rare drop rate

  1. Itchitaka

    Does V101 still drop??

    I've been committed to getting this item to drop for over 3 months and haven't had any luck. Every rare that drops is a Photon Drop. Is it still possible to get this item as a drop? Is the drop rate listed correct? Section IDDifficultyEnemyDrop RateUltimateSinow Blue1/3034UltimateSinow...
  2. Ceri0n

    Hunters Boost Road, what is its use and how good is it?

    What is Hunters Boost Road. Some of you already know, some of you don’t. I will try to explain how it works. If you don’t need to know the details I will say it is extremely good for hunting rares, materials, photon drops and other goods. If that is enough for you, please don’t read any further...