How many people interested in the Nintendo Switch?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Kidakairis, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Kidakairis

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    I have never been so split on a console before personally. I like what was showed in the presentation but man they made it so expensive this time around. Granted it is all launch pricing but the Wii U hasn't lowered in price much since launch ether. $300 for console, $70 for pro controller, $50 for half Joycon Controller, $80 for both Joycons, $20 dollars for Plastic Grip to attach Joycons, $30 dollars if you want a grip that charges while you play. Add that most notable games will cost $60 and will more than likely not be dropped in price, with the new introduction of an online subscription fee and they have made one of there most expensive consoles.

    Oh well the price is what it is and I hope within a year we get a price cut but I am not holding my breath. Paying for online is something I won't be interested if they only have there limited selection of online games but I guess it would depend on the pricing. They have revealed you will get a free SNES or NES game rental each month which doesn't sound appealing at all to me. Anyone else feel the same or are you happy with the change in direction?
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  2. ScoobyDew

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    LOL fuck the Nintendo Switch. Shit console. How many times you really gonna use the whole "play wherever you go!" thing? Nintendo never really released powerful systems either, compared to PS and Xbox. I heard they're charging for online play too? Crazy. I appreciate Nintendo's ambition in pushing gaming boundaries like they did with the Wii but... they don't back it up with much. How many interesting titles really release on Nintendo consoles? I know people are excited about Zelda... but cmon that's all they really got. Zelda, Mario, shitty Sonic games... Splatoon? Who cares about that. I'm sure the console will sell with the kids but that's all Nintendo is really

    Fuckin' grabbing with sup-par games and consoles...
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  3. anime

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    when's melee
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  4. Spuz

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    Is it free.
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  5. ToasterMage

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  6. Nikki

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    GC and N64 actually outpowered PS2 and PS1, by a good margine too for those days, Xbox did outclass them both though. Lotta good it did them.

    That said and on topic, Switch is a disaster before it even launches. As far hardware itself you can tell without even being told the actual specifications that its struggling to run a WiiU port, and at $300 that's a REALLY hard hit to me. Its controllers gimmicks and their prices are outrageous (mainly because I heard they stuffed motion controls in the pro controller too). It's plans for paywalls and planned software.. I've never felt so abandoned as far as demographics go before.

    They've completely abandoned their old core userbase now, like from even being given a passing consideration. The only thing I see for it that I really care for is the new Mario...though unfortunately I'm sure they'll force motion controls into it somehow and ruin it. I've seen this mentioned a lot now but what they shoulda done is just dropped the console aspect and made it entirely portable. The 3DS is old now, it needs its next gen replacement. That damage is done now though lol, they dug themselves into a hole yet again with bad marketing and poor planning for targetting demographics. I gotta wonder who the genius was that thought that putting a weak platform out there that tries to pander to mobile and consoles at the same time actually had a userbase to target.
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  7. Sodaboy

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    I'll probably buy it for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. (Super Mario Odyssey as well.)
  8. Rune

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    Man things like:
    -Metroid 2's fan remake getting taken down along with others but man that one was real bad
    -their response to backlash/things fans want in general (their knocking of Mother 3 a few years ago for localization, Metroid: Fed force, Paper Mario)
    -other stupid PR stunts such as the Youtube thing
    -the silly censoring of games even ones that are M rated
    -Which sort of just ties in with them hand holding you in the games in general, even though their biggest fan base % are all adults according to their own research.
    -region locking things
    -the fact that they take forever to get with the times anyway
    -the $ it takes to be a Nintendo fan (not even broke IRL and could easily afford this stuff, things are just too costly compared to what is out there and they never go down in price)
    -Not even getting into how they try all the time to screw you money wise as well, God help it if in the Gamecube days you wanted to play Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles with 3 other friends. Amiibo were pretty much this, and man I've spent a lot of money on em (nothing crazy like $40 for one, the average cost has been less than what they are being sold for really) building a stupid collection when at 1st I just wanted a few.

    Really made me not give a crap about the Switch even when they were refusing to talk about it.

    It took Nintendo longer than Sonic, but I just don't give 2 shits about them as a company anymore at all really. Considering how they are chances are never gonna do anything with Mother beyond rip you off for roms of it compared to other games on there I think the only thing I'll truly miss is Smash, which really isn't a fun itch to scratch cause man the competition for Platform Fighters out there is rather sad.

    (I finally was fed up with Sonic after the RPG game on the DS and the 7 rings on Wii finally, it took that long actually. Might help that I never played 06, or Shadow and was ok with Heroes that allowed me to stay as long)
  9. Kyu

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    I'm not even remotely interested.
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  10. Ganymede

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    It looks interesting to me. I was disappointed with the Wii U, but this system might be decent, looks promising to me so far.
  11. anime

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  12. TaoChaos

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    I think Nintendo is pretty much out of the game. I use their release of the NES classic as an example, the revamped consoles sold out before they even made it to stores and Nintendo can't get enough product out to meet the demand. Due to this error, many people turned around and sold the consoles on ebay for 400% markup and people paid it. This tells us that:
    1. Nintendo has no real grasp of the global demand for their product
    2. Their production capabilities cannot keep up with the market
    3. They grossly undervalued their product
    4. They consistently underestimate the power of nostalgia
    5. They don't know who their clientele actually is.
    Now they are releasing this new console, which seems to be what the Wii U was supposed to be, but as Kida showed above, you are looking at a $500 purchase item. Not only that, but while the rest of the market is shifting towards VR, Nintendo is trying to force the market towards portability based upon the success of the 3ds.
    IMO, they could have used the NES classic and the upcoming SNES classic to subsidize their new console by overproducing and overpricing the revamped old-gen consoles. I say this because their nostalgic fanbase is made up of people who are now actively employed, and to whom $150 may well be worth the price of reliving their childhood. Using this cash inflow, they could have undercut the cost of the Switch by $50 to $100 to offset the cost of their attachments and increase demand for the product. Parents will find the price tag of $200 much more accessible than $300, and by just getting the console into the home Nintendo has ensured a continuing stream of revenue from additional attachments and software.
  13. conenubi701

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    Not for me, haven't enjoyed a Nintendo game in a while. I'm more excited with the Xbox 1st party games coming to PC (like FH3/Gears that I already do play on PC without paying anything extra) than anything that's coming out from Nintendo.
  14. Omerion

    Omerion Banned

    I would by probably buy it for that untitled game with Travis Touchdown aka. No More Heroes 3? Mostly there going to be ported released games like Skyrim and Xenoverse 2. I would consider arms, mario odyssey which looks a lot like sonic adventures, ultra street fighter 2, and that f zero fan game. And maybe splatoon 2. Games coming out of different consoles like sonic mania I won't buy for the switch maybe. Also, I now hate the fact that there is a subscription for online services. So, it a consider buy, but I shouldn't buy it at launch date.
  15. Matt

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    Will most likely buy it in the future since it's pretty much a handheld, and I love handhelds. (plus Nintendo makes good games)

    Don't really give a shit about the specifications of the console, not sure why this is a factor to most people since the most important thing about a console is its games library... anyone bothered about specifications already knows consoles are jack shit in that department no matter what.
  16. Kidakairis

    Kidakairis Member

    I agree with most people here it's so bizarre to try and comprehend what Nintendo thinks there target audience is. I mean people loved the NES classic because of nostalgia and lots liked the 3DS because it was portable and its a cheap price for a good value. So knowing all of this they made a console that is based on gimmicks, that is over priced, started charging for online, and is trying to be so much like the competition. I liked the fact it is kinda portable but still don't see myself taking it out of the house kind of eliminating the purpose. I also don't see people sitting next to each other trying to play anything on that screen when you could just plug it into the TV. I wish Nintendo just made reasonably priced products that focused on fun and cut out the gimmicks.

    Overall I just hope what they do doesn't mess with the 3DS. I feel impending doom for the console because they announced they won't be charging for online subscription for the console. This could be just to keep people interested in it but if the rumors are true about Pokemon Stars I could see them a year from now closing the servers to push people into purchasing the Switch. They did that with the DS and I still hate them for it. Paying for online to play Pokemon would be the worst move I could see them making.

    Sorry for the second rant but I just really hate the direction they are taking but want to play some of the games they are releasing for it.
  17. ZER0 DX

    ZER0 DX Threatening your lunch

    Pre-ordered the moment it went up. I'm guess I'm hopeless but they showed games that I was personally interested in that are all coming out in the first year so it only made sense. I wasn't shafted by the Wii U personally outside it's horribly darkened and blurry virtual console. I physically own 25 games for it, all of them exclusive, (granted not all of them particularly great either, lookin' at you Starfox Zero) which is a lot more than I can say I own for the old Wii.

    My only gripes were that none of their Wii U games felt truly inspired, which was something I noticed was a problem with the Wii as well. Maybe it's just that I'm getting older and games don't have that same wow factor that they used to anymore, but I did have a blast playing 4 player Mario 3D World. Most fun I've had with a game in a long time. If the Switch can at least deliver one game like that, it'll have been worth it for me. Even better if they can deliver a Mario Party that plays like 1-3 with none of that car bullshit, then they'll have struck gold.
  18. ChiveyX

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    Hopefully they have a more filled schedule of releases throughout the year, 3rd party support is probably more important over anything else. Paying for the online service isn't a big deal its half the price of PSN and XBL. One feature I hope they REALLY fix is social features like parties, communites, notifications, and being able to transition to these sections in less than 3 seconds.
    Wii U has such an issue when switching from Home then going to miiverse ir friends list, and on top of that therea not private messaging in an online environment.

    Interested, but want to see their refresh of the online service and a stready stream of games not just from Nintendo.
  19. ZER0 DX

    ZER0 DX Threatening your lunch

    3rd party support is only worth it if they're going to make worthwhile exclusive games for the system. Most 3rd party stuff is multi platform these days and if I want to play one of those games I'd rather get them on my PC. Social stuff I know I'm in the minority but I really don't care about any of it at all. I don't use voice chat or social media / social anything with my consoles ever, mainly because it's way too distracting from the game I'm trying to get involved with so I couldn't care less if they improved it or removed it altogether. I might pay for the Switch's service on occasion just to play Mario Kart and Smash online, which will be a first considering I've gone about 10 years without ever paying for XBL or PSN. Outside the PSO franchise and FFXIV, I really don't play anything online and I'm absolutely garbage tier trash at any game that has gun combat so that rules out like 95% of online gaming. I wish I had recorded my Uncharted playthrough, Storm Troopers have better aim then I do.

    Having fun exclusive games is enough to make the console worth it. $300 is really not that bad, and this is coming from someone with a shitty job.

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