Hello, everyone! I'm Alex, gladly take my part on this server. Absolutely up for decision to make this server with standard exp and drop rate. I'm used to play since the release on DC till now from time to time. My main characters haven't changed for all those years - playing as HUcast (name is Nightmare or something close to it) and RAcaseal (Rika or Saena).

Although english is not my main language (I'am russian), i'll try to do my best to not cook your brains. :D


Welcome to Ephinea, NightmareCreature, if you're in-game while I'm around, don't hesitate to ask if I'm up for playing.
I'm always happy to help!

Good luck and Have fun!


Staff member
Welcome, man! Nice to have you. Just FYI, even though you say English is not your main language, I think your grasp of it seems better than even some native speakers. ;)

Hope to see you around!


Welcome to Ephinea!

I'm glad I was able to speak with you in lobby earlier. :)