Hello, new to the server


Hiya I'm new to the server I'll be making my account when I get off of work. I played on the GC and Ultima I'm quite the experienced Hunter if I say so myself and I'm going to make a Hunter here as well. I played as a Hucast on GC and Ultima, but I want to try another HU this time any suggestions?

Well that was my introduction, I'm looking forward to play with everybody :D


Hey! Welcome to Ephinea, glad to have you around and psst, don't tell anyone, but our cast master race will soon take over pso, just between us though.

Good luck and happy hunting!


Welcome, I hope you like it here. This place might not have ultima's sheer numbers at the moment, but I can easily say its much better managed. Also Huney master race.


I made a HUney her name is Quiet, so feel free to play with me if you want. I'm still looking for a mat/mag plan so if you have anything hook me up please


Staff member
Mag: 5/95/100/0

- 99 Power
- 38 Luck (28 if you plan to use a Red Ring 100% of the time)
+ 13 Free

V101 unit only

This will give you max ATP, ATA and LCK at level 200. Use your free materials to boost the other stats however you see fit (either add more power to max ATP earlier, or add to other stats if you want more DFP, MST, etc... Note that DFP maxes with just 16 Def materials if you end up using RR for 28 luck materials). Other units are not used to give you free unit flexibility. It's not worth maxing the other stats if you need an Ability or Adept unit, for example, when you could be using more Cures or PB Generators or V-series units. Of course before 200 you'll most likely want stat units anyway.


Thanks I'll be using this one

One final question I wanted to change my resolution to 1366 x 768 but in the options there were only 3 options available, any way to fix this?