

However, of you have increased your (party) DAR rating with 35% (35% x 1,35) it means it drops anything 47.25% of the time it gets killed. Since the DAR is not capped at 47.25% (cap = 100%,) the droprate of Handgun: Milla is increased by 35% as well. Quite significant if you ask me.

However, the good part still has about to come. Let’s say all your members of your whole party have a HBR rating of 150 which will give you 35% DAR increase per member. This means that you will get a 140% DAR increase across the board since HBR accumulates the points of the other members as well. You will still have to deduct the penalty of DAR you get the more people will join your game (with 4 people that is 46% with PSO2 drops) but that still means your DAR has increased with 96% on Tollaw!!! Instead 35% it drops something, 68.6% of time times it gets killed it drops something. This means the chance of a Handgun: Milla drop is 1/14,697. Since you are with 4 people and with PSO2 drops, everyone gets his own drops, every 3,674 kills your party gets a Handgun: Milla drop on average. Obviously, this is way better than a 1/28807 chance you would get on your own, without HBR.

To increase your DAR you do need to play every quests evenly to make the most out of it. Some imbalance is normal, since not everyone needs the same quests but if you only play one quest, then your additional DAR won't increase. Once have you have done all at least once, your DAR increases. If you have done all at least twice, your DAR increases again, etc, etc...

I have explained how DAR influences the droprates and you can increase your DAR by doing HBR. I’ve found a Sealed J-Sword, a friend of mine found a Heaven Punisher from Sinow Zele this HBR.

Furthermore I would like the add that your RDR increases at a certain point as well. At 180 it is +1, at 264 you get a total of +6 RDR. They are great too but not as great as the increased DAR. If you really want to hunt a specific item from an enemy with a low base DAR, I can advise you to start at a rating of 70 already, which gives a +30 DAR and is S-rank.

If you've got any further questions, please don't hesitate to PM me :).


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So does it actually increase rdr as in when you enter a game it will show the increased rdr added to our variable luck? Or are you saying that by the added dar you get from hbr will increase it but not show it by the equations you showed?
So does it actually increase rdr as in when you enter a game it will show the increased rdr added to our variable luck? Or are you saying that by the added dar you get from hbr will increase it but not show it by the equations you showed?

Good question. Well, DAR that is increased does NOT increase the RDR. It does however increase the chance of the rare being dropped which are in fact two different ratio's. I will try to make an easy equation as an example

Let's say a given rare has a droprate on the dropchart of 1/100 and the base dar of the mob that drops it is 50%. Let's say you are in a group where the DAR has been increased up till 200% because of HBR. This means the base DAR of that mob is multiplied by 2 (since the party DAR is 200% of 50%) = 100%. Because it now always drop something, you only have to kill 50 mobs on average to get the given rare. See it as a chain. If nothing drops, a rare can't drop as well (so the DAR influences the appearance of the rare). If something drops from that given mob, it has a 1/50 chance to drop a rare. If you have a RDR of 103%, the chance of the mob when it drops something would be 1/48,5. You only use RDR if the DAR decides whether something will drop or not. No drop means your RDR is useless because nothing drops anyway.

If you can easily increase DAR then you certainly should do so. Increasing RDR is less of an issue if you understand the maths.

If you got any further questions, please ask :).
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I figured that's what you meant. Ty and I been waiting for the new hbr start. It's March but of course I'm not tryin to rush the admins. As I was glad that the valentine's day boost was kept for a few days after the projected end date. Ready for a new rush